Canelo announcement coming

According to Box Azteca in Mexico, undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez will be making an important announcement about his career on the network this Tuesday at noon. Canelo usually fights on Cinco de Mayo weekend, but, as of now, he has no fight confirmed.

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  • i hope he fights mungia and then benavidez or if not , then just retire and let them fight for the title. its time to stop holding up the division and “hogging” the titles . its whats best for boxing .

      • I am actually not too hard on Canelo for not pursuing a Bivol rematch. I think light heavy is a little too heavy for him plus Bivol is a master boxer. Canelo stretched for more greatness and failed. No disgrace in that.

  • Crawford should not risk his career like this , why putting a blemish in your record unnecessarily

    He rather should move to 164 and fight Vergil Ortiz

    • Not even Carlos. Crawford has no business jumping up that far. It’s unecessary, unfair, and foolish. The old saying of a good big man beats a good little man still holds true, especially when there are 3 weight divisions between them. A 154 jump is the max. Tzsyu, Charlo, Spense rematch or Ennis will generate the most money and a reasonable training camp that could happen before the summer.

      We get excited for dream matches and hope that a boxer reaches beyond his reach. I’m the hirt business, one fight could be the difference between a safe retirement or permanent damage.

      • Yea you right but if Crawford wants another challenge he should take it easy and moving to fight canelo

        • If he was 25, I’d agree, but if I’m not mistaken, he’s right on or about 35. It would take an honest 2-3 years to adequately adjust to the weight gain, placing him at about 38 years old, well past his peak. Don’t get me wrong, pound for pound, I think it would be a great fight with Crawford winning by a thorough beat-down unanimous decision….IF…they were at their natural weight.

      • No way Canelo beats Crawford ,Canelo cant beat elite fighters never has unless gifted and never will.

        • Size and power matters.

          Crawford would look good for a couple rounds. But canelo will hurt him with anything that lands.

          it would be a crushing body shot to crumple and finish crawford.

    • Crawford is 36 years old and wants big money megafights.. why would he fight Vergil Ortiz? How random can you get? FOH!

      • Fighting the young guns is absolutely a route to more greatness. I think it massively enhances his legacy if he beats Ortiz and Ennis.

  • Smh. Like Canelo is a prophet or something. Stay tuned folks. Life will have meaning again once Alvarez chooses his next opponent. I know it gets frustrating, but I see hope in the near future.

    Anyways, who will it be:

    a) Benavidez

    b) Erik Bazinyan

    c) Jaime Munguia

    d) some hand picked schmuck

  • Hi, my name is cinnamon and I will be fighting another bum because I can and no one will do anything about it. I am protected and I will still make millions no matter what the true fans will say; therefore, you ( the fans) the people I say I fight for are really irrelevant in my world.

  • I hope he announces that he is taking one more fight, giving some ranked unknown a shot, then retires. So sick of people going on and on about who Canelo must fight. He’s had a great HOF career.

  • He could be announcing his deal with PBC is over and returning to DAZN with Eddie Hearn, where he will nake a fight against Edgard Berlanga, then Munguia after

  • The announcement will not be Crawford. If the announcement was Crawford then the headline would be that Crawford will be making an announcement soon. Besides, it is way too soon for Crawford to be fighting again. He needs another 6 months until his next fight.

    • You know something we don’t? Why another 6 months? He had a good camp for Spense, and Spense didn’t damage Crawford at all. He should be more than clear to fight.

  • I predict a surprise announcement of retirement.
    For him, there will always be another Crawford or
    Benevidez on the horizon. He has to find a way out.
    I could be wrong, who knows? Right now, for whatever reason, I’m thinking he shocks everyone with retirement.

    • I know you’re just kidding, but you forgot the astrix with comment so I’ll add it for you.

      * (As long as his judges are chosen, under the right venue, including rehydration clauses, zero pre and post fight testing by a reputable organization and preferably some type of catch weight.)

      • So you’re a Canelo hater. I understand dude. you should try professional help, like a psychologist.

        • Smh. Pan the faun gives advice?I should seek professional help for not worshipping one of your idols? Every part of my statement can be easily backed up by footage. Don’t get all emotional over it. I simply added to your sarcasm.

  • Canelo vs Charlo and as a bonus, we get to watch him get a tattoo and watch him play a round of golf with Tiger Woods.

  • Would not surprise me if he retires. if he continues, the boxers he should go against are Benavidez and then his country man. I see him losing to at least one of them.

  • Wouldn’t it be great if he announces his retirement?! I’m suffering from Canelo burnout right about now…..

  • I heard Canelo’s team is waiting for Benevidez to get old. The problem is when Benavidez is 34, Canelo will be 40. Then Eddy Reynoso will be going ‘WTF?’

  • Screw benavidez, he’s wayyy to big for canelo on fight night at this time. He should fight benavidez on his last fight before retirement where he has nothing to lose for one last nice paycheck! He will either fight munguia or the weak berlanga next. But, most likely he’ll fight the green munguia. Benavidez should be the last in his radar foe sho!

  • I hope he will announce he is fighting Banavivez or Morrel or Bivol at 168 lbs
    I hope, I wont get a contract to fight him….

  • What I heard is that canelo will announce his fight against Munguía instead charlo

    Because charlo is not selling tickets

    This is what k heard on YouTube
    Don’t take it on me please

  • Spinks stepped up and beat Homes. Nobody gave Spinks a chance. Hagler as great as he was never ventured a peep about fighting Spinks. Crawford stated he will fight Canelo. Crawford has the “grit” to win this historic match if it happens.

  • Canelo Alvarez will be facing the much traveled and very dangerous Gabe Rosado in May 2024. LMAO

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