Canelo draws first blood

Showtine Canelo V Plant La Kick Off Press Conference 13
Photo: Esther Lin/Showtime

WBA/WBC/WBO super middleweight world champion Canelo Álvarez and undefeated IBF super middleweight world champion Caleb “Sweethands” Plant met for an intense staredown that turned into a scuffle Tuesday at a press conference previewing their undisputed super middleweight championship showdown.

Showtine Canelo V Plant La Kick Off Press Conference 18 (1)
Photo: Esther Lin/Showtime

During an extended face-off that kicked off the event, the fighters exchanged words and threw glancing blows before their respective teams rushed the stage to separate the combatants. Plant was left bleeding from a scratch under his right eye.

Regarding the altercation, Canelo stated, “You can say whatever to me, but not to my mom. I’m going to fight anyone who says something about my mom. And he swung first. I just pushed him. He swung first, and I do what I do. He crossed the line. It will be over in eight rounds or less. I’m going to knock out this guy. Easy.”

Plant commented, “We just had some normal back-and-forth banter up there and then whatever happened, happened. It’s none of my concern though. I’m focused and locked in on November 6.”

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    • Caleb Plant’s boxing prowess and footwork are impressive. He has the tools to beat Canelo Alvarez.

  • Ugh… stuff like this makes boxing look bad. You guys are millionaires, start acting at least a little bit respectable.

    • lmao oh please this type of pre fight crp has been going on for decades MMA copied it because it sells nothing more

    • Not a fan of either one but Canelo is a hypocrite. As Plant said he said MF to Andrade. Is Ok for Canelo to say MF to others but not when someone says it to him?

      • Agree 100%. More than “glory-hungry”, I would say Canelo is more “money-hungry”. The Mexican ain’t doing it for glory, he is doing it ’cause he has big bills to pay due to his king-type lifestyle. Getting $40 million + back-end deals, and still complaining… GEESH!


    • You really gonna believe anything Canyellow says?

      His nature is to be violent and untruthful, it’s in his and most of his county men’s DNA.

      • His nature is to be violent? Its in their DNA? Wow VAldez, u really r an idiot. Plant isnt crying about it cuz he realized he pushed the wrong button AND swung first. If plant throws those weak A$$ left hooks like the one he thru at Canelo, its gonna be a short night

          • Yup. I sure did. Did Canelo instigate that swing with a push?absolutely!! Fighters push each other all the time at weighins. Either their pissed, fed-up with the others shit talking OR building the promotion train. Swinging is a different story. I blame both fighters AND lack of security for this bad blood fight not having someone right there with them. Promoter fail!

        • Tony, Caleb Plant has the “tools” to beat Canelo Alvarez. Stay tuned, bro. Thx!

      • Most of his county men’s DNA??
        With the last name of Valdez wouldn’t that be your DNA as well?

      • You are totally wrong you are just a hater and a troll spreading lies!
        Haters will hate
        Juan Valdez(fake)
        No arguments whatsoever
        Mexican we are a nationality not a race.
        Get your facts right next time!
        I forgot you are plain ignorant.

    • You guys believe everything that Canelo says. Canelo needed to justify his action. He
      can’t intimidate Caleb so he resorted to
      pushing Plant but this will not work. Plant
      is going to jab Canelo head off.

      • He does not need to try intimidate Plant.
        He is already terrified, even before the fight.
        Mark my words…they call him sweet hands for a reason!
        No power to hold Canelo back…want to bet?

    • not only smacked, but knocked on his ass 3 times and then knocked our. canelo could easily do it.

  • These guys are in line to make millions and something stupid like this could jeopardize the whole fight. Plant could just as easily suffered a serious eye injury etc. Reminds me of LewisTyson or Bowe Donald back in the day.

  • Boxing morphs into WWE wrasslin. Bring out the folding chairs and masks!

  • So plant throws the first punch and canelo ends up being the one that draws first blood…and where the heck were security, it clearly looked like plant had to do something otherwise he would’ve looked like a bitch. And in reality calling somebody a “motherfucker” isn’t really saying something bad about that individual’s mother. All part of the show…

    • There goes Juan Valdez the Mexican hater with his ignorant comments. Stick to mens figure skating sunshine

        • Where the hell are the likes of you represented in boxing? When plant loses, that will be you lot`s last out post. You will have to be a hypocrite and support your enemy( Russian and other East European) fighters, as ya all are useless at fighting. What you are doing is what you lot are world champions at, talking.

        • Chris, it’s pretty evident Juan Valdez is a troll and using the pseudonym “Juan Valdez” to promote his racist hate, just like you. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if you were “juan Valdez.”

          • “racist hate” is just your poor excuse at debating speech that disagrees with your narrative. Everyone knows ‘racist’ does not mean anything anymore when you use it. Besides, I cannot be a racist as I’m an oppressed minority.

