Canelo defeats Ryder, remains undisputed

Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom

Undisputed super middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (59-2-2, 39 KOs) scored a twelve round unanimous decision over game WBO mandatory challenger John “The Gorilla” Ryder (32-6, 18 KOs) in front of 55,000 on Saturday night at the Estadio Akron in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico. Canelo’s pressure backed up Ryder and had him bleeding from the nose and mouth by round three. Canelo dropped Ryder with a left/right in round five. Ryder beat the count and survived the round. The rugged Ryder fought hard the rest of the way and made it to the final bell. Scores were 120-107, 118-109, 118-109.

After the fight, Canelo stated that Ryder “was a very tough fighter,” that his left hand performed “very good” post-surgery, and he wants a rematch with Dmitry Bivol at 175lbs next. “If the fight with Bivol doesn’t happen, then we’ll see,” said Canelo. “I’m able to fight everybody.”

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  • Garbage. Absolute garbage. From the first fight to the last. Shame on DAZN for charging $ to watch this, and if this is the best Mexico has to offer on their biggest holiday weekend shame on them too. I’m tired of these announcers trying to make a Rocky story out of every hand picked opponent. I’ve seen better matchmaking at a county fair

    • It’s all about the Benjamin’s….which is why Canyellow will NEVER fight a legitimate fighter that can threaten him one but!

      • Never fight a legitimate fighter? Your dumb ass must of never seen Canelo fight out of his weight at Light Heavyweight to fight the best there named Bivol. Canelo has been fighting good fighters and winning titles to become undisputed at Super Middleweight the first to do it. GGG, Lara, Liam Smith, Miguel Cotto, Trout, Mosley, Rhodes, Plant, Saunders, Bivol, Mayweather the list goes on. Canelo’s resume is better than everyone at 168 down.

        • Everyone of those fighters were past their prime, too small or had just come out of a tough fight and not given time to recover when they fought Canyellow, with the exception of Mayweather, who he fought for the money. Mayweather dominated Canyellow for 12 rounds and only managed a split decision, which says it’s all.

          • didnt he learn that from Mayflower with the exception he didnt get weight and rehydration clauses? also he didnt enlist a state athletic commission to bend rules he still needs to learn that part also hes undisputed in a weight division he didnt listen to Mayflower with that one either

        • Daniel Jacob’s too! I don’t know what else Canelo is supposed to do for these casuals to stop saying that dumb shit

          • they don’t know much about boxing, otherwise they wouldn’t be saying these crazy speculations, with hardly any correct info.

          • we will never be pleased with boxers and their opponents. canelo has done everything we have asked him to do, yeah he has loses and close close wins that should have been draws in my eyes but he isn’t in control of scoring. he can’t literally fight everyone we want him to fight and he was due an “easy fight” after the 2 years he had.
            i think canelo recognized this the first GGG fight that he will never please everyone. he will get hated if he doesn’t fight benavidez or called for ducking. its unbeleiveable our standards.

        • Bivol? He pinned his ears back 9 out of 12 rds. The Best at light heavy? Canelo fights Beterbiev at 175 and he never sees the 12th RD.

          • He’s not supposed to, he only 5’8″ and really a jr middleweight. You’re not aware of this?

        • So let me get this straight. Canelo fought “out of his weight at light heavyweight” and stopped Surgey Kovalev, who is the same size as Bivol who dominated him; suddenly there is an excuse. Bivol beats Canelo no matter what. He has a style that Canelo can’t beat which had nothing to do with size.


        • And he’s just 5’8″, same as Mayweather, when he jumps in weight class those fights are hard to make exciting. He’s mainly leaning on his boxing ability to get a decision. I say good on him!

    • Easy, you shouldn’t purchase if you didn’t like card. I purchased, didn’t mind the card even though I believe Sparks got robbed.

    • Cinco de mayo isn’t really celebrated in Mexico. It’s more of a U.S. thing.

      • You are correct. 5 de mayo commemorates the liberation of the city of Puebla from the invading French since Spanish is spoken in Mexico and not french that pretty tells you who won the french-mex war. I’m willing to bet not to many people know the French got beat and sent back to france by MX…. I’m sure not so many USA Americans are aware of this history fact.

