Canelo-Kovalev kickoff press conference

By Miguel Maravilla

WBO light heavyweight champion Sergey Kovalev and three-division world champion Canelo Alvarez face off at their kickoff press conference in Los Angeles. No trash-talk. Very respectful behavior by both fighters and camps. One thing confirmed today: NO CATCH WEIGHT. They fight November 2 in Las Vegas.

Canelo Kovalev Kickoff

Canelo Alvarez

“I’m very grateful to all the fans as always. I’m very motivated here, it’s an honor for me to share the ring with a fighter like Kovalev who I met in 2012. Now we’re about to make history. I know it’s going to be the most difficult fight of my professional career. I will give the best I have in the ring and that day we can yell “Viva Mexico.”

Sergey Kovalev

“I’m very happy to be here back in Los Angeles. Thanks to God and thanks to Canelo and his team for making this opportunity to get this fight. I think this is a big test for me in my boxing career because this is one of the best fighters in the world in boxing right now. I’m happy and I am excited. Thank you very much for the support.”

Eddy Reynoso (Head Trainer and Manager of Canelo)

“Thank you to Golden Boy and DAZN – this was a very difficult fight to make happen but the fight is now here. Only the big fighters and those that leave a footprint become these type of fighters. We know Kovalev well and we know the challenge that we are facing. He’s a great fighter that leaves everything in the ring and in one punch, he could end the fight. And we know it’s going to be a great challenge. We want Saul to be a champion in four weight classes,.”

Jose “Chepo” Reynoso (Trainer and Manager of Canelo)

“I’m nostalgic and cannot help but remember the beginnings of all this. To look back and see everything-all the victories that Saul has given myself and my son, and the future victories, makes me happy. The Reynosos have been with Saul for over 15 years-ever since he was a child. We trust that he will gain victory here.”

Buddy McGirt (Trainer of Kovalev)

“Both these guys are true champions. Canelo, I’ve always admired you. Your trainers did a great job with you. I gotta admit that. I really take my hat off to you for having the balls for taking a step up and not having a catch weight and stepping up to the challenge. Sergey, I love you to death, I respect you for accepting the challenge. In all honestly, the only losers on November 2 are the people who don’t want the fight or come to the fight.”

Egis Klimas (Manager of Kovalev)

“I don’t think this fight needs to be introduced. When you hear the names Canelo Alvarez, Krusher Kovalev, it says all that’s going to happen on November 2. I don’t need to talk about Sergey – everybody knows who he is in boxing, and regarding Canelo, they know what they mean when they say – grandes kajones.”

Oscar de la Hoya

“Canelo hopes to become the fourth Mexican to win a world title in four divisions, with the only other ones being Erik Morales, Juan Manuel Marquez and Jorge Arce. One big difference is that Canelo is at a higher weight class. And this opens the possibility for many more matchups, and bigger opponents with strong punching and star power.

“When talking with Canelo about his career goals, he said he wanted to make history, and fight the best. This is why we had to be very strategic and thoughtful in planning out his next fight and while it may have taken a bit longer than we wanted, we know that it was worth the wait. Canelo has been preparing for this moment and we know that on Nov. 2 he’ll write a new chapter in boxing history by becoming the second Mexican ever to win a world title in the 175-pound division (light heavyweight).

“Together with DAZN, we’re committed to making boxing more accessible and affordable by giving fans the best fights – without the price tag of pay-per-view. Historic fights are a hallmark of this company and Golden Boy continues to deliver the biggest fights of the year. November 2 will be no exception, and we expect a great performance by our champion, Canelo Alvarez, as he becomes the new WBO Light Heavyweight World Champion.”

“I’m happy to announce that with a major bout like this one, the fans deserve the best undercard possible. Our next big major star in the making, Ryan Garcia, will be fighting in Las Vegas. He’s fighting Duno-it’s a fight the fans wanted and it’s going to be a tough fight.”