          • Making a blanket statement that being a liar is “in the Mexican dna” is about as racist as it gets. I can’t believe Fightnews is letting you racists get away with it


    • Fuck it, a win is a win and, if I was Plant with that left jab and, some good footwork, I would jab his head off every Rd. Once Plant uses his reach and stay on the outside, the drugs he takes will never come into play.

  • Canelo will knock out this bearded lady Vanilla Ice lookalike clown in about 7 rounds

  • Canelo is definitely roid raging. Oh wait a minute it’s bad meat. You guys are celebrating but this dude idiot just blew the fight. Plant has a cut so the fight will be off. Dumb steroid idiot couldn’t control himself.

    • Canelo better not have blown this fight! That cut may just reschedule this fight. As far as the 2 dummy’s here (Hawn & “Juan Valdez” which is obviously an alias I mean this dip shit is all racist against Hispanics I wonder how many Hispanics kicked the royal shit out of you “Juan” to make you so angry and hostile. Get a life COWARD.

      • The guy talking mad trash on the internet is calling someone a coward? With a name like Brent Bernardino, I see anyone knocking you cold. Soft names, make soft people.

      • “Reschedule this fight” means the same “blew the fight” as I’ve explained. Are you dumb, stupid or remedial? I’m not exactly sure what your ranting was about or why you included me. Boxing has already taken many L’s this year and now we have another fight that may be at risk because Canelo couldn’t control himself. This has nothing to do with “Hispanics”. Stop playing the race card.

    • Hawn, the taco documentary on Netflix says that Mexican red meat is imported to the US. Maybe we all consume it also….

  • Prelude to the real fight. Canelo pushes Plant around the ring….Plant retaliates hitting air and then gets clocked and busted up by Canelo.

  • Disappointing behaviour from both I think

    Wondering who they could possibly be roll models to

    I actually saw it on shittube initially

    In the background a woman can be heard saying ………..” instagram, instagram”

    She should be questioning behaviours on stage

    Alas, mobile phones and social media are changing behaviours daily

    • Lol dude Plant wouldn’t or couldn’t score a KO 2 over anyone in the top 20! Let alone Canelo so please bonehead put down the crack pipe fool.

  • Maybe Caleb should not have provoked the situation, he thought he was going to intimidate Canelo because he’s taller and he had his dark glasses on and his tough guy beard

    November 6 he’s going to sleep

  • Conelo is a cartel funded low-life Thug. Caleb didn’t say anything about his mom and the Mexican had no right to shove him as hard as he did. Now Canelo has the typical unfair advantage he has in all of his fights with his fighter already bruised and badly cut. It won’t be anything for Alvarez to target that cut and force a TKO victory, where he may not have if Plant came to the ring healthy. Just more shenanigans from the biggest fraud in the history of boxing. I swear this Mexican can’t win any of his big fights legitimately. 100% of his fights are marred in controversy.

    • Some on here acting like this clown show is real. Nothing more than scripted nonsense to hype a fight where there is no doubt to the outcome.

    • Chris: maybe the next card can be you and I on there. I hear u was a boxer, im willing to come out of retirement. Lemme know.
      Oh and next time, we will tell Canelo ” he man, please dont shove Caleb so hard, u might hurt him” lmao

    • Sounds like you’re already making excuses for Plant’s upcoming loss….We call that the ‘loser’s limp’

  • Plant talked trash and threw first because they all trying to find a way to get under canelo’s skin. So it’s his fault. You think someone like pac man would be doing that? No. Wouldn’t happen cos he’s always respectful

  • It was a mistake for the two to stand face to face without someone between them. Another mistake is for Plant to leave his sunglasses on. I’m sure the cut was caused by the frame of the glasses. Canelo took his off before he shoved Plant.

    These two really didn’t need to jeopardize the big payday by this kind of stuff. Not very smart by either boxer.

    • APDuenas, I don’t think canelo gives two squats about blowing the big payday. He has plenty and he’s the draw. Plant is the one that could miss out.

      • Agreed whetto. Canelo has plenty of money to retire now and be good. Im with ya on that… Honestly, i dont think it had anything to do with the word “mother….” it was just that Canelo was tired of all the shit talking caleb has been saying about his stable

  • If Plant couldn’t hit Canelo without gloves, I doubt he will be able to hit him with gloves on. It was good for the promotion but could of jeopardize the fight. We been missing some good fights due to COVID (with the exemption of the De La Hoya garbage circus show)

    • Timio, I don’t think Caleb threw with the intent to his. Just as canelo pulled back his right hand. I think the left went a little further than planned.

      • Whetto to the average boxing fan Boots Ennis is not an everyday name, but to fans who know boxing they know exactly what I am talking about. Boots will fight again in October. He is 27-0 25 KO’s. He currently fights at 147, but he is 5’10” and can easily move up in weight.

  • Something tells me the boxing god (WBC) will not fine or suspect canelo for this behavior as they do to other boxers.

  • This should not be allowed in any type of professional sports. If this kind of thing is tolerated to have to promote an upcoming boxing match, the sport is in sad shape.

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