Charlo KOs Castaño, becomes undisputed

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Photo: Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

By Rocky Morales at ringside

In a rematch, unified WBC, WBA and IBF world champion Jermell Charlo (35-1-1, 18KO) captured the undisputed super welterweight title with a scintillating tenth round knockout victory over now former WBO champion, Brian Castaño (17-1-2, 12KO) on Saturday night at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. In round ten, Charlo dropped Castano twice to get the victory and become undisputed.

After a measured opening two rounds, action picked up in the third round with Castaño starting to land some heavy blows.

The fourth, fifth and sixth round was tremendous back and forth action bringing the capacity crowd to its feet on numerous occasions.

By the end of the sixth round, Charlo was looking the worse for wear but in round seven he started boxing more and retook control of the fight and Castaño didn’t seem to have the energy to change that.

Charlo, despite winning the eighth and ninety rounds, never took his foot off the gas and Castaño looked like a beaten fighter.

With both fighters exchanging in the tenth, Charlo landed an uppercut that stunned Castaño and shortly afterward a left hook put him down awkwardly. Castaño got up in no condition to continue but the referee allowed him to fight on. Charlo immediately jumped on Castaño and unloaded on him until he slumped down again, leading the referee to finally stop the fight.

Time of the stoppage was 2:33 of the tenth round and with the victory, Jermell Charlo becomes the undisputed super welterweight champion and enters the P4P best discussion, as well.

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    • Castano has been put in his 2nd class place… bring on the hate filled torrents about arrogance and “class” while ignoring ability and results. SALUTE, Charlo! Castano has 2 good fights left in him, if that . Posters on this site love drunk catchers.

    • Hi Frank … its Chuck Williams former WBC … hope to see you at IBHOF next month … you are right … helluva back and forth fight … and I loved the sportsmanship between the fighters after the fight … great comments mutually showing respect

    • In my opinion , Charlo vs Castano was the second best fight, how can we forget Lubin vs Fundora . Both were gut wrenching and all fighters took a pounding but kept coming. Each fight was outstanding.

  • I like shit talking but good sportsmanship after the fight is over. Damn good fight.

  • What a battle! Put some respect on his name. Jermell Charlo 7th undisputed champ ever in the 4 belt division and 1st ever at 154. All respect due.

  • Nevermind, no Charlo vs. Castano 3.

    Great job by Charlo. Charlo fought less off the ropes this time to minimize Castano’s sharp combination punches on the ropes.

    Charlo also snapped that jab to Castano’s gut, which can quietly throw off an opponent’s rhythm. I thought Castano would have kept Charlo on the ropes to fire off combination punches 1-12, but Charlo made nice adjustments this time.

    Well, I say put Fundora in there to see if Charlo can solve, “The Fundora Code.” I do not believe Tszyu is ready.

    • Fundora doesn’t have anything for Jermell. Lubin is a lazy footed fighter and leaned in all night against Sebs uppercuts. Charlo doesn’t fight like that at all and would create a mid range fight that Fundora would have trouble with. Charlo KO 8 Fundora. Also, yes
      as much as I like Tszyu he is not ready for Charlo. In fact, nobody beats Jermell Charlo at 154 and that includes Bud Crawford. Jermell, fuck Jermall, went way up in my book tonight and is now a legit p4p fighter.

      • Good post Chris, agree, Tszyu leaves himself too open. If Charlo comes in ready like last night, Tim doesn’t have much of a chance. Early stoppage.

      • Styles make fight…kinda agree with you Fundora is “slightly” not on that level with Charlo…But Fundora definitely has the style to beat Charlo …a high volume relentless puncher..Castano posed between combinations allowing effective counterpunching..,unlike Fundora Who brings constant pressure..lethal leverage uppercuts…

  • From the get go Charlo was the better man; more accurate, more polished, great win. Crawford has been talking about facing Charlo, what I saw tonight tells me that it won’t be an easy fight for him and that Jeramell has a great chance to win

  • Charlo was excellent in this fight…that focus… counters….He usually shows..added great footwork and invested in early round body shots…just wanted it more…fought a well disciplined fight….Castano tough as hell… began to tire in latter rounds…throughout the fight made key mistake of “following a puncher”….got caught…Just a helluva fight….Both fighters put on a great show…Congrats Charlo…well deserved win….

