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  • Considering how Canelo was willing to negotiate with the PBC to get this fight with Plant, he believes this will be a sure title grab. I doubt I ever heard him say his upcoming fight will be easy.

  • Obviously Plant is winning the head games. This kinda sucks that it’ll hurt Plants sparring for sure.

      • The pushing is part of the hype. No roid rage or any of that crap. It was clear Caleb didn’t really want to take a swing but there was no one there to interfere as probably planned.

        • Don’t make excuses for Canelo. If this were someone else you’d be saying how they’re bad for the sport, lack discipline etc.

    • He pushed him when he had hands behind back but he punched him after Caleb threw his right hand

  • Canelo pushed him but Plant threw the first punch. Plant looked slow motion by the way compared to Canelo. But round one Plant (anyone remember De la Hoya – Vargas face off?). Canelo round 8 or 9..,,

    • What do you expect Plant to do? The push was uncalled for. Canelo is supposed to be a professional. Its a typical staredown and we all know he’s going to beat Plant so what is his problem.

  • I agree Canelo will bust up Plant as the fight progresses. In addition, Plant is living in the moment since he is on the highest stage of his career. However, not sure his arsenal has the machine gun power to stop the beast Canelo. Plant will fold up in later rounds. Canelo TKO!

  • Caleb threw the right hand first before Canelo touched him up. Yes he pushed Caleb but they should have had security between them from the start

  • I have no hate of Canelo at all. I’m one of those who believed he gave hype job GGG a boxing lesson (twice). In this case, Canelo was out of line and showed a lack of discipline and control. Its seems as if he was eating bad meat again lol. We all know he’s going to destroy Plant, don’t get into a scuffle and put the fight at risk. Boxing has already taken enough L’s this year.

  • Rumor had it that Canelo has been at the steak buffet south of the border, so he might be right.

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