Bivol defeats Canelo

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

By Miguel Maravilla at ringside

WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol (20-0, 11 KOs) successfully defended his title with a twelve round unanimous decision over Canelo Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) on Saturday night at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. Canelo mostly pressed the action, but Bivol, a good ring technician, often outboxed and frustrated Canelo. Scores were 115-113 3x.

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Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Bivol out-landed Canelo 152-84, out-threw him 710-495, and had a higher comment percentage 21%-17%

The bout began with Bivol pumping the jab and Canelo throwing the chopping right hands, Alvarez stalked as Bivol kept busy in the opening round. Canelo stayed close in round two as Bivol fought off a compact defense throwing straight as Alvarez showed flash threw and connected from different angles. In round three, Canelo kept the pace and landed inside with combinations, Bivol continued to fight off the jab and finished the round with Canelo pinned up as the Mexican began to show some flash off the ropes. Canelo connected with a solid right hand early in the fourth, Bivol had Canelo on the ropes, but Alvarez managed his way out and later connected Bivol with a huge uppercut.

Bivol had his moment in the fifth as he had Canelo pinned up against the ropes and unleashed a combination, but Alvarez appeared to be doing the rope a dope. In the sixth, Bivol worked the jab and Canelo looked to counter off the ropes but was limited, later in the round Bivol backed Canelo. Past the halfway mark in the seventh, the jab was effective for Bivol as he continued to back Canelo but the Mexican kept working his way inside with power shots but the champ appeared to outwork Canelo. Coming out firing in the eighth, Bivol let his hands go as he had Canelo up against the ropes wailing away, the Mexican superstar appeared to have no answer for Bivol work output as the champ just worked and outhustled Canelo

The ninth round saw Bivol neutralize Canelo landing the jab and outworking him as Alvarez appeared limited and sluggish. Late in the fight in the tenth, Bivol kept coming as Canelo appeared to be frustrated as he was throwing everything at the champ. In the championship rounds, Bivol backed Canelo to the ropes in the eleventh as the Mexican superstar appeared to have now answer for Bivol’s will. The twelfth and final round saw Canelo sensing the urgency looking for the knockout as Bivol boxed and kept pumping the jab.

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Bivol needed the 12th round to get the win
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  • Well.Even judges couldn’ help this time. Bivol was amazing.

    • I had it 8-4 for Bivol. 7-5 was way too close. Bivol outclassed Canelo.
      The surprise is that some people are surprised with the result. Anyone who follows boxing closely knows what a great fighter Bivol is.

      • Anyone who knows boxing know Canelo ALWAYS fatigues in round 8 and he doesn’t do well against disciplined masterful boxers.

    • If Bivol won 9 rounds it would have been a draw. Thank God for his sake and anyone who bet him, he won 10.

    • They tried. There heart just couldn’t allow then too but it was hard

  • Wow. Kudos to Bivol. That certainly was a result I didn’t expect.

    • I predicted Bivol on a split decision. Yet, Bivol was much better than a split decision.

      • I’ve said many times Bivol is the only person who can beat Canelo. As a Canelo fan I wasn’t happy when he took the bout.

      • Yeah, the odds coming into this fight were insane. They opened at like over 3-1, and a lot of dumb money moved them to over 5-1. Have to wonder if these judges accounted for some of that dumb money haha.

  • Kudos to Bivol. That certainly was a result I didn’t expect.

    • Me & you were the only ones who called this easy for Bivol. Too bad the judges will make this a close fight in the history books. 118-110 is the ONLY correct score.

      • Chris called it from the get go. He even respected Canelo for taking the fight lol. I had it 9-3 Bivol. There’s no way Canelo should have been the favorite. People need to be real. A good big man always beats a good smaller man. That jab is spot on too.

    • Bivol won fight easy but if you look at scores you would think fight was competitive.

