Undisputed! Canelo KOs Plant in 11

Showtime Canelo V Plant Ppv Vegas Fight Night Westcott 123
Photo: Amanda Westcott / SHOWTIME

By Miguel Maravilla and Jeff Zimmerman at ringside

Boxing superstar Saul “Canelo” Álvarez (57-1-2, 39 KOs) scored a spectacular eleventh round KO over previously unbeaten Caleb “Sweethands” Plant (21-1, 12 KOs) to unify the WBC/WBA/IBF/WBO super middleweight titles on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo stalked while Plant tried to stick and move.

Showtime Canelo V Plant Ppv Vegas Fight Night Westcott 119
Photo: Amanda Westcott / SHOWTIME

Plant frustrated Alvarez for much of the fight, however, Canelo finally dropped Plant in round eleven, then finished him with a brutal follow-up barrage.

Things got started with Plant throwing the jab keeping his distance, Canelo landed a hard right hand as he proceeded to stalk moving his head side to side. In the second round, Plant continued to let his hands go with Canelo lurking connecting with a hard right once again, the connected solidly to close the round. Plant stayed away jabbing and countering, Canelo began connecting with hard left hooks upstairs and downstairs. Canelo began backing and pinned Plant against the ropes in round four, as Alvarez connected solidly inside.

Working the jab in the fifth, Plant boxed as Canelo countered and stalked landing the hard left hook inside getting through Plant’s defense. Canelo began to close the distance in the sixth, getting the right hand through and also connecting with the left hook. In the seventh, Canelo continued to back Plant and connect with big punches, later in the round Canelo leaned against the ropes attempting to lure Plant to brawl. In the eighth, Plant boxed as Canelo stalked and timed, the following round in the ninth, Canelo cut the ring as Plant circled, Alvarez connected with a right hand late in the round

As the fight got late in the tenth, Canelo kept coming as Plant appeared to be fading as he could not keep Canelo off. In the eleventh, Canelo finished it as he dropped Plant twice forcing referee Russell Mora to stop the fight.

Canelo becomes the first Mexican boxer to become an undisputed world champion in the four-belt era.

Entering the eleventh round, all three judges had Canelo ahead 97-93, 96-94, and 98-92.

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Canelo-Plant Scorecard
Canelo-Plant Undercard Results

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  • plant did very well but alas you need to go 12 rounds without getting caught clean by canelo. Great fight, very close going into 11th round.

    • I got home late and missed the fight, but did see the KO already on YouTube. According to Dan Rafael & ESPN though, they did not have this fight very close at all. Rafael had Plant winning just one round (first round), and he barely gave him that. ESPN had it 8-2 Canelo, with Plant winning the 2nd & 3rd rounds. I figured the late rounds might be a problem for Plant, but I would have expected him to win more rounds than these two sources are reporting. Rafael’s Twitter feed had me thinking Plant was out cold. That wasn’t the case, but it looked like a good stoppage. Congrats to Canelo.

      • I had it even after 10 but knew it was a matter of time for Canelo to get the ko.

      • Those scores were on point. I had Plant winning two rounds and those were toss up rounds. Plant was way to defensive and we know that when a boxers is on the run it’s hard to look good against but did good…

        • The fight was never close. Plant was boxing but not doing enough to stop Canelo assault. Canelo on the other hand was doing anything he wanted and pummeling the guy round by round. Get your eyes checked and give Canelo his props. The Judges; Patricia Morse Jarman: 96-94 for Canelo, Dave Moretti: 97-93 for Canelo, Steve Weisfeld: 98-92 for Canelo. It was unanimous in the 11th round. Plant had no chance to win.

        • It was about even after 10. i would even give plant a slight edge. but i was watching the fight in a crowded bar, so i couldnt hear the showtime commentary too well. so, i could only base my assessment on what i saw. the little commentary i could hear was a lot of overblown praise for canelo. canelo looked very mediocre early in the fight. plant was doing well early…canelo came on strong in the second half and plant seemed to weather the storm. plant was making canelo miss, blocking the hooks and landing jabs and counters of his own. canelo kept up the pressure and finally landed the left hook that hurt plant. part of the problem is, plant fades late in fights…but i was still surprised at how suddenly it ended because canelo hadnt really landed a lot of clean punches and plant was still on his toes when the KO happened.

