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Promoter Oscar de la Hoya says Callum Smith is “an idiot” for turning down a fight with Canelo Alvarez. Oscar told ESPN that Smith “would have made three to four times the money he has ever made and he turned it down.” Golden Boy has locked down the May 2 date at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for Canelo’s next fight.
The March 7 charity exhibition rematch between Mexican boxing legends Julio Cesar Chavez and Jorge “Travieso” Arce in Hermosillo, Mexico, will also include 3 WBC affiliated title fights with top prospects. WBC Youth super lightweight beltholder Omar “Pollo” Aquilar (16-0, 15 KOs) and WBC Youth Intercontinental super bantamweight beltholder David “Rey” Picaso (12-1, 5 KOs) will defend against opponents to be named, while featherweights Bryan “Latino” Acosta (13-0, 7 KOs) and Jesus “Jibarito” Ortega (17-4, 11 KOs) meet for the Fecarbox belt.
Meanwhile, light heavyweight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has announced on social media that he plans to release a music album with the 15 cumbia songs he likes the most.
New promoter Reid Boxing presented its inaugural card Thursday night at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. In the main event, super welterweight Cameron Krael (17-15-3, 4 KOs) upset Ravshan Hudaynazarov (17-4, 13 KOs), taking an eight round split decision.

Hatanaka Jr. defeats Biendima, keeps WBC Youth 112lb belt
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  • Could be interesting if the clauses are disclosed. Easy to say “he is an idiot, said no the fight” when the intention is avoid the fight through harsh conditions, but if there was not such thing, and what was offered perhaps is not what Callum Smith was dreaming but much more of what he did in his last fight, then yes, he is more than an idiot and deserves a monster kick right on the black spot.

  • Chavez Jr. is about to release a music album. I wonder, what instruments his dad and Sulaiman were playing to hel him in the music field as they have been doing in boxing

  • Smith was well paid in the WBSS. It was reported in the tabloids he walked away with $9m after the 3 fights were completed and bonus money. My guess he was looking for around plus $5m for the Canelo fight. I wonder what the offer was.

  • The interesting concept to understand about Smith turning down with Alvarez is what was the hidden contractual stipulations Oscar put on the fight offer. Oscar tends to put so much legal jargon aka “what ifs” (ie, goofy rematch clauses, places for the fight, etc) in fight contracts that it generally steers the fight in Hoya’s direction should a loss occur on his fighter’s behalf. The “big” money offer is just one factor to consider if a fighter is serious about his career and staying in the business for a while. The holistic picture of a business/fight offer must focus on realistic expectations, lack of predictable corruption, and to minimize manipulative BS from the opposing side. It’s always best to utilize a lawyer in conjunction with a promoter in these cases to protect one’s fighting career.

    • Hearn has already said it’s do to the market value that’s expected to fight Canelo. There’s no legal jargon, lol.

    • I have to disagree except for Clenelo who is a catchweight master or a master of the 10 pounds over the limit at fight night !! And a master at beating fighters who are pretty old and knocked out after giving him a boxing Lesson.. Amir Khan for example !! But for the other fighters he Promote I’m sure the contracts are mostly fair.. But not those for the judges like Adelaid Bird !! who in fact need no contract because all happens Under the table.. That cost GGG’s first fight against Cheatnelo..

    • After Smith’s last performance against Rider which he did not win, he has no appetite to have lunch with someone like Canelo. And, he want to remain relevant, a champion.

  • Its unfortunate, when these fighters chase Canelo, their not chasing the fight, their chasing the money. Although Canelo is very beatable, we may not get to experience that due to greed. If he is even paying you more than double than any payday uve ever received, take the damn fight and prove urself. If u beat him, then charge him quadruple for the rematch. But scoobs is right, the stipulations though. Im interested to know

    • De la Hoya will NEVER make or take a fight with a fighter they thought had ANY possibility of beating Canelo.