  • Fightnews’ article and the scores tell us all we need to know about the state of this former sport. Bivol won this fight tonight by scores of 118-110 from any intelligent and non-partisan observer who understands the criteria for scoring boxing contests. Me and Kurt Gaskins were the only ones who called this. We both said Bivol easy. The judges almost helped Conelo, but the beating was too 1 sided. Conelo’s face was turned into the mexican tacos he cheats, er- I mean eats. Lol

  • Those of us who know boxing picked Bivol as the Canelo hype train was getting out of control and he got beat by a great cold blooded fighter who didn’t fold and believed in his skills! The real result was round 10-2 Bivol

    • Absolutely right. You have a plodder who has great eyes, power and counters trying to slowly walk down a much longer sharp shooter with great range and ability to get in and out with footwork that is there all 12 rounds. But instead of Canelo walking him down he walked into shots all night.

      Canelo would have done better had he developed a different style over the years where he had a more Mexican style broken rhythm and constant head movement. But because he is calm in the pocket, his eyes are so good and his d was good he never had to rely on those things, he could just plod forward and pick of shots and rip counters. It worked for his whole career but for Bivol he could’ve really used those extra tools to keep Bivol from drawing a bead on him.

  • They disrespected Bivol by not playing the Russian national anthem. How pathetic!

    • They didn’t pay it due to the ongoing war and he knew they wouldn’t play it in advance

      • It’s a stupid excuse on the promotions part. However, Bivol was not affected and simply handled his business like an adult.

    • They didnt also announce his home country of Russia, like he was some villian

    • That was pathetic. Another example of virtue signaling in an area it has no place in. The entire program and presentation were disrespectful towards the defending champion, which makes the victory even better. I hope Vegas is still crying.

      • You’re spot on. The virtue signaling is cringy and I didn’t see anyone not playing the American flag when we bombed Iraq over weapons of mass destruction that they never had.

    • why should the have played it? Russia is the ONLY country in history to be banned from the Olympics for drug cheating so ffuck them

      • Yes, Russia – the current thing – is obviously the only imperfect country in the world, thank God all other countries are flawless and beyond criticism.

  • It really pissed me off that I pay to subscribe to a network, pay an extra $60 for this card and instead of hearing the corner in-between rounds I have to watch commercials. That being said, Canelo took a beating tonight. I’ll give him this, he’s got a granite chin.

    • You do realize Bivol isn’t really much of a puncher? Do people like you even understand what you are watching?

      • its called boxing not punching … a little respect for others participating with comments

        • What was wrong with what he said I took it as Bivol doesn’t have a good punch

      • People did not think that eating all that steak would help sturdy your neck to absorb shots from a person who is naturally 2 weight divisions bigger.

      • Ok stud, let us know how your sparring goes with mr pillow hands.

    • DAZN has not been the moneymaker they thought, and honestly if you look at trends, you shouldn’t be surprised. Boxing viewership has been on a downward slide for a while, and it’s at a point now where joke YouTube fights sell more than big fights. The YouTube fighters have greatly outsold any of the Wilder-Fury fights. When the heavyweight championship of the world can’t crack a million buys, it’s not really a sport worth investing in. You can invest in talent as there is money to be made by certain fighters at the high levels, but you don’t want to invest in the sport as a whole.

  • Back to back weekends of previously PED positive pugilists, whom lose decisions to better men.
    First the fighters [ and Boxiana ] needed these wins. ©️Coach Hilario 2022

    • you do know Russia is the land of the biggest and best PED cheating bastards in history dont you?

    • Yup. If you watched him before he fought the style he always uses. Dude is legit and he’s undefeated for a reason and that reason isn’t because of padded fights given by greedy promoters like many others.

  • like a script. Bivol was perfect in buildup, execution and after interview. He was flawless and the World needed this. Canola was perfect in buildup, flawed execution and great interview. Oh and he has a hot wife.

    • Kurtis keep this forum about boxing and not about how a boxers wife looks! I bet you put on the same style thong that she does.. Nuff said

      • Kurtis was expressing his liking of a hot woman, you talked about a man in a thong. Nuff said

  • Canelo got his ass handed to him ,hes lucky if he won 2 rds ,pathetic judging but they got it right.