    • I agree….it was a very close fight. i figured if plant could have closed strong he should deserve the win even though the unofficial judge, steve farhood had canelo way up. but thats how it is with canelo fights. the judging is garbage. i mean one judge had the floyd canelo fight a draw. look at the scoring of the canelo- ggg and canelo-lara fights. total garbage. its like canelo knows all he has to do is play good defense, avoid getting hurt or dropped and the win is guaranteed.

  • Good fight. Gave credit to Plant for standing in the pocket and boxing fairly well. Alvarez finally got in the shots that he was stalking Plant with all night. I was very happy to see the sportsmanship at the end of the fight. Good night for boxing…

  • So funny how some well-known folks picked Plant to win this. That timid, retreating style of his is so unworthy of a unification fight. Full congrats to Canelo, he really did end up punishing Plant.

  • I said no way Plant had a chance to even hurt Canelo. Canelo stayed busy and waited for an opening and destroyed Plant with ease. Wasn’t even close. Anyone have any idea who has even a slight chance of defeating this great fighter?

    • If he goes up to 175 again he would have a hard time against the best in that division. 168 down I don’t see anyone beating him

      • Plant fought well but did nothing to wow the Judges as Canelo was pressuring and dominating the fight on the scorecards. Canelo said he is staying at 168 to defend the belts and maybe fights with Charlo and Benavidez could be in the future.

    • Arturo, yes: David Benavidez. That will be a stylistic nightmare for Canelo and a fight he could possibly lose.

      • Benevidez throws alot and has power, but lacks the experience Canelo has. There are levels in this game.

        • Same cliche. Power, speed, footwork we all heard it before and all watched as Canelo whooped that ass.

      • There are a few guys at 175 that would Canelo issues and Artur is THE Man up there, but I actually think Canelo would have even more trouble with Bivol. Against Beterviev Canelo’s speed advantage would be palpable and don’t think just because he’s been walking down everyone at 168 that he’s going to try that at 175. The question with Artur is could he move and avoid for 12 rounds and still win over the judges. (Rewatch the first GGG fight). Bivol on the other hand would be tougher to box that way and he just might be too strong to walk down.

        Benevidez is the most obvious fight at 168 (if he can continue to make that weight). Stylistically, it’s a can’t miss, but I favor Canelo in a fast and furious fight…inside 6!

        Call me crazy, but at 168, the guy that might be too much for Canelo is Jermall Charlo. If course, he’d have to move up, but he is a large hard punching Middleweight that can really box. I think he’d employ Plant like tactics, but his power shots might have better effect.

        No matter where he goes next I give full props to Canelo Alvarez for truly unifying a Division. Beyond Benevidez, who currently would even move the oddmakers needle at 168 (Charlo and Bivol aren’t technically there yet). And, lastly, thanks to Canelo for his transparency about his plan, schedule and keeping them! Please tell us what’s in store for next year. If it’s half as good as this year, you’ll be looking at FOY again!

        • Well done for not being afraid of going against populist opinions , There are always fighters like say Jermall Charlo, who could give him a hell of a fight and poss win, and we may or may not see him in against Beterviev who would be like a old Kovalev just to much… maybe Bivol also gives him a helluva a fight. If he would take the chance if he wants to then you can start talking about him in the real top draw great categories. What he got now is know how and everything to take over
          a fight with immense experience gained from the guys who beat him..Floyd, Those who handled him but we know the score Lara, GGG 1. Even trout taught him loads. 59 fights how many fighters in modern era carry that type of record along his skill set not many. With no Wards or Calzaghe/Froch/ Kesslers around currently he is the best so lets enjoy him .

    • Well, Mayweather of course. He has a great chance to beat Saul again. He dismantled him when they fought. Made it look easy.

      • Mayweather will never be remembered as a great champion by people who know the fight game. Mayweather’s fights were boring as heck. To tell you the truth I’d rather watch paint dry than watch Mayweather. Money needs to return all the money he made to the dummies who spent it watching that

    • Don’t be an idiot. We don’t need to see someone battered to unconsciousness. He was wobbling badly after the first knockdown

      • Agreed. Good stoppage. Pant was game and has a lot of skill. He did not quite have the power to effectively land counter punches, and Canelo did very well to slip the counter attempts.

      • Good point. Some thought they should have allowed Wilder to continue after his battering. I believe there are cases where someone won a fight and died soon after. That kind of sacrifice should be saved for war. We are all mortal.