        Cesar DeCiga Ret.
        Senior Chief USN

        • Bahaha!Besides the first battle in Puebla against the first french contingent,Mexico lost every battle afterwards. Only when the french military was called back to Europe and left Maximilian to fend for himself l, Mexico won. And there is a reason the Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the USA, and not because of the stupid reason you are told to believe. I’m the most Mexican alive today, but don’t go about spreading BS. Mamar corneta no es permitido!

        • Bruh, who can’t beat the French? They weak. Those ppl can’t fight and all they do is fashion and pastries. And yes not everyone knows 5 de Mayonnaise was the Liberation of Puebla and not the whole country of Mexico. And most definitely yes! It is more of an American holiday. Just another excuse to drink, get wasted and talk sheet.

          • Dipshït here must not have heard of Napoleon taking over the world or the fact that 1 million Frenchmen died after they knowingly marched headfirst into Maxim machine gun fire and barb wired minefields in the First World war.

            They can teach the world a thing or 2 about how to conduct an effective revolution. Marching with your opponents head on a pike is a far cry from pastries and fashion. Though they do that well too.

        • Not to bust your bubbles, México lost 2/5 of their territories in the Mexican American war, so yes Mexican defeated the French and in turn gave up big chunk of lands, but they choose to celebrate one victory, but didn’t learn from defeat same corruption, instability, poverty, & many unresolved murders, Etc.
          During WW2 Nazi Germany made an interesting proposal joined the war, attack the US, what México did? Well history tells us.
          If lands grabbing was not forbidden, the next war they find themselves they will keep losing territories.
          Most countries do this celebrate a victory, but conveniently forgot about, their defeats not even learn or adjust from defeat.

          Sorry I know this is a boxing forum

    • That’s why I ddidn’t buy it! Give me an undercard!!!! I miss the Don King Cards when Tyson was coming back. At least 3 decent Title fights. Tonight’s card had virtually no appeal. Ryder had no chance and the undercard held no intrigue.

    • Supreme Beef, no it is not the biggest Mexican holiday. As a mater of fact it is U.S lead, endorsed and sometimes funded by U.S govt. I think of it as Americas answer to a holiday for most Latin American countries. One day it’s like they woke up and said …wait a minute these guys actually kicked the French out of Puebla and or Maxico city. Let’s make that a holiday for them, seams all other minorities have one…that’s the watered down version of El Gran Cinco de Mayo wich Is not a holiday in MX everyone works. Now back to what is actualy important boxing, the event lacked entertainment except for Ryder not quiting since he had several chances to do do so. I am also a Ryder fan now as well he didn’t just come for s paycheck and festivities. As for Canelo he seems to have los a step in his counterpunching abilities, he needs to find it before he gets in there with either Bivol or Benavidez or any light heavy whose last name starts with a”B” I mean he’s even loosing to his hairline. He looked old and overworked, not to mention old..its either get it together or cash out.
      Cesar DeCiga Tijuana MX.

      • Canelo will not last against David Morrell. Too much size, too much aggression, and too much accuracy. Morrell will also beat Benivedez. Bad l may add.

        • Benavides will take care of Morrell, Benavides or Morrell can’t take the pounding Ryder endured, Ryder very underrated.

    • Really now, you didn’t have to throw all of Mexico under the bus. They are a very fine peoples

    • Agree Beef Supreme…. Documented on this site that I have given DAZN credit for being innovative and putting on good fights….didn’t mind the price hike based on the boxing programming presented….As credit is given ….so are negative evaluations…..THIS WAS A HORRIBLE PPV DAZN!!!!! DO BETTER.,…FEEL LIKE I PAID TO SEE CANELO ENTRANCE PERFORMANCE ONLY….DAZN put on much better fights in the past for free….Outside of the flyweight fight….in which you could argue should have been the main event ….everything else was garbage….DAZN do better than this..,

      • I don’t know if it was bait and switch by DAZN, but they had great cards for a few years and now some are bordering on unwatchable.

        I cancelled my subscription, so I imagine now the cards will get better.

    • Who told you 5 de mayo was the biggest Mexican weekend?
      You don’t even know what 5 de mayo is!

    • Well, he’s only 5’8″ so his larger weight class fights are not going to be very exciting, he’s really a jr middleweight but his boxing ability/iq lets him move up and win most decisions. He and Mayweather are the same height.

