Allan Green steps in vs Rozicki Dec 2

WBC #13 cruiserweight and fomer world title challenger Ryan Rozicki (15-1, 14 KOs) was to face unbeaten Mohammed Bekdash (22-0, 19 KOs) of Germany on December 2 in Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada. However, due to visa complications, Bekdash will be replaced by former world title challenger Allan Green (34-6, 23 KOs) of Tulsa, Oklahoma. Boxing fans will recognize Green, who has often appeared in major TV fights including the “Super Six” tournament and once garnered Knockout of the Year recognition for his one round destruction of then-unbeaten Jaidon Codrington.

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    • This is crazy! Green was all but damaged goods years ago and he’s taking this fight?! My goodness! Watch jermain Taylor follow suit…..

      • Let’s get the band back together BoriMex! Allan Green, Jermain Taylor, Jeff Lacy, Sechew Powell, Curtis Stevens is probably still somewhere fighting. Uhmmmm…. Kasim Ouma and Edison Miranda are probably still fighting too!

        • Oh, and there’s always Antwun Echols to always fill in in a pinch! And yes, Kasim Ouma and Edison Miranda are still fighting…if that’s what you want to call it. Miranda fought somewhat recently as a 240lb heavyweight in Colombia (I think he lost) and Ouma has lost his last 15 fights or so in Europe.

          • So sad. Allan Green used to be a good gatekeeper. Watching him get obliterated by Kessler should have been the last time he laced those gloves.

          • Miranda did come back last year Kris, I just looked him up, it was his first fight in almost 7 years and he weighed in at 240 and got stopped in the second round by Carlouse Welch who is 42 himself and just got stopped in the first round by Gassiev in August.

      • I Care not about their need to make a buck. They are giving the sport a bad name and the promoters need to be imprisoned every one of them.

    • You probably will not see this Lucie. As usual I am too late to the party! LOL! I was thinking the same thing. Sydney NS is where I grew up so it is nice to see it mentioned here. That said…I am shocked that they are trying to sell them Allan Green. I never knew he was active so I checked BOXrec as I am sure many of us have by now. Seems he came back in 2018 and is 2-1. But his wins are against guys with losing records and his loss was by KO. I kind of feel bad for the casual fan who is being sold a bill of goods here. This is the equivalent of giving Fres Oquendo that long overdue shot against Dubois!

  • Per Box Rec, Allan Green:
    – Last fought on 12/4/21
    – Had a prior fight in Jan of 2019
    – Had another fight in Jan of 2018
    – All other bouts are Year 2013 and older.
    – The Codrington fight was in 2005.

      • He turned 43 in September. Last time I saw him was against Elbiali and I think that was after Elbiali had gotten stopped by Jean Pascal.

    • I saw his fight in January of 2019. His effort was only slightly more valiant than that guy who turned around and walked out of the ring against Efe Ajagba a couple years ago.

      • @Kris I saw that fight in 2019 against Elbiali. Green had almost nothing left then, and that was 3 1/2 years ago. He must REALLY need the money. He should learn how to drive a forklift or something…

        • USF-Funny you should say that. I know an ex fighter who had over 50 pro fights and shows all the classic signs of puglistic dementia. He recently got a good job as a wearhouse worker but had to quit because he couldn’t drive a forklift. He said he couldn’t remember all the functions of it. Not saying Alan Green is in the same boat but maybe if he keeps fighting he will be.

  • He was a bad ass back in the day, which was 15 years ago! I thought his showdown with Edison Miranda was going to be the fight of the century but turned out to be kind of a dud. I can’t believe he’s only lost 6 fights? It seems like he’s always gotten ko’d in his last several outings. Last time I saw him fight was on the Caleb Plant vs Uzcategui underdard 3 years ago. He just kinda showed up and folded in the 2nd round or so. It couldnt have been ovbious he was not there to win, or even put forth an effort. That kinda stuff boxing could do without.

  • I will be watching. Rozicki did really bad his last fight and Green can make a huge comeback here.

  • That KO he scored against Codrington was absolutely brutal, ended Codrington’s run and career. Ironic that Jaidon and Curtis Stevenson were know as the “chin checkers”. Boxing is an unforgiven sport in many ways, but if Green is okayed by the doctors to fight, who are we to judge a man needing to make a living, its hard out here for a lot of people. They’re trying to weed folks out in this new world.

    • Codrington got it back together for awhile, you’ll remember he had that fight years later with Sakio Bika – literally one of THE greatest fights of all time. His chin was always a problem, but he did his best despite it.

    • There were 3 of those “chin checker” guys, and none of them had a good chin, they all got their chins checked. I can`t remember the name of the other one. Didn`t Codrington become a cop?

  • I was thinking last week based on his ranking and age and inactivity and profile Allan Green would have been a good opponent/challenge for Jake Paul (now #215 boxrec). However this weekend’s latest fiasco occurred. So instead of fighting a accomplished boxer Paul is going to be teased by these unreliable overrated who can’t show up and make weight (Tommy Fury and Rahman jr)
    I don’t pay to watch J.P. but I do monitor the boxrec rankings as more objective rankings systems than WBO/WBA/IBF/WBC. And J.P. continues to rapidly climb the rankings based on his wins.

  • Green….he Didn’t look bad his last fight and don’t think Rozinki has the boxing IQ to win this one. it maybe an upset here.

  • Green a scarily ancient 43 years of age. Am quite surprised this fight has beed allowed to be honest .

  • Rozicki doesn’t do well with movers. Peralta exposed him and even an old vet like green will do the same.

  • Green is a long since shot fighter who is a never was to begin with. He was iced in the super 6 and Codrington? Ahem…he is in danger of his health being compromised..

  • The fact the Nova Scotia Combat Authority sanctioned this fight is disgusting. The commission and its doctors are suppose to be there to protect fighters. Especially someone like Green who clearly is only fighting for money. The guy has fought three times since 2018. One guy 7-22, another 6-9-2, and he got knocked out in the other.

    I get it’s hard to find opponents 3 and a half weeks out, and in no way is this Rozickis fault, but this is bad for boxing.

  • I have been following boxing since the second Johansson-Patterson fight, i think that was 1960. I can`t remember boxing ever being in a worst state than it is today.

    • First one I remember seeing was an aged Joe Louis, who everyone loved in Detroit, losing to Rocky Marciano in 1951. Major event compared to, as you say ,the state of boxing today.

  • It’s Trully sad how this guy Ryan Rozicki gets all this bums to come to his backyard and get annihilated the sadest parts is that they are trying to sell him as an actual contender when this dude fought nobodies and those he fought were all taxi drivers .
    The one time he fought someone with a decent record he got crushed.
    Whomever is investing in him should wake up soon

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