      • He was wobbling but running and moving that’s his style he wasn’t knocked out there’s a difference

    • Great stoppage. When you see a guy looking towards the ropes to keep him up, it’s dangerous for him. He was already out on his feet.

  • This fight went as I said it would. Plant, with his tough talk and unabomber hipster beard, was simply no match. Canelo simply too smart, too powerful, too explosive. He has fought and beaten fighters who are superior to Plant. I’m very pleased with this outcome.

  • Conelo did what he was supposed and predicted to do, but it just goes to show what I say is demonstrably accurate. You cannot win a decision against Alvarez. No way Plant was down on the cards, and certainly not 98-92. Dmitry Bivol WILL knock Conelo out if the mexican fights him. MARK MY WORDS!!

  • Valiant attempt by Plant, BUT he had to deal with Canelo’s constant pressure and hard punches. Canelo is no joke!!

    However, at 168, I only want to hear/see Canelo fight one more opponent: David Benavidez.

    I hope Canelo does not go to 175 without fighting D. Benavidez at 168. D. Benavidez should kick himself more for not previously maintaining discipline…dang it!!

    Meanwhile, D. Benavidez better TKO or KO his next opponent, so the public may create pressure for a Canelo vs. D. Benavidez scrap.

    Congrats to Canelo!!!

  • Good fight commentators were a bit annoying and the crowd was over reacting to a lot of missed punches. Respect to Canelo on a good win and spectacular K.O.

  • I hate that ref waving off the fight, Russell mora is a horrible ref, he did the same shit in fury vs wilder, did he forget how to count to ten, give the fighter the chance to get up and see if he could continue don’t just wave it off you fucking hump.!

  • Plant gave Canelo a boxing lesson for most of the fight. He moved better, used his jab effectively and countered well. Canelo missed a lot of haymakers due to Plant having a game plan that he stuck to. I personally had plant ahead on my scorecard going into the 11th. Canelo finally caught Plant – but he definitely had work for it. Most folks gave Plant no shot to even make it past the 4th or 5th Round – Plant has nothing to be ashamed about – Canelo is a beast and now the Undisputed Champ, it was a very good fight.

  • I expected more from Plant! What it finally came down to is, he lacked the firepower to keep Canelo “honest.” It’s going to take a superior boxer / puncher, or someone who really packs a wallop to beat Canelo!

  • canelo clearly an all time great its simple but I’m sure there are losers out there who will post negative commentary and those are the one who know zip about boxing

  • Good fight. Plant got worn down but definitely showed his skill. He needs to work on the throwing the lead right as well as the counter right hand a bit more but he was not an easy out for canelo. I actually think two of the judges were accurate. Canelo’s body work definitely slowed Plant down and allowed him to land that left, but he definitely was frustrated at times in there. Good solid win for Canelo as I thought Plants reach and movement would be too much for him. I do think Canelo needs to stay 168 tho as them boys at 175 are just way too big.

    • Too big? Canelo steps in fightnight well over 180. Hes been doing this for some time. Reason he hasnt revealed his fightnight weight for over 7 years.

  • Wasn’t a fan of Canelo for some time but how can you not be a fan now? The guy is a fighting champion and deserves everything that he has. Good on him.

  • Why was Plant even there ? He was clearly fighting for $ but certainly not fighting to win.

  • Well if the ref did not stop the fight canelo was going to ko him anyway and maybe with plant ending in the hospital

  • Plant knew what the outcome was going to be, he said it during fight week, ” You’re looking at history” and he could not have been more accurate.

  • Canelo won this but he’s still a bum fighting in a bum era. Hagler,
    monzon, sugar Ray Robinson, LaMotta & Harry greb would destroy him at middleweight.

  • Need to see Canelo against a fighter like Benevidez who can make him fight off the back foot. No more of these limited boxers. Good win for Canelo but let’s see who he chooses next. Probably some other limited fighter which poses no threat. Thought plant would make it 12. Kudos to Canelo

  • The guy who is fighting 17 day at december would be a test for Canelo and vise verce.
    He has real killer power too and granite chin.
    That is the next Canelo fight wanna see..
    Nothing else matters.

  • As i said it Canelo by KO in the championship rounds. Not a surprise, you can say what you want but Plant wasn’t gonna win fighting like that !