    • Sorry broseph but what were you expecting? Matches on paper were hot garbage inundercards always suck ! And are boring!! Wish they would do away with them only good for ba nap

    • i was in panama so i got to watch for free. i would not have paid for it but it was an ok card. mexico se lucio!! i was impressed with the stadium and the fireworks and canelo’s walkout. i should have went to the fight

  • wow, NO surprise here. would have been nice to see canelo in a more interesting fight…

    • It’ll NEVWR happen!

      His team, management and him are quite happy fighting tomato cans and making millions.

      • well damn if Canelo is fighting tomato cans than every other champion must be only fighting crossfitness instructors and influencers

  • I was more impressed with Ryder than Canelo. I wonder who Canelo fights next? If it’s Bivol it needs to be at the same weight of 175.

    • His team will make Bivol a stipulation heavy offer he can’t refuse, in typical corrupt fashion. Those stipulations will favor Canelo of course.

      • I never like to see a guy come down in weight to fight. Look at Roy Jones coming back down after beating Ruiz. He weighed 190 plus for Ruiz and his speed was still there with a little more power. Tarver baits him into dropping 15 plus lbs. mostly muscle. Mayweather wanted to fight at 152 against Canelo. Another ploy for advantage. If you want a man’s title you fight at the legitimate weight! Basilio fought Sugar Ray weighing around 153-154. If I were Bivol I wouldn’t even consider anything less than 175.

    • Bivol mentioned that this time he wants to come down to 168 to fight for the Undisputed but Canelo is like No I’ll come up He’s looking to make history by winning another world title. we’ll see if that becomes a problem.

      • Canelo does not want the fight at 168 because if he loses he does not have all 4 belts. Bivol said he would come down, but only for the title. If Canelo goes up again, he gets beat worse next time, but at least he makes a ton of money and still has all the belts at 168.

    • WBC will never allow that fight to happen. They refuse to sanction because Bivol is from Russia.

  • What a warrior John Ryder gave his best Canelo should fight Mexician Monster next

  • A combination of two things here: Ryder is one tough sum bitch, and Canelo is slipping! After this performance, Canelo should stay as far away from Bivol as he can.

    • I agree time to leave the Light Heavyweight division alone. He has shown nothing in this fight that would indicate anything different in a rematch with Bivol other than being target practice with Bivol jabs. There are plenty of good fights to cement his legacy at 168 without winning another world title.

    • Didn’t see fight yet. 64.99 would have been a more fair price. Canelo should fight Benevidez as someone else said. No weight issue there.

      • Canelo is avoiding Benavidez. He is the only draw in Canelo’s fight but, he refuses to fight the up an coming challenger at 168

        • Concur, Canelo stands a way better chance of beating Benavides than beating Bivol. Bivol is a master boxer.

      • Doesn’t get any more fair, fighting against the mandatory #1 ranked WBO fighter. Other than Bieterbiev and Kambosos, name a champion in recent time that has defended against a # 1contender.

    • I agree. Canelo still making excuses for his loss to Bivol. Just shameful. Bivol does not want any excuses from Canelo and that’s why he is willing to come down to 168 and fight for Canelo belts.

  • Ryder very tough but limited and had zero power. They fought in a shoebox and Canelo couldn’t stop him. Whether he was disinterested or out of shape I don’t know. I just can’t see him beating Bivol or Benevidez, and I don’t expect him to fight either one. I think he will continue on this path of fighting B fighters and making money. Can’t blame him for that if that’s what he wants to do, but all discussions of him being a top P4P fighter and an all time great need to stop.

    • I can see Canelo beating Benavidez the man hasn’t fought anyone, but Bivol hell no not a chance

    • hhhhmm interesting which current champions fights as many other champions as he does? go ahead ill wait……………

      • I hope you’re not talking about Canelo. He goes for the weakest link in any division outside of his own. He thought he had the weakest link in fighting Bivol for his light heavy weight belt, but found out quickly Bivol was not the weakest link in that division. Bivol and Mayweather dominated Red, and yet they barely escaped with a Victory according to the judges score cards. Just shameful. I think one judge even called the Mayweather fight a draw. My point is that, red has lost other fights, in the ring, but the judges keep giving him the edge. He’s just going to keep avoiding the best in his own division and looking for the weakest link in other weight classes to try to make history…smh

        • You do understand the the WBA, WBC, WBO and IBF Super Middleweight Titles were not given to Canelo, He took them one by one, your comment is not supported by facts.