  • The series fights between Charlo and Castaño shows how good boxing can be. Respect to both fighters. If only Crawford-Spence would deliver the anticipation and excitement. I hope so.

  • Well, I did call the rematch win for Charlo based on his past performances in rematches, and his weigh-in results from a hard and dedicated camp. However, Jermell showed a very poised and disciplined fight plan that paid off. There’s really only one Charlo brother now and the other one, whatever his name is, doesn’t even register anymore. Jermell Charlo now deserves to be ranked as a legit top 10 p4p fighter. He’s truly earned it.

  • Like him or not, Charlo is a student of the game and made adjustments in the end. The fight changed in his favor after that sixth round. Castano is very good, and knows how to apply intelligent pressure and swift combination punching; but like I said previously, there is something to getting wobbled several times and the resistance eventually wears off on a fighter. He may be chinny now. No way the ref should have allowed that fight to continue, he almost got a good fighter killed. Tszyu might need to fight a Julian Williams or Jeison Rosario type before getting in there with Charlo. Fundora will get slept by Charlo, but it will be fun while it lasts. Time for Charlo to move up to 160 IMO.

    • DMV, there are much better fights to be made for Charlo at 154. Fundora and Tszyu both are good money fights, but assuming Spence and Crawford fight, that winner will want Charlo. Two Undisputed Champions in their respective primes is a PPV I can really get pumped for!

      And a side note: hats off to Showtime for this card! The first fight between Gonzales and Rivera was a great appetizer, the 2nd fight on paper looked like a really tough test for Boots (he IS NEXT!!!) and then a fight that had FOY potential written all over it prior to the opening bell (it’s still early, but it’s hard to envision another fight passing them for FOY). Name one PPV Card in recent memory that sniffs this card for match making, promise of action delivery and importance. Kudos to Showtime for giving this to us for our regular subscription!!!

  • I liked both brorhers in the early days as they seem to respect their mom, but both have major skills but both have turned into douches!

  • Castaño’s face first pressure fighting style finally caught up with him here. Cracking performance by Charlo

    • Jesus Christ. Tommy Hearns prime @54 exterminate’s anyone today.

  • Great fight. Great win. Congrat!

    You need two boxers to make a good fight. Hats off for both.

    I think Tszyu needs more experience first but I certainly looking forward to that one. Charlo is mentally strong and he learns, same with Tszyu.

  • Wow this one I didn’t expect to go this way, well done.. i eat my crows..

  • Devastating KO, after brutal fight. Will be tough for Castano to come back the same. Wasnt a good fight for him to take with his aggressive style. Charlo hits too hard.

  • Great fight and congrats to Charlo. Now I know why Andrade dropped out of the fight in the past lol

  • Charlo sadly stopped improving 2 years ago. Castano really should’ve been an easy fight for him but having slick hands means nothing when Charlo’s feet are slow. Shame because when Charlo gets off first he’s effective. How Derrick James can’t see this is pathetic.

  • great fight good back and forth action it was charlos night castano gave it his all it was aqclose fight till the stoppage charlo is not a legend maybe he vshould fight at 160 or 165 if he wants good fights

  • UNDISPUTED!!!! I’ve always said that Jermell Charlo is a tremendous fighter @54!! He has basically fought everyone in his division (unlike Jermall). His ability to make adjustments is what makes him a great fighter. And avenging his 1 non loss in my opinion and draw, there’s no denying this young man!

  • After 10 am east coast time and only 31 comments. Curious to know how many comments would be on this result thread if Charlo lost…

      • Yes and the comments would have little to do with boxing analysis. It would be myriad complaints about Charlo’s “arrogance” and “thug mentality”…..

  • I have more recorded boxing fights than anyone probably in the world. I rate this fight one of the top ten I ever seen. A great fight and two respectful boxers.
    Class act after the fight.

  • Very good win. Have to assume he will move to 160 soon if not next

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