      Part of the strategy is to take advantage of EVERY possibility, from fight date to venue to catch weight to glove size etc…they make demands and their victim fighter caves in because of the money involved. It’s worked so far, so they see no reason to change.

      • Wrong. I love reading the Canelo hate comments. So funny. Watching Smith in his last fight, he’s not that good. Probably offered 8mil. He’s an idiot.

      • Juan Valdez, I remember soon after Saul lost to Floyd he said he had learned a lot from that experience and would never give up so much. Now we know what that meant. They are following the Floyd mayweather blueprint.

    • What stipulations? Lol. Next day weigh in is the only stipulation they’ve ever put in. And that’s been discussed as a full rule change before. Canelo would beat this guy anyway. No question.

      • Anthony J, lets not forget the catch weights. They agree to fight at 168 but they cannot weigh in more than 165. That’s something canelo and his team do best.

        • It’s usually just been a pound or 2. He’s agreed to Cottos weight and Mayweather’s so he talks the talk. A couple other fights was when he was trying to move up and those were like 1-2 pounds. The 164 with Chavez was once again to even it up to make a super fight. Chavez was mostly a middleweight mostly anyways. Canelo is the main event in boxing and all these fighters put there matches on hold for this. Hearn has already said it’s a low ball. Canelo should’ve lost 1st fight with GGG, I’ll agree with that.

    • That’s not usually a possibility in big money fight contracts. Remember in AJ v Ruiz I. The location, purse and other terms for the rematch had to be agreed before the first fight could take place.

  • Chavez Jr.? A singer? He will hold the mic for five minutes and stop the show when his hand starts hurting.

  • If the fight took place Callum Smith would loose I’m pretty sure of it. Smith hasn’t fought anyone worth mentioning his whole career thus far. Canelo has the raw talent and experience, would walk away victorious. What Oscar needs to understand is that maybe money isn’t everything or that there was something in the clause he didn’t like. Calling someone an idiot for not taking a fight or deal he’s not comfortable with is an idiot.

  • Looks like the haters are proved wrong. Goes right after Smith. Smith is scared. He’s going to miss out like Ortiz did with Joshua. Love it!

  • Classic Canelo. He will always be remembered for low-balling in order to avoid opponents in their prime. Learned it from TBE who made him fight at 152 lbs ffs

  • Callum Smith is “an idiot” for not agreeing to melt himself down to a catch weight, agree to stay weak for a fight night weigh-in, and ODH gets to claim Smith’s kids on his taxes.
    No way Smith turns down a decent deal against Canelo. Def a winnable fight for Callum

  • They shld change the pay situation for these fighters. Doing it like the MMA world wld avoid all this crap. Here it is. 2 million each to show 23 million additional for the winner. That wld make both fighters train n fight harder. No doubt. Rest of the money raised goes to charity.. this wld help make these fights easier…IMO

  • Chavez jr to me seems like a joke. I guess he’s exploring all options out there and looking for opportunities to make money. The Chavez-Arce sparring session may be fun to watch.

  • Doesn’t matter who Canelo fights in Las Vegas. Every judge in Vegas is on Canelo’s and DHL’s nuts. Canelo could get knocked out in Vegas and still get the W somehow.

  • What are Julio Jr’s songs?

    1. Smoke it up.
    2. Light it up.
    3. No Mas Rap
    4. Mexican Pride – NOT !!

  • Think about it….if the promoter is calling the guy an idiot it’s because he’s not doing what “he” wants him to do. I.E. take this money which is likely less then what the fighter wants. Let alone rehydration clause (for his title), possible catch weights etc…this is to the promoter’s advantage. That’s what these guys do is flash some cash in front of a fighter hoping he’s gullible, desperate or stupid. If Smith wants to sell his title and join the ranks of Kovalev and Fielding, fine. If he decides to move in another direction that’s his choice. Obviously he’s making some good money at this point without selling his sole.

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