Beterbiev KOs Browne in bloodfest

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Photo: Bernard Brault/GYM

WBC and IBF light heavyweight world champion Artur Beterbiev (17-0, 17 KOs) continued his reign of terror in bloody fashion against “Sir” Marcus Browne (24-2, 16 KOs) on Friday night at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Southpaw Browne got off to a good start doing the stick and move against the stalking Beterbiev. Beterbiev and Browne were both cut in a fourth round head clash. Beterrbiev was covered in blood for the rest of the fight from a nasty gash on his forehead. The blood was a wake-up call for Beterbiev, who battered Browne at the end of round five and landed more good shots in round six. Beterbiev dropped Browne in round seven and put Browne down for the count in round nine with a liver shot. Time was :46.

“We win this fight,” said Beterbiev afterward. “This is another experience in my career. This is boxing. You never know what happens in boxing. I’m happy to get the win. I have two world titles. I am open to fighting the other champions in my division.

“I am happy I had the opportunity to give the great fans of Montreal a memorable championship fight.”

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Photo: Bernard Brault/GYM
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Saul Sanchez victorious again
Beterbiev-Browne undercard results

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  • Canelo will likely forget who Beterbiev is now that it’s confirmed he’s not shot. Good win for the Chechen

  • Great steady dominance by Artur. Browne wouldn’t even shake hands after the fight, acted like a little spoiled brat kid.

    • Browne’s one of those guys I take great pleasure in watching them get their asses kicked. I’m sure he was riding high the first two rounds thinking “I’ve got this…” Ha ha!

        • Totally disagree… Browne is a talented fighter and a legit contender at 175. He needs to work on being more elusive, as it feels like most of his defense is just trying to cover up and not get drilled. Unfortunately, when your cover up all the time, you’ll still eventually get cracked. But Browne moves well and puts punches together and would still beat a lot of other contenders.

  • I thought Browne might have more success early in the fight and stay with Beterbiev longer, but full credit to Artur…. Bivol just fought. He isn’t up to anything.

  • Bring on Canelo. Its the fight everyone wants if the pansy will take it and quits cherry picking.

    • Yes call out smaller fighters and call them pansy. Why doesn’t Beterbiev fight Bivol? Cause he probably gets outboxed

      • Beterbiev will not beat Canelo. Canelo beat top well known fighters his resume is better than any in Boxing today. Beterbiev hasn’t fought anyone. Browne was a nobody. The man is 36 and had only 17 fights and none were top contenders. He’s too inexperienced for a younger experienced fighter like Canelo. People say he fought no one and washed up champions, well you beat what’s in-front of you. He cleaned up the Super Middleweight division. Whoever wants to be champ has to go through him now, but there is noone at Super Middleweight or down that can beat Canelo. The only danger to Canelo is in a higher weight division which isn’t his natural weight. But I do not think Beterbiev can beat Canelo. All looks good when you fight a nobody but once you get in a ring against a world class opponent like Canelo all bets are off. Look what happened to Plant he got dominated and everyone said the same thing he’s too big and strong for Canelo but that wasn’t the case. It might seam easy looking in with an biased opinion but it ain’t.

  • Beterbiev looks slow ordinary but he is steady and effective. Like I always say is you have to make a puncher move on the back foot. You have to push them back. Easier said than done but this is how you beat those guys. Take them out of their comfort zone. Browne have him way too much respect and provided very little offense.

    • If a guy was dead-on accurate with his jab, especially a hard jab, he might give Beterbiev problems. He stands in front of his opponent and tries to make subtle movements to slip punches. Early on, Browne was able to get home, but just got broken down by the freakish power. That’s kinda how all of Beterbiev’s fights go… the opponent looks crisp early but he just beats the fight out of them.

  • Beterbiev really disappointed tonight! His punches lack snap, he’s slow and deliberate. While I am in NO WAY suggesting Canelo beats him, he’s not that impressive folks!

    • Borimex: i agree man. Ima get lots of dislikes but truth of the matter is Beterbiev is good, no doubt, BUT not seeing greatness..Hes complacent. Reminds me if a GGG. Always fights where he us safe. If he really wanted the challenge, he wld meet Benavidez or venture into cruiser and test waters there too.

      • Problem is that I don’t see Beterbiev as the kind of guy who has the stature to put a bunch of weight on. Cruiser would be +25 pounds, so it’s not like going from welterweight to junior middleweight. But I’d probably take him as a favorite over anyone 175 or below.

        • Idc who dislikes this comment but after watching Beterbiev fight this bum there is no way he beats Canelo.

