Canelo-Charlo Final Press Conference

Canelo Charlo Presser
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

Undisputed world champions Canelo Álvarez and Jermell Charlo went face to face Wednesday at the final press conference before their PPV showdown this Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“He’s gonna feel it…He’s not used to being in there with a fighter like me.” – Canelo

“You’re gonna see us back again for a rematch, because this is my moment.” –Charlo

Here is what the press conference participants had to say Wednesday from MGM Grand:


“I feel great and ready for this fight. Jermell is right, I have nothing to prove. But this time, I have something to prove to him. He never believed in my skills. He’s been calling me out. Now I have the opportunity to show him my skills. And that motivates me. I had a great camp and I’m ready to show everybody my new skills.

“I always train 100% and motivate myself, but it’s even more for this fight. He’s called me out for a long time and I’m gonna show him what I can do in just a couple days.

“He’s gonna feel it. It’s hard to explain it, but it’s just something different. He’s not used to being in there with a fighter like me.

“Just make sure you tune in, because it’s gonna be a great fight. I don’t know what animal I need to be, but I’m that animal. Tune in on September 30. It’s gonna be good, believe me.

“I never overlook any fighter. I know what he’s gonna bring and I’m ready. I’ve been in there with all types of fighters. He hasn’t experienced this kind of level of fight. You will see and you will learn.

“I want history for my career. I want to achieve a lot of things. This is another one of them and I can’t wait.

“People will always have something negative to say. I have to prove that I’m still on top.”


“We finally made it to this moment. Training camp was really hard and I had to really focus. Canelo is the kind of fighter you can’t take for granted. He’s done everything in this sport of boxing and he’s got nothing to prove.

“I have so much on my plate and in order to continue my legacy, I have to be equipped with every tool. I know that the fans are gonna win on Saturday night. You’re gonna see us back again for a rematch, because this is my moment.

“I’m a warrior. I did what I had to do, and now we’re at this moment. I don’t think Canelo has faced a fighter of my caliber. He’s been in there with great fighters, but there’s something I bring to the table that’s a lot different than anyone he’s seen.

“I defy the science of boxing. I’m one of the guys from the younger era and I’ve been fighting my whole life. What I’ve been through in life, a lot of people can’t compare to that. I deserve to be in my position and now I get to prove my worthiness.

“I’m coming to win this fight, no matter what he says. We shall see Saturday. If he’s motivated to prove to me that he has skills, so be it. I’m coming to win.

“Making history means everything to me. That’s what it’s all about. We’ll come back to these moments later in life and look back and enjoy it. Right now we’re living in the moment and continuing to turn these chapters.

“I’ve backed up everything I’ve said. Right now this is my time and my moment and I’m gonna proceed and take it.”

EDDY REYNOSO, Canelo’s Trainer and Manager

“We’re excited to be back in Las Vegas once again. This is a very important fight for us. We’re facing a great opponent who’s undisputed and has a great team behind him and also great boxing skills.

“We spent three months training for this fight and had no setbacks whatsoever. It’s been a while since Canelo has been able to train so intensely. We’ve left behind the injuries and setbacks and we’re ready to show that Canelo is prepared to put on a great fight for the fans.

“We’re very motivated to be here in Las Vegas for a great fight. We’re going to prove how motivated we are by giving the fans a great fight.”

DERRICK JAMES, Charlo’s Trainer

“This is a very special event because it’s undisputed versus undisputed. The great Canelo Álvarez is gonna bring out an even greater Jermell Charlo. I’m looking forward to Jermell being great and becoming undisputed once again. He’s here to make history.”

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  • Mr. Canelo Carne contaminada! He will win with the power of clenbuterol! Oops I forgot, he always accidentally ingest it. There is a sinister guy that follows Canelo and whenever he is not looking the guy sprinkles clenbuterol chips on his food and in his drinks. Darn that sneaky guy.

    • What did the commission conclude of that scandal. Something about roids in Mexican beef, and Mexicans eat a lot of beef. Did they conclude that Canelo gets a free pass? Every Mexican as well?