  • Ryder is tough and has heart, All credit to him for going 12 rounds. He did better than most bigger names fighters.

  • i agree beef canelo looked slow flat footed he couldn’t get out of the way of the punches got hit a lot the judges must have watched a different fight than what i did

    • From what I saw is that Canelo dominated the fight and that’s coming from someone who’s not a fan. Yeah Ryder has heart but zero power to give Canelo trouble and barely done anything remarkably to suggest he done much better than what the Judges gave. You definitely must of watched a different fight than I did. He was knocked down, bleeding possibly a broken nose and constantly backing up on the ropes. His punches didn’t even hurt Canelo and half of them barely hit flush.

  • Absolute garbage, Canelo in another lack luster fight against a limited fighter. Canelo cant seem to stop anyone now a days. Couldnt put a dent in Bivol, couldnt stop old GGG and couldnt stop can driver Ryder. Bivol will beat Canelo even worse if they fight again.

  • Canelo looked past his prime, Bivol would beat him more convincingly a second time around

  • This fight showed why Canelo should not be called the face of Boxing.
    His fights have been boring for a good while and he wont make fights the fans want. And Canelo can no longer ko these moving heavy bags. Lets see who’s next in the bum European tour.

    • Whether he should or shouldn’t be called the face of boxing, Over and Over has proven he is the face of boxing.

  • Enough already with this 175 stuff against Bivol.

    How about: Canelo + Benavidez + 168 + 09/16/23 minus Bivol = A BIG TEXAS SCRAP!!!

  • Canelo needs to add some additions to his repertoire. However, I do see him challenging the big names before he goes out. I think he really cares about his legacy and I think he will be willing to get in there with Bivol at 175 and Benavides afterward should he avenge that loss. I’m not sure how much he has left in him but he’s not done just yet, however, I really believe that will all depend on him doing more than throwing that pitching style looping right and hook and uppercut. Any decent high guard defense annuls the effect. Canelo needs to pick up another solid addition to his game or risk being too one dimensional to continue moving forward.

  • Very average Canelo’s performance against a very limited fighter (skills and power) with a big heart. Seems that when a local hero returns to his home land, those welcome back celebrations affect enormously their performance on fight night, same happened to Danny Garcia vs Mauricio Herrera and Taylor vs Catteral, or maybe is just a coincidence

  • who is Ryder another bag of potatoes the show canelo was perfect in his town and small ring.

  • Screw the rematch with Bivol, and allow Beterbiev/Bivol to finally happen. Canelo needs to fight Benavidez. It’s time to give the fans what they want.

    • That part! The hell will a Bivol rematch, unless Bivol get to fight for Red’s belts. Otherwise it’s guaranteed to have the same results. Personally, I don’t understand how Ryder was the mandatory instead of one of those undefeated guys he’s been ducking in his own division.

  • Good way to keep the rust off but I don’t think Canelo was expecting Ryder to ride it out for 12 rounds giving back along the way. Don’t know if it’s the fighter in front of him or the many years in the ring, but Canelo is starting to slip. He’s physically changing. No, he was never light footed, but he is sitting on his shots even more now. If that’s going to be the case from now on, stay away from light heavy. There’s a ton of money to be made at 168.

  • I didnt see any improvement from Canelo.My feeling Bivol will beat Canelo again.

  • The big winner here was ryder, he was the guy canelo was supposed to easily destroy and k.o.whithin 4 rounds! Canelo gave all he had and was getting drained! Even if bivol comes down to 168 for the fight, after rehydration on fight night he’ll be close to 200 pounds! Bivol will provide the same beating and a possible ko based on how canelo looked today! I see a declining canelo! If he wants to be the face of boxing, he needs to cement a solid victory againg bivol or even the light heavy weight benavidez otherwise, its time to pass the torch!

  • Wasn’t a good fight for free or PPV. Self explanatory. No need to complain. I didn’t buy it. Buyer beware.

  • I haven’t watched the fight yet.. might not though. I don’t know who that other guys is.. but I do see a lot of Casuals on here so I guess I’ll split. I’m out!

    • If you don’t know who Ryder is means you are not a true boxing fan.

      • I’ve been busy watching UFC. Boxing got boring and I got tired of losing PTO for canceled fights..

  • Canelo is pure old school, lots of class, thanks for saving boxing!