  • In some ways Beterbiev’s style is pretty similar to Canelo’s. They rarely get hit with cleans shots. They start slow, allowing their opponents to box, win a couple of rounds, then before you know it, they ratchet up the pressure, score a knockdown, and another knockdown, then BAM! I’d love to see those two mix it up.

      • Beterbiev vs Canelo would be a fight of the ages for sure. Canelo can have the opportunity to silence his haters once and for all and Beterbiev can show that he’s the real deal by beating his first real world class fighter. My money is on Canelo though.

  • The way Browne quit, he should retire. Once you start quitting, no one will respect you in the ring. And they shouldn’t. Only cowards quit like Browne did.

    • He had the shit knocked out of him. At the point he stayed down, he had no chance of coming back and winning. That’s not a cowards way out, it was just an acknowledgement of the fact he was beaten. A lot of fighters would have been out of there far sooner. Had he tried to continue, I’d have thrown in the towel for him.

  • When is Beterbiev gonna step up? Stop fighting these hyped up taxi drivers.
    Joe Smith Jr in 2!

  • Beterbiev would have stopped Browne a lot earlier if he had started going to the body continually. His corner kept telling him to go to the body, then the head, but he was head hunting in the earlier rounds. Once he mixed body shots to set up the head shots, he started hurting Browne seriously.

    It seems even the most experienced fighters can be hard headed and disregard advice from their corners. He had so many opportunities to hit Browne to the body at the sides and up the middle during the early rounds that I began yelling at the TV screen for him to do so. Unfortunately, he kept going after the head and missing a lot.

    Beterbiev looked like a juggernaut once he started letting his hands go to body and head. Many of his shots are short but effective and he can put them in combination once he warms to the task.

    A good win for Beterbiev. I don’t think Canelo would ever get anywhere near him in the future.

    • yup the goal is always to go to the body. Artur takes his time and like MANY fighters sometimes it takes a few to get everything in sync with each other and/but once it does then all is good.

  • I don´t know man and maam´s. .I`m not sold even
    that he remind me of terminator who has send the earth to destroy everybody..
    You “cannot” KO him and get him to lose his stamina..
    That style just scream´s a opponent who has the speed, great movement, super timing and who has the experience to stay focused at all 12 rounds and get all the points needed.
    Dmitry Bivol has all that,but is it enough?
    GGG would be another crushing terminator what i would pay to see.
    Who can save us for that destroyer from Russia??

  • Artur Beterbiev is quite slow, a bit clumsy, not skilled like a world class boxer is, but will beat world class boxers. He will be avoided because of what he has, an iron will, tough and relentless.

  • Another win against one more journeyman… Just to keep “0” in the record? Running from Bivol, GGG, Usik or even Kovalev is not a way to be really admired…

    • Dude, he’s 50 pounds less than Usyk. That’s like saying Inoue is running from Canelo. Now Bivol? That’s a fight that needs to get made.

  • Not every boxer can be fast & slick like Floyd, but Beterbiev makes up for it in other areas. The type of fighter who could beat Beterbiev would be someone like a Michael Spinks; who was awkward with devastating power.

  • I think Beterbiev is starting to slip a tad. Noticed openings and he could not get off. Taking longer to warm up. He had more snap early in his career. Seemed a hair bit lethargic. I loved watching this guy from his first fight. He should have had a lot more fights for a guy 36 yrs old. Shame. He really is a power house with short concise explosive power. Bivol could give him fits if he fights like he did tonight. Still, it is hard to take what he dishes out for 12 rds.

  • I was entertained, a bit more than the Bivol fight last weekend. I would prefer to see them unify before a Canelo fight.

  • i think canelo is using the cruiserweight fight as a training technique to get up to light heavyweight on his own schedule, and i think he’ll want beterbeiv by end of next year or early 2023… although i’d rather see that fight sooner, too… but he’s too small to really hang at cruiser, and he’s not coming back to 168 after that, so light heavy is where i think he is planning to end up… benavidez will come up, he’ll have zurdo… he’s just using cruiserweight (if he even goes through with it) to bulk up and get comfortable at light heavy

  • Well, I’m sure that Clenela will bee more than motivated to fight Beterbiev since that would be the biggest payday north of 168. LOL! I’m just kidding.

  • I don’t know guys. Beterbiev is a robot. He is big, strong and tough but his skills are not that impressive. Canelo could beat him.


  • Why would Canelo fight Beterbiev? High risk for small purse. Canelo may fight Bivol if the money is right and there is no risk Canelo gets KO’d. Bivol can outbox Canelo and squeek buy

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