Canelo vs. Kovalev!!!?

Golden Boy Promotions has reportedly made an offer for a September fight between Canelo Alvarez and WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev. “Sergey would be very interested in fighting Canelo Alvarez,” Kovalev’s promoter Kathy Duva of Main Events told Sky Sports. However, she said that Kovalev is on the brink of signing to fight his mandatory against Anthony Yarde in August. “Golden Boy made an offer for a September Canelo fight just a few hours ago. I don’t know if, at this point, enough time remains to make this rather complicated deal in the few hours that remain,” Duva stated.

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    • Canelo is exactly the opposite: he embodies everything that is wrong with boxing today.

      ODLH has become a genius in picking beatable opponents that look good on paper, but are either over the hill or are forced to fight at a weight that doesn’t work for them (that’s what they are trying here again with Kovalev).

      Worse than that, judges in Canelo fights have rendered some of the worst verdicts in boxing history. 80% of the public as well as boxing experts were convinced that GGG won their first fight. The remaining 20% felt that it could have been a draw. Not one notable expert thought that Canelo won the fight or that the judges were clean. The second fight was not much different – over 50% of all observers felt that GGG won a second time, most of the rest felt that it may have been a draw.

      Last not least, Canelo is a repeat clenbuterol offender, which hardly sounds like a “sports idol”.

      How anyone can call him anything but a shameless cheat is beyond me.

      • So your not willing to give Canelo credit for fighting a guy much bigger than him at a weight class way above his natural weight. How do you know they are planning on making Kovalev come down in weight? I don’t think he could. He walks around over 190. How do you know Canelo isn’t going to move up to 175 for this?

        • Marc, we don’t know. But I just don’t see it happening. Going up 15lbs when he at middle weight is not so big against a brutal puncher. I just don’t see DeLaHoya letting Saul giving up so much. I may be wrong, and as his fan hope he wins, but I just don’t see it happening.

        • Time will tell, but what we do know is that DLH has been pushing catch weights in favor of Canelo for a long time now.

          • For me canelo it’s a good as you can get I have seen a lot of catch weight bouts and when they fight a good boxer it’s going to be entertaining

        • Don’t be so naive unless it’s impossible for you to do so.
          Oscar didn’t even make kovalev’s team a real offer. they low-balled him with the same money he’s already getting for a fight that’s been signed for over a month in his hometown. Anthony yarde has legitimately been kovalev’s mandatory for a while now, the fight has already been signed, a venue picked out and Russian investors ready to plop down money. Then, all of a sudden, Golden boy promotions comes out with an offer that is less than half of what Danny Jacobs got to fight Canelo and they are giving main events hours to make a decision. Ever heard of pricing yourself out of a fight? This is a clear-cut case but dumb casual noobs like you will always fall for Golden boys bait. Canelo is the biggest fraud and primadonna in the history of boxing and aficionados like me see right through it.

      • 100% of people agree that GGG’s face in both fights looked like he went through a shredder but go with your stats. I question those stats because many professional fighters felt Canelo won. The issue is that writers and reporters report the decisions as a robbery to turn people on their heads for ratings. They do the same thing on all media outlets and especially in politics. Also, there are many people in boxing that are simply jealous of Canelo and don’t give him credit for his ring abilities so they cry about the GGG decisions. GGG cried for Mexican style and he got it and did nothing but have a few shots landed in each fight. I like GGG but he is not very good when you take the power away. Take that away and he is an average fighter who gets hit too much when his opponent isn’t afraid of throwing back. Having said all of that, he better not even attempt to fight Kovalev at 175 lbs because he will get destroyed. He has no business in the 168 lb division let alone at 175.

      • Wow!!! You sound like such a whiney little pussy. Get over it dude. Canelo could fight Deontey Wilder at heavyweight and you still wouldn’t give him credit. You would sound more like a man if you just came out and said that you’re and hater. Do you really think coming on here and venting with your stupid opinion changes anything. HAHA!
        I love how you have all those exact percentages on the worst verdicts in boxing history!!! HAHAHAHAHA!! I must say i did get a good laugh out of that!!
        Oh yeah and Oscar is such an Genius!! HAHA!

      • Who ever ‘forgets’ Mr. Alvarez’ PED infractions [and the seriousness thereof] are in the coloring book stages of life.

    • Canela is a sellout not a Warrior. Since he’s been with De La Hoya the judges have been on his side. No matter who Canela fights he still wins becuse of the judges. #CaneloSellout

  • Canelo has got guts for looking to move up to 175 and fight a big guy like Kovalev. I give him credit for that.

    • Yes, that would be awesome and 175. However, note that the article doesn’t say that the offer is for a fight at 175.

    • Fight will be staged by the judges giving Canela the win regardless. Boxing has lost a lot of credibility recently with wrong fighters given gift decisions.

    • Of course – that’s ODLH’s usual strategy.

      Kovalev is already 36 and a natural light heavy weight. DLH will force him to drain himself as much as possible and offer him millions of $$ to do so. It will all depend whether Kovalev is greedy enough to take the offer or not.

  • Most of us know damn well that there will be conditions that don’t favor Kovalev. There is a history of it.

