Andy Ruiz Post-Fight Press Conference

“I didn’t feel 100%, but we got the victory.”

By Miguel Maravilla

Former unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. talks about his hard-fought unanimous decision over Luis “King Kong” Ortiz on Sunday night in a WBC title eliminator at the Arena in downtown Los Angeles. Next up for Ruiz could be former WBC champion Deontay Wilder if Wilder gets past Robert Helenius on October 15.


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Ruiz defeats Ortiz in WBC eliminator

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    • Andrew look okay against the shorter, older Ortiz, something tells me the wilder fight will be different…. Wilder will throw (not just in the 12th). Wilder also fights taller and host right has considerable sting and his new left hook look quick and strong

      Andy is a good boxer but… wilder by 5-6 rd KO.

      • Ruiz will do better because his style matches up better with Deontay. Ortiz had an awkward southpaw style.

  • Ruiz was very cautious many of the rounds which gave Ortiz a chance to close the gap by using his jab. Ortiz for 43 years old did a decent job in my opinion hanging in there till the final bell. Ruiz’s problem is using the reach since his arms are too short in comparison to his body’s height. If Ruiz squares off against Wilder, I bet Wilder will use the long jab and slowly batter Ruiz from the outside setting up the right hand. Wilder will beat Ruiz from the outside.

  • Ruiz needs to be much better than he was in this fight to compete with the top guys in the division.
    He really needs to do something to improve.
    He seems to know everything, so maybe he will figure it out

  • Ruiz needs to be much better than he was in this fight to compete with the top guys in the division.
    He really needs to do something to improve.
    He seems to know everything, so maybe he will figure it out

    • There aren’t any top fighters to deal with !!!! he already beat Joshua don’t forget any of them can be beaten

  • You guys forget that Wilder is chinny has little ACTUAL skill(and now doubts himself). If Ruiz is willing to get in there and land hard; it seems that Ortiz has a MUCH better chin than Wilder. Wilder gets hurt and take a while to recover when he does get popped and hurt. I may sound crazy but I’m going with Ruiz at this point.

    • Very possible on your theory. However, the wild card is can Ruiz take a Wilder right cross from the outside? Ruiz has been dropped by Joshua and Arreola. Wilder seems to hit much harder than these two opponents.

      • I think Ruiz will see the big right hand coming from Deontay. That is the only punch he has to worry about. I think he gets inside and launches fast combos.

    • The three shots that dropped Ortiz last night weren’t exactly wicked punches. Luis Ortiz is a shot fighter. Conversely, Wilder took some brutal shots from Fury and kept coming. He went through 11 rounds of a firefight and didn’t crumble until round 11. I’d argue there is no way Ortiz’s chin is better than Wilder’s at this point. Fury inflicted about 25x the damage on Wilder than Ortiz put on Ruiz. This is a totally different fight. Wilder lacks some technique, but he certainly has more than “little actual skill.” Andy Ruiz beat an old fighter who showed enormous age in the ring last night, and failed to beat him impressively. Ruiz is probably my 8th or 9th heavyweight on the list. Wilder is probably number 3 behind Fury and Usyk.

  • Imo, what ever he tried to change after the second fight with Anthony Joshua was unnecessary. With the weight and style.. I think he was very good the way he was. All he had to do was learn to cut the ring off better. I think his body type gave him a better chin .. he was a heavyweight with fast hands and some skill. Like James Tony.. he wasn’t fast on his feet but he beat guys with skill and fast hands later in his career. He was durable.. Even though I think the old Ruiz could have been outboxed by a good boxer either way.. I think he sacrificed a few things about who he was when he was undefeated after losing weight and changing his style. There has to be a sweet spot for his body type to be at 100% I don’t think they found it yet

  • If it was a elimination fight……..why isn’t he next in line to fight WBC champ? Wilder isn’t champion anymore. So he’ll have to fight two elimination fights?