    • They got the decision right but 115-113…really??? If Bivol knocked down Alvarez 4 times the result of fight would have a ND.


  • No shame in that loss. Right away from the first round it looked like Saul was going to have problems. He was never able to figure it out.

    • He listened to the people around him telling him “Ramses is the best” & fell for it. Dude even wanted to fight Usyks. He drank the koolaide.

  • I don’t know why anyone is surprised . Bivol is just too big. Bivol looked like he probably weighed around 190 tonight. The only thing I am surprised at is that Bivol could not hurt Canelo or at least drop him. Canelo needs to stay at 160-168. 175 is too much for his frame

    • Canelo has a granite chin. Bivol stunned him a few times!

    • Excuses excuses excuses no weight issue, when he beat a depleted Kovalev he got all the credit. Canelo is bigger than people think just because you lose more weight to fight in the smaller weight classes doesn’t mean you’re small. He’s been talking about going to heavyweight to fight Usyk so miss me with the size stuff and he spars Frank Sanchez regularly he’s a ranked heavyweight.

      • Ace, I’m sorry, but Bivol is the much larger man. Canelo’s win vs Kovalev had more to do with where Kovalev was in his career. Once an egg is cracked, it often stays that way. Bivol is just now coming into his prime. As special as Canelo is, 175 is a bridge too far.

        Btw, sparring a Heavyweight doesn’t mean you can beat a Heavyweight. Talk of a Usyk match was insane. I thought 175 might be doable, but knew Bivol was live and always thought Beterbiev would be too strong. However, if Canelo used his legs, then it was possible. Now, I think he’d be better served staying at 168.

        • You’re right. The Usyk talk was a bridge too far and that’s when I knew he was buying the talk the yes men around him were peddling.

      • He has trouble with bigger guys, he was losing to depleted Kovalev. A younger Kovalev would have beat him.

    • Bivol def hurt Canelo.
      Bivol’s style though is to not really plant his feet for K.o. shots but I think if there’s a rematch we may see him plant them more and go for the knockout.

  • Didnt see many body shots from Canelo. Maybe because of Bivols mastery of range. I didn’t expect that. His defense impressed me. Kudus to Bivol. For Canelo you win some and you lose some. Don’t want a rematch. Want to see him with Benevidez. That’s a more entertaining fight. Want to see Bivol against Beterbiev. I give Canelo credit for fighting Bivol. Was a good challenge

    • Exactly. Hard to stay in there against a dude that peppers you and gets out of range before you get your feet back under you to punch.

  • Top performance by Bivol. Ridicolous judges scoring 2 point of difference rather than 4 or 5. In case of rematch I don’t see different outcome. CA not a light heavy.

  • Not impressed with Bivol, didn’t really engage much when Canelo pressed the action, boring fight, Canelo just wanted the knockout didn’t even use the Jab, he abandoned his boxing skills looking for Ko.

    • Hahah you’re a joke dude. Bivoltook away everything Canelo wanted to do. He was countering Canelo with ease and WORKED him the entire night. Not impressed….. get the fuck out of here. Bivol fought a nearly flawless fight!!!

    • Canelo only looks good against fighters tailor made for him, Plant was a good boxer but he lacked power. Bicol had enough power to make Canelo think twice when he did attack, and BigO why would he trade when he was in complete control?

      • Because BigO is a clumsy canela groupie who thinks boxing is like Rock’em sock’em robots. He also thinks anybody would care if he’s impressed, or not. We don’t.

    • I guess a Big O was not had tonight while watching Canela fight.

    • Hard to land a jab on something that isn’t there dude. And as far as Bivol not engaging when Canelo pressed, does a bull fighter fight when the bull is coming or does he make the bull miss and shank him on the way out?

      Answer that and you may start to understand what happened and why.

  • Feel like Bivol got robbed with out losing 115-113? I had it 9-3 SMH

    • Are you Tyrone Biggums ?! I’m sure you wouldn’t have stolen that ugly ass car lol !

