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Bryan stops Stiverne; wins WBA heavyweight title

Stiverne Bryan

World Boxing Association (WBA) interim heavyweight champion Trevor Bryan (21-0, 15 KOs) scored an eleventh round TKO over former WBC champ Bermain Stiverne (25-5-1, 21 KOs) to claim the vacant full WBA heavyweight title on Friday night at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Hollywood, Florida. Bryan kept a steady power jab in Stiverne’s face all night, although Stiverne had his moments. The end came when Bryan finally opened up in round eleven, dropping Stiverne twice with right hands. Stiverne gamely continued but the bout was stopped soon after. Time was 1:26.

Bryan will now have to fight WBA champion in recess Mahmoud Charr within a period not exceeding 120 days.

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  • Anyone else embarrassed watching this nonsense fight? Didn’t pay for it but just watched the highlights on YouTube;)

    • The old “just flipping through the channels” excuse eh? …you gotta hand it to Don King, I can’t believe he actually pulled this off!

    • I watched the highlights on YouTube. Bryan I thought was going to lose his trunks a few times due to his soft mid-section. Stiverne needs to get out of boxing while he is ahead with his health. After a series of KO losses, you have to wonder what is really in it for him now. Even if he loves the sport, he can train others to keep in the game.

    • Tremendous battle between two physical specimens. Stiverne showed great heart in making it to the 11th round against the awesome power and blinding hand speed of Heavyweight World Champion Trevor Bryan. Amazing offensive display by Stiverne, but he was up against an impervious pulverizer in Bryan last night. High quality stuff, and at unbelievably low price of $29.99.


  • Surprisingly a decent fight. However, the WBA should be embarrassed. The whole promotion seemed like amateur hour. But, I watched because at the end of the day, I like live boxing on TV.

  • This is great news for Bermane. This stoppage loss now qualifies him to fight for the WBA title again.

  • Stiverne, KO’d 4 years ago in 1 by Wilder, then 2 years ago in 6 by Joyce, still somehow, at 42 qualifies as a title challenger.

    Bryan stops him in 11.

    The WBA, the joke that keeps giving.

  • Yay, the return of out of shape heavyweights! This hearkens back to the good ol’ days of Tony Tubbs and Tim Witherspoon when WBA “champions” were 20-30 pounds overweight. Can’t wait to see what’s next for Trevor Whatever.

    • But there is no weight limit for HW fighters, The fatter the better just look at Ruiz Jr.

  • Don King and the WBA should come up with a Top 10 pound4pound list. I would be REALLY interested in seeing what that might look like….

  • I was wondering yesterday how many buys DKP could get from 2 out of shape fighters averaging 267.5 lbs who haven’t fought in about 23 months and 29 months. And then what the record levels of inactivity are for each governing body to allow some sort of “title” eligibility. It must be a sliding scale based on how much name recognition/pull you have promoter wise. There must be some ironclad contracts that keep fighters within Don’s stable. On the flip side he knows how to move some fighters with the easiest fights to get them into title contention. I remember Tavoris Cloud had a garbage list of opponents coming up and Trevor Bryan’s opponents are the same leading up into this fight.

  • just saw the highlight of the fight. 2 lard tubs. I’m wondering if either could even compete top 30-top 40 in the division. A solid “gatekeeper” like Derek Chisora who is now more like a top 15 fighter would smash either Bryan or Stiverne quickly. I hope Don loses money and sticks to only doing a fight every 2 years or so. It’s nice to see that he’s pretty much excluded from bringing up real talent. Now the gov bodies need to stop granting him as much favor as they do. (WBA)

  • Champion in recess against full champion. That seems pretty meaningful.

  • Remember three years ago when Mendoza was crowing on Fightnews about how the WBA was going to unify between their 3-4 “champs” in every division? Seems like a lifetime ago.

  • Stiverne has really faded so quickly. The Stiverne of just a few years ago blasts Bryan out with ease. Inactivity – a major issue for DK fighters – played a role.

  • unbelievable this fight even happened, stivern is a pathetic fighter, does he even have an offence? first wilder now this? just sad

  • *rumors* are King is pushing Trevor Bryan vs Peter McNeeley Cinco de may 2025 on king vision, He said “this is going to longest and most historic lead up to a nonsense fight, Better than when McKneeley fought Tyson”

  • So now we can look forward to seeing Bryan fight Wilder for the WBA platinum regular heavyweight interim title and the winner gets a shot AJ in 2022, right?, for which Don King which shout Only In America

  • How can this guy be a champ with the oposition he has faced compared to joshua fury wilder boxing can be such a joke with 3 sanctioning bodies holding champs in all weight classes. Should only be one champ per class. Tyson would garantee give this guy a run.

  • These two looked incredibly soft, pudgy, and poorly-conditioned. Hard to believe they were fighting for a title. My how low the heavyweight division has fallen in quality of fighters. After watching Stiverne get obliterated by the amateurish arm-punching bird legged scarecrow Wilder, it’s clear he has no more business in the ring than Mitch McConnell. Bryan looks like a 55 year old fighting an exhibition after being out of training for 20 years. Tough to watch, but I respect their effort to do what they know, in order to make a living. Seems like a tough way to about it though, not being in the best of shape.

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