Andy Ruiz balks at fighting in Saudi Arabia

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. told fans during a live chat that he’s not planning on having his rematch with Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia as announced by Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn.

“AJ got the rematch, yes we do got the rematch, but it’s gonna be on MY terms,” Ruiz said. “We’re gonna bring it back here in the United States. AJ, he’s scared. Hell yeah. Why do you think he’s over there trying to make the fight in Saudi Arabia?”

Hearn told SkySports that Ruiz absolutely WILL be fighting in Saudi Arabia. “His choice is to have a legal battle that could put him out of boxing for years, or to defend his belts for a lot of money against a guy he has already beaten. There isn’t any doubt he will take the fight.”

Hearn said the contract for the rematch was signed at the same time Ruiz was inked for the first fight with Joshua and the deal stipulates that it’s Matchroom’s choice of time, date and venue for the rematch.

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  • Fair is fair. AJ gave Ruiz a title shot on Ruiz’s home turf, so why can’t Ruiz return the favor? And at a neutral location at that!

      • Well it is. I thought all anchor babies considered America their home now. I guess only when it fits their narrative and it’s convenient for their agenda. Ruiz was born in California and lives in California so that makes him an American. He fought a defending champion in his home country as the challenger. What part of that do you not understand? Or are you one of these leftists that never considers facts as part of the equation? Talk about Mexican privilege.

        • First time I’ve ever been called a leftist.

          He considers and refers to himself as Mexican, he praises and is a proponent of Mexico. Rarely does he show gratitude or appreciates his Americanism. Thus he doesn’t consider the U.S. his “home country”!

          • Then he should renounce his – native born – United States citizenship and move and fight exclusively to Mexico
            He is a true ethnocentrist bigot of the worst kind.
            Even Muhammad Ali – his most negrocentric , Fruits of Islamic racist rhetoric never pulled up roots and moved tomhecAfrican continent .
            Ruiz has never even boxed in Mexico.
            He screwed his manager Joe Gagliardi and left Top Rank.
            A whore’s only country is money
            Joshua came to the US – where Ruiz was born, fought and lives-
            with all US officials. This would never happen anywhere else on earth.
            He a nobody a chance and Ruiz – once again – is biting the hand that fed him
            He is a one shot wonder destined for the ash heap of boxing history
            A future trivia answer

    • They didn’t fight in US to gratify Ruiz. They fought in US because Hearns was building up Joshua as an attraction in the states. They picked Ruiz as an undefeated opponent to look good against in MSG. You gotta be crazy to think Hearn was doing Ruiz any favors.

  • Ruiz is being an awkward prick. No matter what his opinion is, he should honor the contract. It is like a bit of money and fame has turned him into a diva after only 2 months.

  • What’s wrong with Ruiz? The contract is not only crystal clear but also fair. Everyone expected the fight on AJ’s turf, but since its even on neutral grounds, Ruiz’s complaining is pathetic.

  • I was fine with a UK site, but I never care to see some country with little to no relevance to boxing score big fights just because they have money.

    • Nihi. They are new to boxing but let them grow khan, Groves and Smith all said they enjoyed their middle east experience as did Evander Holyfield when he went there too.

  • Andy Ruiz, you are out of your fucking mind. You are spending money like a high school drop out with no common sense, and now this shit. Andy, take the fight. Take a simple finance class. Do not spend money like a fucking retard. Save your money. Because after this fight, it will be it. I am now convinced that you will lose to AJ, then get knocked out in 1 or 2 rounds against Deontay. Your ride is temporary. Know your role, and get your head out of your ass. And again, stop spending money like a fucking retard.

        • I get that but a Rolls is pretty pricey. He should save some of his money. A boxing career is short and the big bucks stop coming once they aren’t on top.