  • Well,the old saying of a good big’un beats a good little’un was spot on for this fight.
    I was doubtful that Bivol would be given a decision in Vegas on Cinco de Mayo weekend but thankfully they didn’t rob him but……
    It was so much wider than that and close to a total shut out.
    Bivol dominated Canelo.
    It was a boxing masterclass from Bivol who didn’t put a foot wrong all fight .
    His quick counter left hook to the head while Canelo was throwing his right to the body was a thing of beauty.
    Canelo ran out of ideas fairly early on..he knew he couldn’t beat Bivol for speed or power or ring smarts and it showed .
    This was no past his prime Kovalev tonight,this was a genuine great light heavy who made it look pretty easy in the end.
    If they do have the rematch, yes Canelo might improve on tonight a bit but I see it going the same way and possibly Bivol even stopping Canelo.

  • Wow…great job by Bivol!!!

    Bivol stayed disciplined with his defense, distance, jabs and calm spirit. Bivol also threw long combination punches, and his counterpunches were solid because Canelo was unable to keep up his hands on defense. 115-113 was too close for my scoring taste.

    I believe Canelo (to my shock) neglected body punching early because he was trying too hard to land head shots on Bivol’s tight defense. Canelo threw some nice uppercuts, but Bivol adjusted to minimize those uppercuts.

    I prefer to see Canelo fight Benavidez (after Benavidez’s next fight) at 168 or GGG at 168. However, it appears Canelo may look for a rematch with Bivol; but I really do not see Canelo dealing with Bivol’s style, size and tight defense (in rematch). In addition, Bivol will even feel more comfortable in the rematch.

    We will see what is Canelo’s next move (168/yep or 175/nope).

  • Good fight and great win for Bivol. These are the types of fights that no matter how good you are, one fighter has your number. I had Bivol winning by a wider margin and based on style and experience I’ll bet Bidol wins the trilogy.

  • I’m glad this happened. Hope there is no rematch. Canelo belongs at 168 and Bivol is a solid fighter but isn’t entertaining to me. Give me Bivol Beterbiev and Canelo Bevevidez. Nothing wrong with losing fights. Remember when Azumuh Nelson lost to Salvador Sanchez? He has a great career afterwards. It’s how you come back. I miss the old days.

  • I respect Canelo for giving us fights fans what we want to see and taking chances it ain’t about an 0 in the lost column it who u fought unlike the guy who made us wait 10years to fight Pac-Man y’all fight fans know who I’am talking about but respect to Canelo if he gone ahead and fight GGG in September I want be mad and fight Bivol in 2023

    • i agree with this…i`m not going to dog canelo for taking a chance fighting a full blown 175 lb master boxer who had a 268-15 amateur record…..when i saw the odds i was stunned …

      hats off to canelo…whether he was full of himself or just decided to test himself,i appreciate him putting himself of the line…so many don`t…

    • The fight was delayed because Pacquaio refused Olympic style drug testing and that’s FACTS!!!!

  • This guy has always been over rated , catch weights, re- hydration clauses…………

    • Right lol these motherfuckers thought that Bivol was weaker than Beterbiev ! They picked the wrong guy this time, like in the first GGG fight but couldn’t rob Bivol like they did to Gennady..
      A younger Gennady like 34 would’ve knockout Canelo easily..

  • Canelo should clean 160 and 168 and call it a day. No sense in looking to fight these big guys, especially this one with too many skillsets.

  • So many people on here saying they picked Bivol.I didn’t think he would win a decision. Fuck all you people posting shit after the fact. I was wrong. None of you people were here last week predicting Bivol. Clowns

    • You are wrong, some of us predicted Bivol like me but we were scared of another robbery like against GGG. If the fight would’ve been a little closer they would’ve robbed Bivol..

    • The experts didn’t pick Bivol. Many fight fans thought Canelo would be in a tough fight against Bivol. If there is a rematch, Canelo gets knocked out.

