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  • I hope it’s that exciting. I don’t think Plant lets him anywhere close to him for the first half of the fight.

  • Davey boy’s the man at Super Middleweight, he should save a hospital bed beside Sweet Hands for Canelo next

  • Plant has been in a Mega Fight. He has that experience going for him. I could see him pasting Benavidez and winning 115-112..

  • Only way Plant loses this fight is by getting robbed by the judges. He will expose Benevidez to be nothing special.

    • Lolololololololol!!!! U must be crazy. B is going to bury him then do that same shovel move plant did on Derril

    • Lol. That fight won t go to the scorecards. I can only appreciate Plant to accept the fight vs that beast. I understand why nobody want to fight Bandera Roja. he is a fucking beast.

  • Plant has good fundamentals with boxing basics as a fighter. What Benavidez possesses is raw power especially when he stalks fighters down and gets them on the ropes. The deciding factors in this fight are about Plant’s ability to stay away from Benavidez’s power and can he take a punch should he cracked. I think Benavidez will feel Plant out a few rounds, stalk him down, and slowly chop him down. Plant got battered up by Alvarez and then was stopped. Benavidez has to know Plant is vulnerable and his defense can only handle so much power before the matrix of it is broken. Benavidez TKO.

    • Actually i would disagree with raw power. Benavidez is a height and weight bully who throws punches in bunches. He doesn’t have that much power, he wears you down with accumulation.

      At 6’2” with that reach and activity hes a monster. I’m still shocked he can make 168.

      But i do agree the safe bet is late stoppage by david.

      Plant has the skill to win, but i don’t think he has enough power of his own to make benavidez respect him.

      Therefore David stalks him from the opening bell. I could see Benavidez getting tagged here and there and maybe having to survive some early moments but his size, pressure and output should be enough to get the stoppage.

        • When Benavidez banged up David Lemieux and stopped him in round 2, Benavidez did impose his size and strength to dominate him. I do think Benavidez will push his offense the same way against Plant as he did against Lamieux once Benavidez realizes Plant cant hurt him.

      • Good point. But let’s also mention is hand speed is amazing for a 168 guy. David is a beast. I understand why so many people are scared to fight him. I respect Plant to accept the fight. TBH I fear for Plant’s health. David is gonna batter him badly. There is a grudge between them.

  • Plants a good fighter and this may be close on the cards when the end comes. Plant may even have a comfortable lead on paper in the early rounds with Benavidez coming on, stalking, being the aggressor as the fight moves to later rounds. It can be very difficult to win a fight going backwards as Plant will most likely do. Any success Plant had against Canelo is a moot point. Benavidez is much bigger, longer, and stronger than Canelo. Benavidez grinds him down for late KO.

  • well seeing that Canelo already destroyed Plant before Benavidez better KO him or else he can forget a Canelo fight i mean Benavidez ducked Ramirez for years and we all saw Ramirez completely get worked over by Bivol hopefully Benavidez doesnt give us the same disappointment but whoever said hes top dog at 168 is as delusional as he is thinking he has a chance against Canelo hes too easy to hit and has fought nobody thus far

  • I was reading the comments and…you can’t make make assumptions based on past fights. Styles make fights and both of these guys are good. That being said I’m rolling with Benavides physicality. Head to head his bigger, longer and meaner.

    • totally make assumptions on past fights . That is half of what boxing is. Teddy Atlas makes money mumbling about what if’s based on past fights.

      We can assume Bivol will box beautifully against Beterbiev.

      • Absolutely. Assumptions are made on what has been demonstrated, not their predictions.
        After every bout Plant has been in he looks like he was hit by a train. Poor defense and he will get a savage beating.
        Easy KO for the Mexican Monster over the overrated Plant.

  • Caleb, has no chance. It is not his chin, stamina, training, technique, nor from lack of spiritual support…It is his spine. He has a flawed spine, that when stressed , snaps..

    Benavidez ko 5

  • Be careful what you wish for! While I’m totally leaning towards Benavidez, I could also see him walking into shots round after round and then getting stopped! David, be smart, take the emotions out of things and fight your fight bruh! Otherwise, you might be in for a long embarrassing night

  • Of Benavides goes in looking for a knockout, it’s going to be a long night trying to catch him.

  • Benavidez seems totally out of touch with reality. Him & his father insulted Plant over & over again at that press conference. They were both totally classless. Plant is already under his skin & he didn’t even need to do anything. It will be an exciting match but if David can’t keep his composure he will be outboxed all night and lose. He will not run over Plant like he thinks.

  • Lost respect during his and teams behavior/talk at the press conference, totally rooting for Plant all the way now.

  • Could be an interesting and competitive fight but i have to give Benavidez the edge..

  • plant is only a below average fighter he will never be a lineal champion, he will lose to david and after plant will retire from boxing.

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