  • This fight is FIXED.
    Charlo will get a fake “win”

    Canelo is being forced to “Take A Dive/ Throw The Fight” against Jermell Charlo.
    Canelo will reluctantly allow Charlo to “KO” him in a Fixed Fight.

    That’s why Canelo opted to have fight on September 30th and not on September 16th, which is the traditional Mexican Independence Day weekend, because Canelo didn’t want to spoil his heritage celebrations with a fixed fight where he will allow himself to get KO’d.

    Its not the first time that Canelo has “thrown a fight” where he reluctantly allowed himself to lose on purpose as part of a fixed fight.
    Canelo had been bribed $5 million extra, to allow Floyd to beat him on purpose 10 years ago in 2013, in a Fixed fight.

    ( His then promoter-Oscar DelaHoya was confined in a rehab center when Canelo fought Floyd and Oscar was threaten to be hanged [to be covered as a “suicide”] if Canelo did not agree to let Floyd win on purpose as part of a Fixed Fight “deal.)

    And now for this upcoming Canelo vs Charlo fight, hired Hitmen, from behind the scenes, either have now threaten to kill and/or hurt someone in Canelo’s immediate family, or some distant family members and/or some of his countrymen, as “carryout orders” from boxing related people “behind the scenes”.

  • I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, Canelo avoids melinated boxers like the plague. The movement, speed, and athleticism are a tough nut to crack for the slow footed plodder, that loads up on the right hand and lefthook to the liver. This will be a competitive fight despite the two weight class difference! We might see more fighters jumping weight classes after this one. Hope the fix isn’t in.

    • I don’t defend Canelo, but how will you explain why he fought Bivol?

      On the other hand is hard to explain why he won’t fight Bandera

    • I can’t wait for Canelo to break your melinated brother. Charlo will not see the final bell.

  • Expect Charlo to start fast using his size to keep Canelo from imposing his will on him. Everyone will see that the skill level separates A-list fighters from the B-list ones. I expect Canelo will take a round or two to download what Charlo is doing, then break him down by going to the body, head, and back down to the body. Mid to late stoppage.

      • Movement & speed can’t compensate for lack of skills. Canelo will walk him down inside of the distance.

        • I didn’t say that movements and speed are sufficient to beat Canelo
          I disagree with Charlo having no skills.

  • Canelo it’s not the same he is in declined
    Charlo is young with good reach

    Canelo is slow foot work but with lots of power and experience

    Canelo by decicion

  • Problem for Charlo (among the many) is he has to fight “the perfect” fight for 12 rounds AND win decisively. Close rounds will go to Canelo (whether we like it or not). This is uphill for Charlo but if he loses so what? He can drop back to 60 and still compete. Hard to see him at 54 again.

  • I think this fight will be pretty competitive for the first half, the second half will depend on how heavy they come in on fight night, and who’s done their road work. Regardless, I’d still put my chips on Canelo to get the W.

    • Did you see how much bigger the smaller Charlo is than Canelo..Canelo definitely wearing boots or heighteners because difference is even greater than photos. Nkw you want a Canelo to fight a guy much naturally bigger than Charlo asking Roy jones to fight Lennox Lewis once he beat john Ruiz

  • Canelo over Charlo, substance over hype. There is nothing about Charlo that is great. He hasn’t fought one great fighter, and he himself is not great. He doesn’t fight very often. Like many of today’s fighters, he’s blown up on hype, and he used his loud mouth to call out Canelo because he’s chasing money above all else. He’s significantly overmatched in this fight. Canelo is a great fighter and has fought and beaten great fighters. He’s smarter, stronger, deceptively quick and explosive. Few today know how to throw a power shot in the same manner Mike Tyson did, and Canelo is one of those few. The first time Charlo tastes Canelo’s power, he will be on the defensive, unable to fully commit on his shots except by occasional winging of shots praying that one lands. Not gonna happen. How long this fight lasts depends on how much punishment Charlo can take. Canelo will take his time to get his timing, and once he does, it’s over for Charlo. Mid to late round stoppage for Canelo.

  • Charlo can try talk the manifestations he wants but in the end he still gonna lose. maybe badly a Lion will be humbled by a Tiger..

  • >