  • good big man always beats a good little man
    pretty obvious Bivol was much more effective than all the other tall fighters Canelo has faced probably lose the rematch

  • Canelo just did not look the same ….at this weight..timing horrible…speed, power and footwork not in sync…just winging shots, looked exhausted..hurt at times….basically a ” No Mas” just finishing the fight with a quiet surrender…It was obvious Canelo tasted Bivol power ….Canelo realized that he would be countered with quick slick boxing and a mix of power shots.Canelo decided not to open up..Face it..He quit..Champions take chances.,remember Pernell Whitaker vs Hurtado… difference though Whitaker was countered by Hurtado and knocked down twice a great champion.Whitaker took chances…let his punches go..and got the KO..the mark of greatness… Bivol was slick and countered Canelo’s loaded punches with quick combinations.and power… Some Credit to Canelo for taking the fight and reaching for greatness…yes they are bigger guys that punched harder…yes you may get hurt and even knocked down…take a page from Ray Leonard vs Donny be considered great…you cannot be afraid to go out on your shield to get the win……

  • Benividez said Bivol only has 1, 2 punch but with his size he used his size to take Canelo’s best and tire him out.

  • its time for canelo to retire there is nothing more he can do for mexico, mexico got defeated badly, please no rematch bivol betting odds will be -5 million RIP

  • Bivol won this easy, I had it 9-3. Terrible scorecards from the judges. To show how bad these cards were, Bivol had to win the last 3 rounds to get a 7-5 victory, meaning he was down 5-4 after 9. What a disgrace!

    • There was a stubborn effort from the announcers and the cast production to make it appear as if canelo was doing well. The corner was imploring canelo to change tactics and advising that he was in trouble, yet not translation was made. The broadcast team kept mentioning that canelo needed the twelve round to win the fight. LOL!!!

      • The broadcast team said he needed a knockdown (at least) in the 12th. He didn’t win the 12th. The broadcast team expressed the opinion that Bivol won before the announcement.

  • After decades of watching fights, biggest shock was the judges giving it to the winner. Not the person who fills the seats. Some justice tonight.

  • This was no surprise. Canelo is a blowed up 154 pounder. He beat Kovalev at 175 but he was shot physically and mentally so that doesn’t prove that he belongs or can compete with the best in the division. After the last fight with GGG he had been cashing out fighting C level fighters. Bivol is a live and fresh 175. Canelo drank his own Kool-aid thinking he could not only compete but beat a good 175 pounder. He had false confidence. He should have fought Andrade or Charlo but thinking he will win against a less skilled bigger fighter he was sadly mistaken. If he rematch Bivol, he will get stopped for the first time in his career. He should drop the weight slowly, the right way and compete at 160. Real knowledgeable boxing brains weren’t surprised by the result. The ones that were. “You don’t know about about boxing” Floyd Sr. No Cinco De Mayo celebration today.

    • Agree with you that Canelo ” drank his own Kool aid” totally agree about taking the weight off carefully…giving his body time to adjust properly before his next fight in a lower weight class..

  • well,vegas was trying to steal it for canelo(or at least get him a bogus draw)…all he had to do was win the 12th…….thank god that didn`t happen…that would`ve given boxing yet another black eye……it was obvious who won the fight……thankfully the money men didn`t ruin it for everyone…

    • Those judges were doing everything they could to give him the fight. 115-113 is far too tight a score. I could see if maybe one judge had it that tight, but every single one? That’s not an accident.

      They all gave him the first 4 rounds. That was completely unwarranted, and builds almost an unsurmountable lead. Just because they got the right winner doesn’t mean they should be let off the hook. They were horribly biased. I mean how much should you have to dominate a guy just to get a fair shake??

  • I give Canelo credit for moving up & taking a chance against a naturally bigger fighter. This is why Marvin Hagler never moved up to fight Michael Spinks. Even the great Sugar Ray Robinson got beat when he moved up to challenge light heavyweight champion Joey Maxim.