Bernard Hopkins

“I know a little bit about history. And for Canelo to take a big leap from 160 to 175, to dare to be great, to make history, anyone that’s not educated in boxing history, wouldn’t know what I’m talking about right now. But just in case you want to learn because it’s never too late, it’s very historic to be in the position of Canelo. And to bite off challenges and challenge himself and dare to be great to make history. As Oscar said, not only Mexican history, but also boxing history. There’s very few fighters who have accomplished 160 to 175 and been successful. As you know, you’re standing and hearing from one right now. I have a personal feeling about making history because I’ve been there and done that and now it’s Canelo’s time. I understand what it’s like to be in there with the Krusher. He earned that and I respect that and I respect that to this day. Enjoy this historic fight and watch Canelo Alvarez – who I call the Evil Knievel in boxing – who’s taken on the best so far and is now taking on the best at light heavyweight.”

Kathy Duva

“I want to give special thanks to Sergey Kovalev and Canelo Alvarez – as a lifelong boxing fan, not just as a promoter. Unfortunately, sometime around the turn of the last century, boxing began to lose its way. Instead of building a legacy, avoiding unnecessary risk became the goal and to this day, some fighters are praised for it. Competitions suffer because of that. When we first met, Sergey was so adamant that he wanted to test his skills against the very best. He wanted to find out how good he really was. Canelo, you may have bit off more than you can chew, but that’s okay. Great fighters are not afraid to challenge themselves. And win or lose, history will reward you for taking a risk.

“Congratulations Ryan, you will not be the only spectacular young fighter on the card that night, because also sharing that ring is another intelligent, well-spoken, absolutely fantastic young fighter – his name is Evan Holyfield. And he is the son of the great Evander Holyfield. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to work with Evander’s son after all these years. You’re all going to see him and meet him, and I think you will all be thrilled.”

Ryan Garcia

“I want to thank the fans for coming out because it’s a weekday, you guys didn’t need to come here. Thank you guys for coming. I’m excited. The co-main event on the biggest card of the year. I’m so honored. It’s a big night. I get to fight the guy I wanted to fight most, Romero Duno. They all said I was scared and I was worried about him and now I have the chance to get my respect and show everyone I’m a real fighter. Everybody stay tuned. It’s going to be a big fight. Thank you to everybody for believing in me and thank you to Golden Boy for getting the job done. Let’s make history.”

Joseph Markowski (DAZN)

“In one year’s time, I believe we’ve managed to assemble the best schedule in the history of boxing. Let’s just look where we are: Canelo vs. Kovalev – boxing’s biggest star jumping up two weight classes; Ruiz vs. Joshua II – the rematch of the biggest heavyweight upset in some year; KSI vs. Logan Paul, bringing millions of new fans to the sport of boxing; GGG, back in title contention from MSG; the list goes on for DAZN. To our subscribers, you’re in for a tremendous end to 2019 and tremendous year to come.”

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  • Who would have known even just a a few decades ago that circus fights sell better in today’s world than real fights?

    Its a sad fact but the majority of boxing fans has become blinded by cheap circus shows like this one.

    The more down votes I get for this comment, the more I understand that my evaluation is right on the money :))

    • Why is this a circus fight? If Kovalev fought any other light heavy, I don’t think anyone would say that was a circus fight… and I think he wants to beat Canelo… and I think he has the ability to do so… what would you say about a Canelo v Alvarez (the guy Kov beat in rematch) fight? The thing is, Canelo just seems to have a hell of a chin and be a pretty decent fighter…

    • I have no idea why you think this is a circus fight. It would be a circus fight if Canelo was fighting a UFC guy with a 0-0 record

    • How is this different from ODH or Manny or many others living up in weight and fighting champions? How is this different from Holyfield fighting at heavyweight? Is Usyk going to heavyweight a circus as well or David Haye?

      • It’s different because the above mentioned fighters belonged at the higher weight classes and proved it. Saul is only challenging Kovalev because he thinks Krusher is past his prime, which he may be. If Canelo gets a win here, I highly doubt you’ll see him challenge Bivol or the winner of Beterbiev and Gvozdyk.