    • I don’t believe it was a title eliminator. The highest rankings of a major sanctioning body going into last night for these two was the WBC, with Ruiz being #2 and Ortiz being #4. Interestingly, Wilder is WBC #1, so I assume the winner of Helenius/Wilder would be in line for an eliminator against Ruiz.

      • Whoops, didn’t realize I was looking at old rankings. It appears Ruiz was 5 and Ortiz 8 going into last night per WBC. The WBA had Ortiz #2. I still don’t see a way for it to be for a mandatory position.

        • It was an eliminator but there’s a difference between ‘eliminator’ and ‘final eliminator’. This wasn’t a final eliminator, I think what they had in mind was this winner against Wilder – Helenius for their next mandatory.

  • The best Wilder I’ve seen doesn’t have much problem with best Ruiz that I’ve seen imo, but we’ll have to see what Wilder has left against Helenius who I don’t think he should struggle against either.

  • I remain baffled as to how Ruiz may leap into a possible fight with Wilder because Ruiz was defeated by Parker (some/many felt Ruiz won). Before fighting Wilder for a WBC title opportunity, it seems Ruiz should fight the winner of Joyce/Parker. For a few reasons, the WBC may go “out of their way” to place Ruiz in a position for another WBC title opportunity.

    Anyhow, in a future Wilder vs. Ruiz scrap, Ruiz cannot sit on the outside while getting hit with Wilder’s long jabs/long right rands or else Ruiz will lose by UD or by KO. Ruiz must work his jabs to close the distance, and this will give Ruiz plenty of chances to work fast, powerful combinations on Wilder. Behind sturdy jabs to get in range, Ruiz must also work on better head movements to minimize Wilder’s big shots. If Ruiz gets in range, he must also punch to Wilder’s body (often).

    I believe Ruiz’s distance closing jabs, head movements (hopefully) and fast, hard combination punching will break down Wilder’s lousy defense and spirit. Folks, for now, I am SLIGHTLY leaning towards Ruiz to win because his technique and chin are far better. However, I need to take a close look at Wilder’s next fight and see if his defense, feet positioning and combination punching have improved. First thing first, Wilder must defeat Helenius.

    • I dont think Wilder will have a problem cracking Helenius on the chin since Helenius rarely moves his head on his defense. If Helenius can eat a Wilder right hand and keep coming, it should make a great fight. Wilder’s risks in this fight would be hand injuries since Helenius’ head will be a target.

  • I like Andy and definitely think he’s a little overlooked at times. For a Heavyweight he’s fast, can punch and has a good chin and stamina! With that being said, I Do Not believe he beats Fury, Usyk or Wilder!!

  • So… Fury takes on Joshua later this year, with Ruiz after that in a mandatory, then Usyk in a unification? This may be an interesting next 12 months.

  • My thoughts are Ruiz will be destroyed. Ruiz is by far the better skilled, but he’s a counter puncher and leaves himself open. He just doesn’t slip punches very well or at least he doesn’t try to. Most of the time it seems like he has to get hit hard before he throws his combos and unfortunately I don’t see him or really anyone taking a clean shot from Wilder and coming back. So again my thoughts and thats really all anyone can offer is Ruiz’s style is perfect for Wilder. I dont think Wilder has any confidence issues since he has only lost to one fighter. I really dont see Ruiz fighting Wilder, but if he does it will be a quick night for Wilder.

  • Fury gave everyone the blueprint on how to beat Wilder. Problem is no one else is 6’9″. Short and round Ruiz would be target practice for Wilder’s right hands since he can’t be bothered to move his head too much

  • HTH, is Ruiz loosing weight weaken his ability to take a punch, when, according to all the excuse finders, that weight was the reason why he lost to Joshua?

  • What a boring fight, Ortiz is damaged goods, his punch resistance gone and Ruiz is like a SLUG, slowly moving around the ring, his feet are so slow.

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