    • Boxing “experts” back then said that the heat, not Maxim, that made Ray not come out for the 15th round. (I think it was the 15th) Ray was leading, but the heat was the same for Joey as it was Sugar Ray. Sugar melted and Maxim won the fight.

    • Yeah but sugar ray was winning the fight till the heat got to him it was 120 in the Stadium

  • I will say often the judges will get a decision right and poor ringside scoring will bias fans into thinking it was a bad decision. However, these judges were clearly trying to give Canelo this fight. They all gave him the first 4 rounds of the fight. As the fight wore on, and it was clearer and clearer that a Canelo decision would not be acceptable, they basically gave Bivol the rest of the rounds playing catch up.

    They shouldn’t be let off the hook just because they got the right winner. The likelihood that an unbiased sample of 3 people saw this fight so close is nil. Had only a couple rounds been a bit closer they would have robbed Bivol.

    He dominated that fight. They were doing everything they could within reason to give the decision to Canelo.

  • WOOOOOOO!!!!!! What a fight and what a great performance by Bivol!!! THANK YOU for giving us a one sided beat down of the money train!!! Side note… did anyone else notice the absolute row of babes sitting ringside all night??? High class escorts for sure, but it was great to look at while Canelo was getting battered around the ring!

  • Alvarez is just too small for Light Heavyweight and was found out here.

    168lbs seems the absolute limit for him physically, well timed Kovalev bout notwithstanding ( Post tough Yarde fight with a purse Kovalev could not resist )

    I agree with a comment here. If you know boxing ? Then you knew that this was a tough fight for Alvarez………. All and sundry were expecting an effortless knockout for Alvarez……………… Not a chance !!!

    The decision needs looking at also but it probably won’t be. This was pretty much a shutout, give or take a round, maybe two.

    There is a rematch clause which Alvarez said post fight, in the ring he will enforce.

    Cannot see any difference in result should there be a rematch.

    A good big’n will usually beat a good Little’n

  • prediction:now, the other way around, Bivol is going down to 168 to challenge Canelo .

  • Canelo’s performance shows why boxers shouldn’t lift weights. Canelo looked like a gassed weightlifter.

  • This is funny phenomenom that some Canelo “haters” are declarating how they did know the winner year ago.Like they have won something themselves and are now flexing their own muscles here like kings : D Funny.. I had the same opinion yes but when the weigh in was done i did not put my bet`s like i said on Bivol simply for that reason that i did not find my cojones to bet big time simply because it`s..Canelo. I did leave only one beer bet on.
    Ok Bivol got his great victory gongrats for him but i still hope the GGG fight is on for Canelo. That will still be a big fight to watch.
    Canelo , for all you haters , still has done biggest favour to the world of boxing for fighting with out fear in different weigh classes.
    If you dont respect that the shame is on you..
    The loss was no biggie and the march goes on.
    Gongrats to Canelo haters too because you have carried a lot of hate for your shoulders for years and now you can finally (after all these years waiting) be free and happy and enjoy your existence again.
    Great fight and rematch is not necessary because Bivol is just too much.
    GGG next

    • Canelo bragged about being great!!! He was arrogant …instead of humble about chasing greatness…..public had high expectations….of course Canelo is a good fighter …just not in the class of great lighter weight champions that won light heavyweight belts…i.e. Roy Jones, Ray Leonard, Toney, etc

      • Don’t forget Hearns.and Hopkins..After that performance, Do you see Canelo beating any of those great champions?

  • I have 9:3 (117:111) Bivol win
    After 4 rounds each fighter won 2 rounds-So the I would give score 2:2. Then till 9 round Bivol won the rest 4. Canelo won 9th round and lost 10-12 rounds.

