Amir Khan retires

“It’s time to hang up my gloves,” former WBA/IBF super lightweight champion world champion Amir Khan announced today on social media. “I feel blessed to have had such an amazing career that has spanned over 27 years. I want to say a heartfelt thanks and to the incredible teams I have worked with and to my family, friends and fans for the love and support they have shown me.”

Khan, 35, ends with a record of 34-6 with 21 KOs. He lost his final fight earlier this year against archrival Kell Brook, who also recently retired.

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  • Yes, I agree, good time to retire for Khan. Khan sustained some massive KO losses in his career. His health is much more important than his boxing pride at this point in time.

  • I don’t care what anyone says. He get a bad name for his so called “glass jaw” but he was always a gamed warrior. He’d fight anyone anytime anywhere. He was champion and fought Lamont Peterson in his hometown of DC.

    I’m a Mayweather fan but in my opinion Khan was more deserving of a fight than Guerrero, Berto and a lot dudes he fought. Not so much what he accomplished in the ring but more on his busy work rate and decent boxing skills. He loses obviously but still. It would have been successful with the Brits coming out to support it $$$$$$$.

    He wasn’t the next Prince Naseem Hamed as we all thought but he was solid.

    • I think in his absolute prime he had the style that could have been troublesome for Mayweather. It was a short window but being that his weakness was his chin and Mayweather was not scoring a lot of knockouts at higher weights…I can envision a scenario where Khan could have been a dangerous opponent for Floyd. He did beat some good fighters. One I think people forget about is Kotelnik..he was a good boxer but was not a big puncher. Khan in his prime matched up very well with that type.

      • Floyd would have tapped dat ass, easily. He would have zeroed in on that chin and we would have seen another rendition of Khan’s jungle boogie.

      • I too think Khan would have given Mayweather a good fight they have similar styles and speed. I would actually like to see Khan vs Mayweather in an exhibition bout now lol, but i know Mayweather wouldn’t do it.

  • Man khan thanks for having me in camp with you numerous of times good genuine guy the whole team was your dad nd best friend was cool as well at least in my opinion camp was fun with you from wild card boxing when you was with Freddy to Sacramento when you were with Virgil it was fun nd you payed well lol thanks champ big ups to you may Allah continue to watch over you nd your family help fighters bro don’t let them get fuck over nd around this is an brutal scandalous business but financially it changed many lives nd have given people light to their darkness

  • Amir always came to fight, like him or not, the man is a prideful fighter. He was always competitive and had a great heart,I wish him well.

  • I really hope that Amir is financially secure and that his money is growing. This is a sport where you never leave in one piece. Part of you is left in the ring. Staying any longer WILL put his health in serious jeopardy.

  • Good career glad he got out when he did. Would have been a better champ if he had a chin. Enjoy retirement and best to ya.

  • I’m glad he’s retiring. Too many fighters / promoters con the naive public for too long . I mean here we are talking about Amir Khan in the year 2022 . He peaked more than 10 years ago. His announcement today is just another reminder the mess boxing is in.

  • Wish him the best, I always was a fan of his aggressive fighting style. It cost him some fights but he fought the best and was always entertaining..

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