Browne slams Gallen, Aussie purses

By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing

Former WBA heavyweight champion Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne slammed Australian heavyweight Paul Gallen because the Rugby League Football Legend earns ten times the amount of money the Perth-based Browne earns. “The reason I’m not fighting Gallen is Gallen is getting paid ten times more than I am for fighting someone who isn’t a boxer,” Browne said.

“Gallen won’t fight me, because he’ll pay me f**k all like I’m getting anyway. He’s getting paid more than I was paid for fighting for the world title. Six two minute rounds and he’s getting paid over double what I got paid for my world title.

“That’s just Aussie boxing for you. I get paid f**k all – and most Aussie boxers get paid f**k all. Footy players and people like that come on board and get paid ten times as much.

“If they want to offer me the same money as they’re fighting for, I’ll fight both of them on the same f***ing night. I don’t care at all. The fact of the matter is, I’m not getting cheap-shotted and not paid for something I should be getting paid a lot more for. So, that’s the reason.”

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  • We had that same thing in the United States I believe when Butterbean was boxing. But the question I have, and I don’t have an answer, who is bringing in the most money over there down under. that is what it is based on. Mr. Browne did not do himself well when he fought and lost badly I think to Dylan Whyte. Also when talking about fighting for the world title. Should it not be a world title. (a dubious one at that).

    • Browne must be forgetting something! He agreed to fight under a contract before his fight even took place. In other words, he understood how much he is getting paid and agreed to it. He did not have to fight if money was an object! Maybe he needs to seek out Oscar as a promoter! Oscar knows how to blow smoke, create mirrors, and rake in cash with all his fighters! Just as Alvarez!

    • I upvoted just because your English was excellent. On another note, when did you last go to Grozny and KO Khadirov’s boy.

  • First of all you literally got destroyed by brutal knockout. It’s practically a miracle you recovered after that, or have you? Second of all, seems like the fans would love to see Glassen instead. Want respect? Go out there and earn it.

  • Acting like WBA title is worth something-pretty good fighter but nobody would really consider him to be the real heavyweight champ.

  • Sorry Lucas but you had your day in the sun ….Believe it or not both Gallen and Hall are so much more well known than you,that’s why people will pay to go and see them !!!!

  • Stop whining and griping about it. If you want that kind of money for yourself Browne, you have to go out and earn it!!

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