  • Canelo’s team did him no favors matching him with Bivol. As strong as Canelo is he is no Light Heavyweight. He should’ve never went back up to Light Heavy. He struggled mightily against a washed up Kovalev last time there:

  • Bivol neutralized Canelo in this fight, connecting the jab and outworking him while Alvarez seemed constrained and lethargic. Bivol backed Canelo to the ropes a couple of times , as the Mexican looked to have no response for Bivol’s determination. Bivol kept coming as Canelo seemed furious, throwing everything at the champ. In the end Bivol outlanded Canelo and had a higher connect percentage as well. / James

  • .Canelo always receiving advantages from the judges. Just like when Miguel Cotto, a way much smaller fighter than Canelo, outboxed him and they gifted the fight to Canelo. This was almost a shut out and the judges made it looked so close, like it was competitive at all.

  • HAHAHA the irony of Canelo setting up Valdez to fight a slick boxer he didn’t want to fight in the first place and a week or two later Canelo gets caught in the same situation. I’m glad the right guy got the decision. Bivol earned it.

  • Ok Canelo fans where the hell are you? You were crawling all over this site like roaches and now you’re nowhere to be found. What do you have to say about your guy getting on Mexican media and making excuses why he lost and even saying that he didn’t lose? Canelo really shows his classless side when he loses.

  • All I know is show me the money the odds where great had to cash in !!! Wow I’m rich b….!!!!!

  • Moving up in weight is no joke. The only reason Canelo was able to beat Kovalev at 175 is because Kovi was already in the process of becoming a shot fighter. Bivol is an entirely different animal.

    This doesn’t mean Canelo is a “hype job” as a lot of haters will be saying, though he should stay between 160-168. I give Canelo respect for taking the fight and pursuing greatness. All the greats in history fought other greats and lost and came back. What matters is they weren’t afraid to lose.

    With a few exceptions, all the greatest boxers in history had numerous losses on their records.

    • You don’t get “respect” for dodging challenges. He obviously saw something in Bivol that he thought he could expose and the shit backfired on him lol. Youu said he saw that Kovalev was “shot” so he exploited the situation. Another example, he didn’t fight Benevidez for his WBC title. When Benevidez lost the title due to cocaine Canelo suddenly became interested in the title. Some people are “haters” and some people just spit out facts. Like you said, he exploited a situation with Kovalev and obviously saw something in Bivol that made him think he could do the same. Nobody is a “hater” if they’re urging him to take his ass back down to 154-168 and take on his real challengers. If these guys are so easy then clean the division up.

  • If the highlights that i just watched are any indication of the fight itself, Canelo was gifted a worthy loss at 115-113. I’ll have to watch the actual fight, but this looks like it should have been a near shut out for Bivol. Good for him. Canelo needs to stay at a comfortable weight. 160-168 should be good for him.

  • This makes me happy!! Fairness prevailed, for once. Props to bivol! Awesome. Slick. Pressure!!

  • Bivol almost get robbed by ref.,at least he should won 5 points

  • I told everyone on multiple sites including this one Bivol is the only one who can beat Canelo. Awesome for Canelo taking the bout against the best. Can’t believe so many underrated this guy. He’s a master class boxer. He’s absolutely perfect.

  • Congratulations Bivol. Bivol fought his usual fight with no major adjustments. I was surprised at how effective his jab was. This was a case of a good big man beating a good smaller man.

    I love a good market disruptor. There’s a running joke about being down 4-0 against Canelo before the fight starts and the judges once again proved the theory right.

    I had the fight 118-110. The first round canelo, along with whatever round he threw an uppercut at the bell with Bivol on the ropes because of the judging.

    115-113 is a disgusting scorecard. The only reason that these scores were handed in is to argue for a rematch. You don’t get one when it’s a one sided schooling.

    The best part is that no one was seriously hurt allowing them to continue making well deserved millions for the risk they take to entertain us.

  • While I was shocked not knowing much about Bivol, he obviously won. I’m a bit disappointed in the way Alvarez handled it hopefully, he’ll watch the fight more objectively. Bivol did some great things in that fight, I think we saw the emergence of a very special fighter.

