Berlanga inks with Matchroom; targets Canelo

WBO #4, IBF #6 super middleweight Edgar Berlanga has signed a multi-fight deal with Eddie Hearn and Matchroom. Berlanga (20-0 16 KOs) shot to fame with 16 straight first round KOs from his debut in June 2016 to December 2020, and he landed his first pro title in October 2021 picking up the vacant NABO belt. He will return to the ring this summer.

“I’m looking for the big fights and I know signing with Matchroom was the right choice to get me to where I want to go,” said Berlanga. “I’m humbled by this opportunity, and I will dedicate myself into becoming the best 168 pounder in the world. My main goal is to land the Canelo fight and renew the greatest rivalry in boxing – Mexico vs Puerto Rico.”

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  • He has a ton of work to do (and probably doesn’t have a lot of time to do it in) to make himself an attractive opponent for Canelo. I wonder if Hearn would make Berlanga – Pacheco anytime soon or if Daniel Jacobs might get the fight; but last I heard Berlanga said he wanted Spike O’Sullivan.

    • Poor Spike… he takes a lot of beatings. That said..he has had many opportunities due to that one win over Douglas! He might do ok with Berlanga…but it looks like he is again being used to make someone else look good.

      • It seems like such an unusual fight to ask for though Pete. It’s basically saying that he wants an opportunity to look good against an opponent with a name – and Spike’s 38 years old.

        • I hear you Lucie….plus if he ends up in a competitive fight with him and does not stop him it is not a good look. If he blows him out that is good but nothing that others including a retired Lemieux have not done. So there really is not that much of an upside. The problem is who do they give him that gets him to Canelo….Eddie is going to have tread very carefully.

          • I would think Jacobs would have to be in there (and I think Berlanga and Jacobs actually have the same manager) then…. I guess you start looking at non PBC affiliated super middleweights like Mbilli (I think Mbilli beats Berlanga), Bazinyan and Sadjo – maybe even John Ryder after, presumably, Canelo beats him.
            MAYBE Munguia as well?? Top Rank wanted him to fight Jesse Hart at one point, that’d be a good fight imo.

            And thinking about Spike, he’s 38 and in his last fight he got dominated and stopped by Lara. I know Lara’s really good, but he’s even older at 39 and he’s a middleweight who spent his best years at jr middle. It just doesn’t look good for Berlanga to be talking about fighting him.

          • Initially thought he would go Golden Boy for the Munguia path but when I saw him in Serrano’s entourage I had a feeling Matchroom might get him! Maybe he is the real boxer they should put in with Jake Paul! If they could agree on a weight I think Hearn could make the match. I know some may think that is a stupid idea but I think it might sell.

          • I think Mbilli beats Berlanga also, I could see him out hustling and out working Berlanga on the inside, possibly even knocking him out. I don’t think he could handle Mbilli’s pressure.

    • Berlanga reminds me of wilder..Looks like the hardest puncher of all time VS walking punchbags, then looks totally mediocre against anyone who can fight.

    • Spike O’Sullivan and his mustache would be the perfect opponent for Berlanga if his mere goal is to get back into the 1st rd KO column, but will do nothing to improve his standing in the division. It might serve as a confidence booster for him, then he can target stiffer comp. Would he fight fellow Brooklynite and Andre Rozier protege’ Danny Jacobs?

      • Yeah Kris. Seems and odd opponent request for him when he says he left TopRank because they were trying to hold him back… he wanted to fight big names, like Spike O’Sullivan.

  • It’s a decent route to go as he will be able to make several other matchups happen with Hearn as the promoter. Canelo isn’t happening anytime soon though.

  • I wanna see this guy vs the best, he’s a challenge for anyone and very likely a future champ if he can maintain a serious work ethic.

  • Fought and knocked out 16 guys who barely had a pulse and once they moved him up slightly, he goes and wins 4 lackluster boring decision wins lol

  • Very funny, Jonathan…good one. A few things; Berlanga shot his shot and he’s just not top world level…facts! Spike is a 160 lber…fight someone your own size…facts! Berlanga is incorrect; the best rivalry in boxing is top flight African-American boxer punchers against Latino aggressive sluggers (there are some variations): Pryor/Arguello, Chavez/Taylor, Whitaker/Chavez, Duran/Leonard, Hearns/Duran, Hearns/Cuevas, De La Hoya/Quartey, De La Hoya/Mosely, De La Hoya/Whitaker, Mayweather/De La Hoya, Mayweather/Corrales, Castillo/Mayweather, Mayweather/Canelo…too many to name…facts!

  • If this guy isn’t getting exposed, he is biting fighters like the chump he is. Expect more Taxi drivers on his record coming up.
    Canelo in 2!

  • *yawn* Berlanga just trying to cash out now but honestly any of the real top 5 168 lbers KO his ass early

  • This would be a nice no risk pre warm up, hyped up sparring fight for canelo before his rematch against the russian! Berlanga is not yet ready to take a fight of this magnitude, he can’t go 0 to 100 just like that!!!! he’ll get baddly beaten! On a positive note, he’ll make a very nice pay check and keep good memories so, he can tell stories to his grandkids when he gets old about fighting canelo.

  • He is no where near ready for Cinnamon Boy……He about to get K.O’d in four rounds less. My chihuahua can Bob and weave better then Berlanga does and avoid being tagged by my other chihuahua

  • Funny how Canelo would probably fight Berlanga in a heartbeat citing the old PR vs Mexico rivalry against an average opponent whom hasn’t fought anyone, but avoided Benavidez like the plague!!

  • Just had my debut fight, 1-0, went to war for four rounds. I think with my vast experience I’m ready for Canelo. lol

  • Canelo is looking for easy money nowadays. Good luck trying to book a difficult fight with him now.

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