Shields and Serrano test MMA waters

Undisputed 154lb women’s champion Claressa Shields’ makes her MMA debut tonight in Altantic City against 3-6 Brittney Elkin tonight in ESPN2/ESPN+.

Tomorrow night, P4P best woman boxer Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano will face pro-debuting Valentia Garcia in another MMA fight in Los Mochis, Sinaloa, Mexico, on UFC Fight Pass.

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  • Boxing ain’t MMA.
    If you’re not used to being on your back during a fight, you may be in trouble……………

    • I hear you but Holly Holmes had an amazing take down defense and destroyed Ronda Rousey. Shields has to be taken down first to worry about how difficulty it is. She’s training with Jon Jones (goat). She in pretty good company.

      • Yeah but HH was also a very experienced kickboxer for years before she started boxing. So she was technically a Mixed Martial Artist before she was a boxer. So she had a lot easier of a transition.

        Also HH was arguably a better boxer than Shields or Serrano. She’s definitely more experienced than they are.

        Regardless, I dont blame them for going to MMA. HH probably has made more in 10 MMA matches than she did in 40 boxing matches.

  • In my opinion, Shields cherry-picked this opponent to test the MMA waters. I would have done the same thing if I were a promoter and/or manager.

    • hmmm. Its not called “cherry-picking” its called making your MMA debut. Who do you want her to fight Amanda Nunes?

      • If you say you are the G.O.A.T. I’d imagine you should fight the best. No?

        • She says she’s the greatest MMA fighter of all time?

          Or GOAT in boxing? That’s a very big difference. And no, just because you say you are the goat in boxing doesn’t mean you should be fighting the goat in MMA. That’s dumb.

          • You must be Claressa Shields because I can’t fathom an actual fight fan being so much of a dullard that they would be passionate to defend watching someone fight a bum in a trash fight. There is a stigma that is attached to people that claim themselves to be the G.O.A.T. Thats kinda why it’s not a good idea to do that selling of yourself type of look. It’s pretty simple.

      • Shields talks a lot of crap. She says she’s the greatest female boxer ever (not true). If she’s so great then why is she picking someone with a losing record to fight against. Weak.

    • It’s not cherry picking then, dumbass. She’s never fought MMA before and she’s doing the normal thing and breaking in at a lower level vs her fighting Amanda Nunez in her first MMA match and she gets blown out and shows she only did it for a pay day.

  • Tom Brady says he’s the GoAT in football. So why doesn’t he fight Tyson Fury?

    • Did Tom Brady call himself the G.O.A.T.? I don’t think so! LOTS OF OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THOUGH! I think that’s the difference here! One is self proclaimed.. the other has been proclaimed by the masses. Who did you say was a “simpleton”?

  • Claressa Shields can talk all she wants but she is not the GOAT, Amanda Serrano is a boxing champ of 9 different divisions. So who is the GOAT here?

  • Women’s boxing cannot afford to lose Serrano and Shields to MMA. Pay them more money so they stick around and make the big fights, like Shields vs. Marshall and Serrano vs. Taylor!!!

    • Shields vs Marshall isn’t a big fight. And you can’t pay them more money when they aren’t worth it. Boxing fans don’t like women’s boxing. There’s no money because there’s no interest.

      Not one boxing fan is gonna lose a sleep if the entire women’s boxing stopped tomorrow.

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