    • It’s obvious you are the one that’s blinded. Your emotions control your weak little brain that’s consumed with hate an envy. It’s absolutely pathetic. All this bullshit you say changes nothing and the majority of boxing fans will be looking forward to this fight wether you cry or not. Canelo has huge balls for stepping in with Kovalev.

  • No catchweight wow. I was expecting a bunch of Mayweatheresque contract stipulations to be put on Kovalev

  • As long as De La Hoya has Canelo, Canelo is safe from losing. Remember, they got the judges in their back pockets.

    • So i guess Canelo will never loose again and will retire as the greatest fighter of all time!!!! HAHAHAH! You are an absolute fool! And an obvious hater!

  • It’s an intriguing match up and up until a few weeks ago wasn’t on my radar. I see envision the younger guy winning, but y’know I pick alot of fights wrong even after close to 50 years of watching them.

  • Well, as long as there is no sneaky rehydration clause that says Kovalev can’t weigh more than 180 on fight night or something to that effect, then I have to give Canelo Alvarez a lot of credit for even taking this fight. Even if the Krusher is past his best he is not completely shot. You can see the immense size difference there, so this is an intriguing fight to say the least.

    • Chris-I don’t think this fight is less risky than the one against Golovkin, but is not more than risky, as could be to fight a guy on his primes, bigger than Kovalev, similar style and power, 6 inches more in reach and 7 years younger. Callum “mundo” Smith is the man I am talking about. Also at the same weight (168) there is another man that I consider more dangerous than Kovalev, and is Caleb Plant. If should be a honorable mention in here is David Benavidez (a bit less dangerous). What I see in this fight is Oscar fulfilling the real job of a promoter, and he has been doing well in avoiding throwing his cash cow under the bus, division after division. At 154 they went after the weakest guy (Matthew Hatton), same at 160 and 168 with Cotto and Fielding. Now at 175, even though still dangerous, Kovalev is a diminished fighter and perhaps the weakest of all the reigning champions at 175. Still, is a stern test for Canelo that should be seen with respect IMO, and I see that in your comment

  • I am a BIG Canelo fan but what I’ve seen in his last few fights is that the heavier he goes in weight class, the less power he has… he hasn’t KO’d anyone in quite a while .. Also, The Krusher has lost his edge and was rattled in a few recent fights…. I predict a win fro Canelo but NOT a KO… Should be an all out war…This will answer a lot of questions about “The Krusher” and seal Canelo’s legacy.. he’s young and got the warrior’s spirit…

  • Very sad how this fight brought to the surface all the visceral haters , with their asinine point of view about this matter, more than deplorable.

  • Kovalov is in a lose / lose situation.. he shouldn’t never taken the fight. If he wins he still loses because he is the bigger man and should have won anyway.. if he loses.. he loses.. its a no win situation.. well not totally because he can go cry all the way to the bank.. and that is okay i guess.. hahaha.

  • I see all of these comments about Canelo going after a finished fighter and that is the only way he can get his belts. Also, he cannot lose because he has the judges on his side. All of those comments are just absolutely dumb.. first and foremost, you don’t get to 34-3 without having MAD skills in that division. And don’t forget, he IS THE CURRENT CHAMP. Look at his resume folks, Kov is/has been taking on guys tough as nails!! in all of his fights, he’s taken on 4 “Gimme” fights and that’s it, everyone has some pretty damn good records backing them up when they go to fight him. His only losses come from one of the greatest of all time IMO. and the other, well he avenged. Lets give Kov some credit people. I don’t care IF you have lost a step because of your age, when you have that much skill, you can still make up for it. Just ask the other opponents lmao
    And as for the silly comments about the judges in ODL and Canelo’s back pocket, well, Could be, or maybe not. who really knows but the judges. I think Kov is aware of the possibilities of a decision and he knows he needs to go out and KO him. Kov, you’re still the man regardless of what these other mofo’s say!! and Canelo, props for stepping up in a major way and with no catchweight at that.. I’m excited.. Nov can’t get here fast enough.

  • >