Canelo encourages those affected by pandemic

WBA middleweight/super middleweight and WBC franchise champion Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez had a talk with the Univisión network and took the opportunity to encourage and send his best wishes to people who have been affected by the crisis caused by the Covid-19 coronavirus.

“I`ve been through tough economic times. Sometimes I had no money to pay the rent. It was complicated,” said Canelo. “There are times when you can’t find the way out and can’t find the right path, but life gives you opportunities and you just have to take advantage of them. I ask society not to lower its guard because of this situation we are experiencing. Better times will come.”

Saul lives with his family in San Diego, California, and is physically active to be ready, when his next fight will be scheduled.

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  • What kind of “encouragement” is that? All he said was “Better times will come.” How about using your celebrity status to call for an end to the ludicrous lockdowns, Canelo?

    • Or call an end or at least comment about the crippling corruption, crushing poverty, callous indifference and sadistic violence that plagues his country!

  • Another sanctimonious “proud” Mexican that makes his home in the United States.

  • How about realizing the world is not getting better. There is so much more to come. This is the sign of the times. Jesus is coming for his church and we need to be ready. Boxing is not gonna get us there. For all we know, maybe sports is over. The bible speaks of this and more to come. We need to seek God, his spirit and submit ourselves to him. Rather then encouraging people that things are gonna get better. We need to encourage people that there is hope, love and salvation in Jesus. Not in people who have pride and fame. Our families, frienda and all those around us are there for a purpose. To give them something no famous athlete can and that is a word from the Lord. A helping hand. Love from one another. Spiritual support. In Jesus name.

    • I am not promulgating atheism (I am a catholic very religious person) but all related to religion has lost a ton of credibility due to corrup and false leaders, with no exception

      • I agree, religion is viewed totally different today than it was years ago. Delicate subject, but man’s wants and desires has tainted the credibility in what religion has to offer in modern society in some circumstances. Sad, but true….

  • Canelo has been through tough times like every one else regardless of economic status. He is simply saying to not give up because this pandemic will pass and there will better days ahead. Just hope and pray and dont lose the faith. Canelo is not a preacher or a politician, but he is a warrior in and out of the ring. Thru hard work and determination and sacrifices, he has been able to overcome lifes challenges and so can you. God bless you all

  • When you’ve already earnt a bucketload of coin & then signed a $365 million DAZN contract, add on his enormous endorsements… let’s just say I hope his ‘encouragement’ includes fiscal help for many of his countrymen. People picking through garbage to eat need more than condescending ‘inspirational’ stories

  • Can’t wait for his next fight. This virus pandemic is causing boxing withdrawal. Canelo pound for pound!

  • I wanna know when Canelo struggled to pay his rent-when he was 16? He’s been a major star in boxing at least since the age of 18 and started raking it in big time by 20. Go and eat some more contaminated meat Canelo!

  • I’ve been watching Canelo since he was 20 and 0, some years ago. I saw he had potential, very disciplined and dedicated and i said it back then. Look at him today, at the very top, one of the best. There will always be haters who discredit him, and those who dont appreciate good boxing. Canelo is the complete package, a beast to reckon with, has fought the best and fears no one. He is up there with the likes of Mohamed alli, Cesar Chavez sr, Sal Sanchez among other great ones too numerous to mention. Go Canelo

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