  • Even though I had Canelo winning the fight before the stoppage I had the fight way closer than how Showtime was making it to be. There were rounds where Canelo spent following Plant and getting peppered with jabs and an occasional pitty pat flurry and would still be given the round. One of the official judges score cards had it like,96-94 for Canelo which I thought gave better depiction of the fight. This is the first fight where I gave Canelo credit for fighting a fighter at the top of any weight class.

  • Im glad for Canelo…. Plant has a Punk Big Mouth….Take this you dumb Ass….!

  • I am very, very happy Canelo did plant juice with this trash talker. Congrats Canelo!!!

  • Why are people still fighting him when they know he’s a cheater i.e. PED abuser.

  • Great fight! Give Plant credit for trying his game plan.
    Canelo walked him down every round, even if there were times when Plant was a little more effective with his movement.

    Final Punch Stat shows Canelo outlanded Plant (117 to 101)

    Keep in mind, Canelo was throwing heat and Plant was flicking a “stay away jab” and an occasional hook here and there.

    Idk where some of you had Plant ahead…. ????
    2 warriors went in and only had each other to fight. One warrior clearly lost, the other clearly won.

    Accept it and move on.

  • Plant is gonna have to juice himself up to ever have much punching power. He’s got boxing skills, but hardly any power. Canelo knows the score and had mastered that part of boxing. And boxing is so crooked, officials overlook a lot of things.

  • I’m borrowing this from another site….someone wrote this and it’s exactly what I was thinking. “I’ve read some articles and certain YouTube posters. Why does it pain some people so much to give Canelo an inch of credit? Do they hate it because he’s not their race? The hate he gets from some is just astonishing.”

  • I didn’t think Plant had the firepower to keep Canelo at a distance. He did fight much better than I expected defensively but he never did make Canelo pay for leaping in with shots and missing. In the few occasions where he actually backed Canelo up, he looked good, but he quickly reverted to the defensive style and was continually stalked.

    As he got tired, he slowed down and quit using his jab and throwing combinations. A lot of his shots in the later rounds were occasional short counters without much power. Canelo is a wrecking ball when you don’t give him anything to worry about and he stepped up the attack in the later rounds. Plant had no answers for his increased intensity.

    I had Canelo comfortably ahead going into the 11th round. Canelo won at least 7 of the rounds and Plant stopped letting his hands go regularly. It was a surprise when he was hurt by that leaping left hook, but he was relatively stationary at that point and wasn’t throwing back with any force.

    It was a great win for Canelo because he won the final title that he didn’t have. As for the fight, Plant gave him trouble for a while, but he never set down on his punches and tried to force Canelo back. He fought defensively and he could only do that so long before Canelo caught up to him. I thought Andre Ward’s card of 97-93 going into the 11th was right on.

    I’d like to see Canelo against Benavidez, Bivol or Beterbiev. Bivol is a superb boxer with some offensive skills but he is not a KO puncher. Benavidez has fast hands and can hit extremely hard. He is slow on his feet as is Beterbiev. Beterbiev can be a monster in the ring but he’s injury prone and looked vulnerable in his last fight. Benavidez can be the biggest threat to Canelo. As for Jermall Charlo, he is way too hesitant to let his hands go when faced with great opposition. I don’t think he will fare well against Canelo.

  • What a load .Gaynelo took his time as to prolonged the fight cause he knew Plant was a tomato can. For 4 rounds almost no attack. Shameless. Undisputed in the weakest times in boxing history doesnt mean much. Pathetic

  • Canelo Should Fight next the only man that beat him Mayweather if Mayweather is up for it and Canelo ready to beat the only man to actually beat him. No one but Mayweather it would also give money Mayweather to become the undisputed if he could pull it off against a different Canelo. I can’t call a fight great when he you know is going to win is able to do what you know already was going to happen. But everyone has a opinion

  • Caleb Plant knew he had no chance of beating a real champ. Who did Plant beat? Utzcategui? From Venezuela. Venezuela has never produced any good boxers! Plant is/was paid a lot more in one loss to what he would’ve made defending his weak belt. He grabbed and ran all night that is why he lasted 10 rounds. He had nothing! Nothing from nothing gets nothing. Maybe Plant and Andrade should fight they’re about the same caliber! No disrespect, only the truth even if it hurts!

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