  • Camelo is no Sugar Ray he only has a very limited plan of boxing . That is a lucky punch just like the bronze Bommer and when they come across a creative boxer they either becomes frustrated or neutralized . A great boxer must have the ability to quickly change the dynamic of fight as the see feet. I believe Camelot style needs to be improved moor the ever now that he has been beaten twice. Any smart boxers out there who can read Conelo’s simple style of boxing will easily defeating him.

  • Bering on the “thumbs down” but I don’t think the scoring was outrageous.

    I had Canelo winning rounds 1,2 and 4, so even after 6. I had Canelo win the 9th, so that is 8-4, but some of the rounds were difficult to score. Canelo landed some big shots, but Bivol was busier with the jab. Bivol didn’t get Canelo on the ropes every round, which is what caused me to give him rounds.

    The difference between my unofficial score and the three judges was one round.

    Yes, if all three judges gave Canelo the 12th it would have been a draw, but that is a BIG “IF” because by that point in the fight, Canelo was pretty gassed and entirely frustrated and was no where near winning the 12th.

    The right fighter won.

  • Interesting, though..on this site …in the comments …race was a big issue…last week when Shakur ….who is black ….beat a plodding limited Valdez who is Mexican…many comments were based on boring slick black boxers not wanting to engage with Mexican fighters….fast forward a week later….we see another plodding somewhat limited fighter…ironically from the same camp…get beat by a Bivol…who is not black…Bivol was labeled as smart, discipline, can argue that Bivol fought the same fight as Shakur…

  • I’ve been reluctant to comment because so much of what I would say has been captured in the comments. But, this is a fantastic result for boxing. This bloke has held us all hostage with his claims on one of the best P4P. I absolutely think he is juicing. I’ve watched a lot of boxing and the bloke walking down people like he has (which isn’t often seen) is absolute crap. You do that when you have juice in your veins. He has forgotten skill for power because he has developed his style on the back of fake confidence from drugs. Many are invincible on drugs. He’s a fraud. Sorry!

  • I’m feeling you on that. Canelo took a beating. And can take a beat and give one you feel me.

  • The superstar of mexico has his next fight coming.we will see Mr canelo at action.and enjoy the fighter that he is.

  • Canelo has been caught juicing in the past, what was the excuse, “Mexican Beef.”

    Bivol clearly won this fight, out boxed, and smarted Canelo. I had Bivol clearly winning 8 rounds, with 1 even and 3 round to Canelo (117 – 112 Bivol). The commentators praised the Judges on their experience, the final score cards did not reflect honest scoring.

    Canelo is delusional if he thinks he won this fight. This is all part of the juicing, can’t rationalize whats the truth and what isn’t…

    Bivol by Knock-out if the rematch happens.

  • Bivol is a total class act. Very poised & professional.

  • I respect Canelo for taking this fight and taking the risks. Bivol was too much for him. He used his strong jab masterfully. He used a nice one-two all night long. Bivols footwork gave Canelo problems all night. Canelo was expecting to stay and slug it out. Bivol boxed him nicely. I thought Bivol could have knocked out Canelo in the eleventh round. He chose to ease up on him. Canelo felt Bivol’s power and that kept him from coming in. I would not fight Bivol again if I were Canelo. I had it 9-3 rounds for Bivol.

  • I don’t think Alvarez has the power at 175. He Bivol with shot that would knocked out 160 pounder and a lot of 168 pounder. I just think 175 is too much for him.

  • Bivol was a monster for Canelo. I am a Canelo fan but this time Saul was no match for a larger man that did not get caught up in the hype of Canelo. It will be the very same outcome though.

  • Luckily the right man won, but all 3 of those judges need to be investigated. How on Earth do you give the first 4 rds to Canelo?? I had alot of money riding on Bivol and when they announced those cards my first thought was my God they are going to rob this poor guy. The only reason Bivol was a 4-1 underdog is because nobody knew how good he was except us true boxing fans. Betting opportunities like this dont come around too often where a true boxing fan can separate hype from reality. Dont get me wrong, Canelo is an amazing boxer but Bivol is an elite, he is a master chess player. Look what he did to Joe Smith who is an absolute beast!

  • >