  • I would like to think that Andy is playing mind games with both Joshua and Matchroom. It is easy to blow through your new money when you know you have even more coming in less than 6 months. Even before the crushing head shot and 4 knock downs, Andy was holding his own with Joshua. I could see some concern over the venue location, it wouldn’t be out of place to ask/demand added compensation. I don’t see Deontay blowing through Andy, he is too smart of a boxer and good boxers give Wilder problems. Ortiz made their fight very competitive as did the awkward Fury. I am not a follower of Ruiz, but he earned my respect for what he did, accepted the great opportunity presented to him, got off the canvas from a vicious punch and basically said, “Oh is on now”. It is one thing to be knocked unconscious, but I prefer the “No Mas” that Ruiz gave Joshua. I do agree that holding the rematch in Saudi Arabia is all about the $$$$$$$ and nothing else, the last time I checked Riyadh was not the British or USA boxing fan vacation spot of the world.

  • The father of Ruiz does not want the fight in saudí Arabia, because he does not speak Arabia…and won’t be able to sell the complimentry tickets for the fight . he’s griddy

  • In saudi arabia, england, or the U.S., it does not matter as Ruiz will win again by knockout. AJ was always overrated and now a thing of the past. He is not deserving of a rematch as he was destroyed, fight wasn’t even close. Make him earn it and fight another ranked contender. Lets move on to a more pressing fight, like a Ruiz vs fury, or a wilder, or even Usyk. They would be better challenges.

    • Sounds like you’re scared your cholo boy will get knocked out brutally in the rematch. Boxing doesn’t work that way kid. Now take your affirmative action and your free government provided everything and f*** off to Cuba.

      • Hahahahahahaha……u make me laugh!!!! Do me a favor and bet on AJ to win so I can take home another bundle of money. Your just helping me build my deferred comp! I will leave when you go back to europe, since u crossed an ocean to get here!!!

      • Plz bet against ruiz, u will just make me richer!!!!! Glass chin AJ will not get passed six rounds and I will be coming back here to gloat after he wins again!!!! Hahahahaha

    • You would be 100% correct if it weren’t for the crystal clear contract that included a rematch clause if Joshua lost. Joshua’s promoter is in the driver’s seat per signed contract period. Would it be fair to sign for $5,000,000 purse but only get paid 3,200,000? What is the use in having a contract if you do not honor it? If Ruiz is confident in his pugilistic supremacy, KO Joshua again and not only will that chapter be closed, but he will be in true command of his future.

  • I think that if there was any deal to be made… Hearn made it harder to make with his airing of those kinds of comments.. it sound like a challenge to me.. i have seen people make bad moves because of pride. Ruiz is the heavyweight champion of the world.. basically he now can dictate the contract details just as Joshua did when they signed the original agreements.. a Rematch is the only that is obligated here.. not that other nonsense.. because an argument can be made that a person would have signed any un-favored arrangement clauses to get a title shot.. hearn should keep quiet if he really wants a rematch.

    • Ummm, No you can’t dictate s*** and sign a contract saying such. he was given a golden opportunity on short notice with stipulations. AJ’s team has even provided a neutral venue outside of AJ’s home after AJ accommodated Ruiz by fighting in his home country. This is a straight b**** move by Ruiz he is ducking AJ and violating the terms of the contract. He knows he’s a one hit wonder and is not even a top-five heavyweight.

  • Ruiz knows he got lucky and will get knocked out in the rematch. Ruiz would likely sit out than fight AJ outside of his home country. AJ is the better fighter and anybody in this sport knows that, including Ruiz and his team.

    • Chris, if you see that way, doesn’t mean everybody does it. At the first fight very few thought Ruiz had a real chance, but 7 rounds were enough to put in evidence 4 big flaws on Joshua (porous defense, very fragile chin and stamina, diminished heart under a real storm). If he doesn’t improve in some of them, the rematch would be no different. The Joshua that fought Klitschko was a very ambitious and motivated kid, the one that lost to Ruiz is a rich man with a very luxurious life, where the odor, noise, discipline and sacrifice of the gym are not on top of his priorities. So, which one is the one that will fight a motivated and better version of Ruiz in the rematch?
      I want him to win because is more attractive a Joshua vs. Wilder or Fury fight than Ruiz instead.