  • All the Canelo haters he could fight terminator and they’d be like the T-800 is an old model he was to scared to fight the new edition

  • Canelo will stop Kovalev. At Light Heavyweight. That could lead to Canelo vs Andre Ward.

    • Ward retired 2 years ago and has no interest in fighting again.

      Kovalev is over the hill but its very unlikely that Canelo will stop him at light heavyweight. Both are very limited fighters, but Kovalev is comfortable at lhw, whereas Canelo is just gaining weight – which is natural for someone who stops using Clenbuterol and whatever else he was/is taking.

  • This could be an interesting fight if Canelo could sufficiently roid up to 175. Kovalev is a mad man, naturally the much bigger man, and is tough as nails, but I think Canelo will offer a little too much output for the fading Russian too handle. I am not a fan of Canelo and haven’t been since I first saw him fight Lovemore N’Dou in 2010, but I gotta hand it to him, it does what it takes to win fights.

    • Kris, I don’t think Canelo needs to go up to 175, my guess is between 170 to 172. The trick in here could be (if the fight gets made) the same applied to Daniel Jacob, the next day weight in stipulation.

      • They will just need Tony weeks as ref, and Clenelo can go low all night until Kov doubles over and weeks waves it off, just like in the Ward bout.

      • Canelo often goes up to 180 or more between fights. It wouldn’t be a total shock if he was “unofficially” the heavier man the night of the fight.

        Anyway, I think this was a strategic PR ploy. They knew that Kovalev wasn’t available for this September, but they now have the idea out there. This could be their May or September of next year fight and time isn’t on Kovalev’s side. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing the match.

  • Give the man some respect if he really is a bout to fight Kovalev, specially if the weight is respected. Some that call themself warriors or the best ever, never dared to fight bigger guys or fighters on their primes, let alone a guy two weight class above. Kovalev, despite his age and not longer on his prime, is a worthy difficult opponent, specially if who challenges him is a small man, a small middleweight, as Canelo is. What else the Latin American fighters need to do to prove the size of their balls, first Mikey Garcia vs. Errol Spence, now Canelo challenging Kovalev ?

    • Miguel- finally real comprehensive and understanding comment from someone that knows and understand boxing. Without criticizing or putting any fighter down. There is a lot of fans that likes canelo, and a lot more that respect the fact that he takes a challenge. Thank you Miguel.

  • Do you know when a lighter weight fighter fights a larger man that it is so easy to make the big man miss and hit him easy winning on points. If Canelo gets hit, it wont be flush. Might look good and make the audience wow, but its a no brainer. I speak from experience.

    • I think Kovalev’s jab will land a lot. If the Russian boxes then he gets the nod on unbiased cards. Good luck with the last two words though.

  • I like canelo and ggg but they are both running like dogs from Andrade and Charlo with tails between their legs and their dishonest fanboys are letting them

  • Why not fight Golovkin again? Andrade? Saunders? There are other fighters still at middleweight. And frankly, Kovalev should still be fighting Yarde.

  • If you are living in the USA legally, Happy 4th of July. If you are here illegally, get the fuck out.

    Canelo will beat Kovalev’s ass. Mr. Cigarettes Sucks.

    • Johnathan,

      Again, stop your idiotic political rants.

      People like you shouldn’t be legal anywhere on the planet.

      • Stonefree, how much crack do you smoke? You are obviously stoned. And, I hope you get deported yourself, Douche Bag.

        Trump Rules.

        Liberals Suck !!

        • Please stop talking. Trump already gets enough hate and low IQ Trump supporters like yourself only make it worse. The majority of you idiots are absolutely retarded and so easy to hate. Your stupidity knows to limits. This coming from a Trump supporter.

        • Jonathan,

          As a true idiot, you don’t even understand the meaning of “stonefree”: it has zero to do with smoking anything; it means “carefree”.

          Your rants are sick, you need help, but any help may already be too late for you.

  • Alvarez is boxing most protected and babied champion. He going to be like mayweather where you have to kill him to get a decision over him in Vegas. He merely has to fight and get to the final bell to win in Vegas thanks to to corrupt paid off judges.

  • If you try to make an established championship guy come in low, who has always been at 1 weight class, you are looking for an unfair advantage. Canelo came in at 152 for Floyd because the money was big, even if Canelo was too young. (The version of Floyd that fought Manny in May 2015 would have beaten the version of Canelo of Sept 2016 that fought Liam Smith too). Canelo should fight Gilberto Ramirez at 172 lbs if he is looking for a former champion who just moved up from 168 to 175. If Canelo thinks he is the man, just tell him to call out MAIRIS BRIEDIS to come in at the old Cruiserweight limit of 190 lbs, and he’ll fight him for the WBO cruiserweight title, and not move down in weight anymore if he wins the fight. Canelo is bad for boxing from 160 to 168, and if he makes Kovalev try to make 170 lbs, he is bad for boxing at light heavyweight too. Golovkin could fight Billy Joe Saunders if he is just looking to try to pick up a belt in a fight that wouldn’t be too boring. Golovkin vs Andrade would probably be boring.