  • Wow, so many American haters on here criticising Canelo and not giving Ryder the respect he deserves, the same people who probably love the unproven Charlo, and Benavidez. Canelo will KO these pretenders and then what will all you biased fans say, ” Oh what garbage”
    Canelo gave his hometown fans another win and Ryder was his toughest challenge in a long time, and would be better than the likes of Plant and the overrated Charlo and Benavidez.
    If you dont like Canelos fights, dont watch.

  • How is Canelo this popular as a fighter? He has no power and super ugly tattoos. Maybe he should have been a rapper instead? And why can’t we get a good undercard with decent title fights anymore? Can’t beleive anyone would pay to watch this lol.

    • Don’t like, Don’t pay. that is what makes are country so great, we all have a choice.

  • Canelo won against one of his mandatory opponent that’s credit to Ryder for putting himself in that position by winning bouts to earn that right, so I don’t see how this is an issue of hating on Canelo and discrediting Ryder…it is what it is
    As cliche as it sounds but its true in life there are levels, Canelo is just at a higher level than Ryder, so knowing that people mostly casual and haters at times WE always find something to pick on and vent that’s one of the aspects in the nature of a some sport fans, we hate, get mad when our favorite losses….relax
    In the end we forget and deal with it
    Unless you had some monetary investment in which you lost something due to the result or outcome of the event then I get it
    But if you can’t handle defeat and afford to lose something then don’t gamble
    Just watch the event IF YOU CHOOSE cause you can always not watch and make the most of it

    • David Morrell hasnt fought any guy in the top 10, he only looks good against bums

      • Andrade, Benavides and Charlo should be calling on Morrell before they make any demands on fighting the face of boxing.

  • I thought Cinco De Mayo was when Mexico/Mexican fighters displayed their best and put on top events. This is a far cry from the past. Canelo fought a dude on Cinco de mayo that nobody cares about (mandatory or not). Are there no other Mexican starfighters out there? Just asking a legit question.

    Canelo isn’t going to fight Bivol again. I don’t know why he keeps name-dropping. Everyone knows he can’t beat Bivol. Why is he not taking on Benavidez? Oh thats right he says he doesn’t fight other Mexicans. What kind of b.s is that? I don’t know why he’s playing this game because he’d totally dominate Benavidez? He doesn’t fight black dudes anymore, so he’s running out of options on his European tour.

    • There is no way Canelo beats Benevidez and I will bet you any amount of reasonable money. He’s so one dimensional, flat footed and slow. Benevidez will simply just outwork him. Someone above mentioned that Canelo will KO Benevidez….. How?!!! The dude hasn’t scored a big KO in forever and certainly hasn’t scored any since he stopped fighting guys ten weight classes below lol. No way in hell he beats Benevidez let alone KO’s him.

      • his fight against caleb wasnt to impressive, canelo has a chance to beat david, i say i give canelo a 40% chance to beat david if he can get in the inside and pound him with body shots around the liver.

      • I used to bet on boxing so it’s predictable for me. I truly wish I knew you offline I’d bet you $500 and give you 2:1, if that’s “reasonable money.” 9/10 folks who I have hustle make emotional bets. I’m not the biggest Canelo fan but I like money more than my personal thoughts on him. After the Caleb Plant fight it became apparent Canelo wins. Benavidez struggled a bit with Plant’s boxing so how will he handle Canelo’s? Two, Canelo can also bang. It’s one thing to talk about the “Mexican monster” but what happens when he gets punched in the mouth by someone he has to respect? Canelo folded a bigger monster in Sergey Kovalev (granted Ward did it first). I never said Canelo KOs Benavidez but guess what Benavidez doesn’t KO Canelo either. There is more to this fight than just the physicality. Benavidez wants a payday, he doesn’t believe he can win. As I said, I used to bet on boxing and I wish I knew you in real life because this is an easy bet. Apparently he doesn’t fight other Mexican fighters so we’ll never see this.

    • Very few top African Americans at 168, Ryder was the Mandatory # 1 ranked WBO fighter. Perhaps Charlo or Andrade make # 1 and will get a crack.

      • He doesn’t fight black guys, anyone. Canelo’s training went on record as saying “African Americans have a difficult style.” Let’s not hid behind mandatories. He can fight Charlo or Andrade any time he wants. I know folks will whine about this comment but his coach said it and its been a while since he has fought an African American. If Canelo said he doesn’t fight other Mexicans why wouldn’t he also do the aforementioned? Look at the folks he has been fighting lately.