  • All this is a publicity stunt, and is working. Ruiz doesn’t have any power to decide where or when the fight will take place, nor even the split of the money I guess. Every boxer dream is to step in the ring with the biggest star, because that means a good pay day and publicity. In order to get this, a contract is signed with a numerous demands, where the rematch clause is well defined and exclusive property of the promoter. In all of them is almost the same and the only choice is to respect and honor this when is due. As I said, this is just a publicity stunt and maybe intended to make bigger the paycheck, but the fight will have to be under Hearn (the promoter) conditions, no one else.

  • Never thought I would see the day that most people that fight in these posts are in agreement here! WELL DONE!

  • Seems to me Ruiz could let go of a title. He’s got a couple of belts. Buster Douglas was ready to just keep the IBf belt when they tried to cry that Tyson should have gotten an 8th round KO because of a long count, and the wba and wbc seemed to be on board for maybe denying Douglas championship status. If Ruiz didn’t have a knock down festival on Joshua or TKO in Saudi Arabia, it would be easy to rob him of a decision, but he he could be robbed on the cards in England too. I think Crawford at 135 and Bradley at 140 won their first titles in England on split decisions. Ruiz maybe doesn’t get California as a defence location. If he doesn’t want to fight in Saudi, let the organization’s strip him?

  • They should fight in Australia…But i can never remember if it’s yesterday or tomorrow down there.

  • Ruiz DOMINATED Joshua, thus he and his team should pick the rematch location. AJ is going to lose no matter what anyway, LOL

  • I think Ruiz remains an unknown quantity. He beat Joshua fair and square. How he ultimately handles the victory remains uncertain. Douglas looked amazing beating Tyson and was nothing thereafter. Ruiz is not in great shape to begin with. If he slips in his motivation, it could destroy him as a force in boxing. As far as the contract goes, what is in black-and-white carries a lot of weight and if he gets into a legal battle, it will drain his money and keep him from earning more in the mean time, a risky move and for what?

  • If the contract states that the rematch was supposed to be under the terms of Eddie Hearn, so be it. I would have more respect for Ruiz if he said I would not fight in Saudi Arabia due to there horrible history. Unfortunately I would not be surprised that this fight does not happen, and that Ruiz fights boxers the way Wilder started his title defenses, and that Fury basically is doing now. I am also afraid that heavyweight boxing might not have only two heavyweight champions, but four.

  • I knew Joshua was ready to fall when he said he wouldn’t fight more than twice a year. The kid obviously doesn’t have the hunger of a fighter anymore. Just wanted to get a couple of bags a year and parade around with the Kings English. It showed when the going got tough with Ruiz.

  • You know a contract is only as good as who wrote it. And this contract now might not be as strong as some are making it. For example, if the contract DID NOT originally state they would be fighting in Saudi Arabia, it might mean Ruiz can contest it on the grounds he was not informed of this before hand, and also does not like the history of that country towards the U.S (9-11) and will not fight in a country where Christians are only allowed in certain sections there. Now if Hearn tries to tie him up in court, the reverse can be done to Joshua and NOBODY in this world can tell Ruiz he is not allowed to earn a living fighting while this is figured out in a court of law. AND where exactly will this court hearing take place? The U.S ? England ? or Saudi Arabia? If Hearn thinks this will be a walk in the park he is SADLY MISTAKEN, as a matter of fact, Ruiz might be in a better situation than it first appears, because if this contract in anyway contradicts itself Hearn puts himself and A.J standing behind a contract that might not be worth a piece of toilet paper. Ruiz must get himself a REAL ATTORNEY that knows the law.

  • Ruiz best the crap out of AJ say what you want he is no bum his only loss was a razor thin decision loss to Parker the ball is in his court I personally don’t think AJ should rush into a rematch so quickly

  • I am a Ruiz fan but I am starting to root against him now that he has taken this ridiculous stance on the rematch. Win, lose or draw, he needs to honor his contact. How ungratedul can you be?


  • I was one that thought ruiz would get demolished. He proved me wrong. The thing you guys have to understand is that there is always an A side and a B side. Ruiz TOOK the title and now he has earned the right to make decisions on a rematch. This is coming from someone who actually fought professionally, he should get everything he deserves. Boxing is no joke, several men have died in the ring just this year in their quest to be a pugilist champion, among many others in the past. I don’t blame him for trying to have the best odds in his favor. He earned it the hard way.

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