  • Maybe after he beats Kovalev by phony decision he can target Wilder or Ruiz and enhance his franchising!

  • Hmmm only a few years ago he was supposedly too small for middle weight, messing around with catch weight fights while avoiding GGG, or at least waiting a few years until GGG got older etc. But now he’s ready to fight potentially at 175? Just shows you the bullshit behind the scenes in picking and choosing who and when you fight. Timing is everything in this sport. But people’s memories are too short. Not as much a legend as an opportunist.

  • Canelo is a warrior but Oscars image and the way he conducts business is what I believe turns people off when it comes to supporting Canelo. I think I have heard of Oscar trying to get Spence in the ring with Canelo. Seems like that would be more likely at a catch weight.

  • Maybe there is not a contract weight in play. Why make Kovalev come in lower than 173 lbs? Anyway, I’d go for watching Canelo going up to cruiserweight, and negotiating Mairis Breidis down to 190 lbs for the WBO belt at cruiserweight. Henry Maske did this after coming out of retirement in his 40s to get a rematch with Virgil Hill (also in his 40s at the time). ” He negotiated the advantageous (for him) weight of 190 pounds, instead of the cruiserweight limit of 200 pounds, for the Hill bout”

  • No matter what the weight will be DelaHO will buy the judges and as long as Canela is on his feet he will get the nod. To many phony draws and decisions are being fed to the boxing public continually. The only way to make a fight like this is to have the judges picked at the last moment, meaning these judges would only be known at fight time, and the judges themselves will not know who is being picked until the day of the fight. The logistics will be a brain strain, however that would be the only way to get a correct decision in this fight. And no Latino judges, or Russian judges. And the fight should be on neutral territory. Canada, England,or perhaps Japan.

    • Steve Eagle,

      Thanks for hitting the nail on the head.

      Unbiased judges, no catch weight and its a good match up. Everything else would just be another farce pulled off by DLH and his corrupted, juiced up cash cow.

      • In a kovalev vs Canelo fight at 175 with no corrupt judges and shores that Canelo cannot possibly win. The Russian throws to straight and powerful of punches for Canelo to get out of the way of. At 175 kovalev stops gingerboy in 9 rounds.

    • One can only dream Steve, but boxing is a business and it doesn’t care about the real fans or the integrity of the sport.

  • I would rather Canelo try to beat someone like Lara since he has never beaten a slick boxer. Yes, I know they already fought. Yes, I know Alvarez got the nod. It was twice the robbery either GGG fights were, and they were disgusting.

  • This site is always days behind real-time news so let me fill everybody in. Oscar made a lowball offer they knew main events wouldn’t take just to keep keep interesting names out there for Canelo since the coward won’t fight real threats. The Russian light heavyweight champion was offered less than half of what Danny Jacobs made. Kovalev would have to pay step aside money to Yarde, and reportedly would be making the same amount of money to defend his WBO title in his hometown than if he took Golden boys ridiculous offer. If Oscar and Canelo really wanted to make history, they would take this promotion seriously and make a real offer to the standing champion in a new weight class who already has good name recognition. They will probably offer Callum Smith $500,000 at a catch weight of 165 next and then claim that Smith is scared when they reject that ridiculous offer. Golden boy promotions is what is wrong with boxing.

    • Its a relief to see that at least a few in here understand ODH scam tactics. Thanks for the comment, Chris.

    • Actually not. They’re offering peanuts. He gets the same after all is said and done for defending his title in Russia.


  • Canelo should just fight Anthony Joshua. With a now disheartened AJ, if Canelo can beat him (of course Canelo will get the nod), ESPN will crown him the greatest fighter ever and Canelo will be the “franchise” fighter for the IBF, WBO, WBA, WBC. LGBTQ at the same time. His image will be on the Boxing 2020 video game and the Wheaties cereal box. He’ll even have dinner with the president (Mexican president that is – fastfood will definitely not be served but a big juicy Clenbuterol infused steak will be on the menu). Life doesn’t get better!

  • Wow! This fight tells me how scared of GGG Canelo team was back before they fought for the first time. Canelo sure took his time moving up to middleweight. They smell blood with Kovolav. They are only doing this cause they think he is washed up. I bet they won’t move up to fight anyone else. How about going to fight a real super middleweight champion? Callum Smith is available. How about you show some real guts and fight him.

  • Rather than fight an aging and fading Kovlov that everybody knows he’s gonna beat, how about Canelo test the lightheavyweight waters against Anthony Yarde! Too much of a risk for DeLaHoya perhaps?

  • Sorry everybody , but that Anthony Yarde may ruin the party big time what you are all hoping for.He is a monster..

  • i like canelo, but his team is reaching here. there are too many dogs in the race at 160 for him to fight but i get what they are trying to do. they want him to be a 3 weight division champ(or is it 4? 154,160,168), shit its 4, this only adds to his legacy. I was a canelo basher and you can knock the ridiculous scorecards in his favor, but you can’t knock his resume and his willingness to fight just about anyone and get better. he is at the stage tho where everyone wants a piece for the $ so he can pretty much pick and choose. also he don’t judge his fights.

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