  • Just don’t like DAZN. Such boring commentary and matchmakers suck. Man miss HBO and Jim Lampley. And Promoters like Don King that gave great Fight cards. Gone are those days.

  • Bivol will knock him out this time. Canelo just running his mouth. He do not want to fight Bivol

  • he should retire now and be happy , canelo days are over RIP

  • wow, ryder is a TOUGH TOUGH guy. very impressed by his heart.

    What impressed me the most however is how fluent alvarez was in his post fight interview.???

    • I wouldn’t call the #1 WBO contender an Uber driver. Ryder was outgunned, however he never gave up on trying to win. Respect to Ryder. Morrell, Charlo or Benavides don’t have the same grit as Ryder, they wouldn’t be able to withstand the pounding Ryder took.

  • Canelo has “legit” opponents. And some handpicked. Some guys are tough enough to survive and don’t back down so that you get rounds in. I suspect Ryder was that way. Did not watch this one, just couldn’t justify the price. Canelo can try Bivol again if he likes. But if he loses it shows that he is merely a “great” fighter, but perhaps not a “ATG” fighter… when you get to 3 losses and 2 draws, he will be just a great fighter of the era but not a all time guy.
    However I don’t think he dodges, but he wants good crowds, good money/paydays so that’s always a factor.
    Come on DAZN-bring a better entire package/card. I might cancel if they don’t start having more quality regular fights. More and more are going PPV

  • By the way for those that keep mentioning Cinco de Mayo as a special day in which the best Mexican fighters are on display, no that is not the case at all.
    Cinco de Mayo has a TOTALLY different vibe in the USA than in Mexico
    Cinco de Mayo is celebrated in the USA similar to St.Patricks Day…EVERYBODY is Irish on March 17
    Same with Cinco de Mayo
    Those are targeted days that have been marketed to the US public and beyond as days to party and drink, forget the meaning or history of those days…lets just party
    Now as far as boxing events on Cinco de Mayo and Sep 16 (Mexican Independence) those days are targeted cause in part of the reason mention above, Mexicans are HUGE boxing fans and will shell out money to have the fights on while also celebrating those days, so if you are a SMART promoter and you have a fighter of Mexican origin or descent than you use that and plug it in to your marketing the fighter and holiday and you don’t have to be Mexican really best example is Floyd he after De La Hoya was done, he took over those days cause he knows Mexicans are fans and will support the event.
    Once Canelo is do with his career there will be another fighter that will take those days as their main fighting days and if there is no true face of boxing by then, well then the SMART promoters will do as I mentioned earlier they will market those days to the usual casual fans that are easy to convince that these big events are going to be the fight of the year coments but then you will have those hard core fans that will watch regardless of who fights because they just like the sport

  • Benavidez would be an easier fight for Canelo than Morrell. Therefore, I do expect Canelo to eventually fight Benavidez, but probably not Morrell. Ryder is tough & is a difficult opponent to stop.

  • Ryder didn’t like other fighters did. He him props for that.

  • Much respect to Ryder, Canelo trained to destroy, notice he kept flat footed and pressuring the entire fight, Ryder weathered the storm and came continued to fight back.

  • Cinnamon can’t fight a mandatory? Saul can’t get a tune up before another big fight? You people are never happy.

  • Good win for Canelo after recovering from that surgery on his left hand. Ryder was a tough test. Canelo is a good ambassador for the sport. He’s dignified, humble, and shows respect for his opponent and the sport. His attitude is refreshing to see, and a far cry from what we typically hear and observe from fighters like Spence, the Charlo brothers, Ryan Garcia, Fury, Wilder, Tony Harrison, and Teofimo Lopez. He wants another chance at Bivol, since he doesn’t feel he was properly prepared for that fight, especially with that injured left hand. I think that would be a more competitive fight this time, one which Bivol likely doesn’t want. I think all the other fighters calling out Canelo, need to get busy fighting each other, instead of posturing in search of that big payday that a Canelo fight would bring.

  • Bivol should require another fight with Canelo to be at 175. Why should he drop in weight? He’s the Light Heavyweight Champion.

  • In my opinion, Rolly isn’t that good. He looks bad in the ring. The next big name fighter he fights, he will get KOed or lose.

  • >