Floyd stops Deji in exhibition bout

Floyd Deji

45-year-old ring legend Floyd “Money” Mayweather (50-0, 27 KOs) carried YouTuber Deji Olatunji for five rounds before turning up the heat and getting a stoppage from referee Kenny Bayless in round six. Easy work, as Floyd likes to say.

Unbeaten cruiserweight Tommy “TNT” Fury (8-0, 4 KOs), the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, and late sub Rolly Lambert Fogum (15-1-1, 12 KOs) fought a lackluster six round exhibition with two minute rounds and oversized gloves. Then things really deteriorated.

Jake Paul, who was doing commentary at ringside, had dissed Fury the entire fight. Fury’s 58-year-old father John Fury ripped off his shirt and challenged Jake to fight him in the ring. Paul challenged Tommy to come fight him at ringside. Tommy challenged Paul to fight him inside the ring. It turned into a ‘you come over here,’ ‘no, you come over here,’ ‘no, you come over here’ scenario. Tommy finally tried to get at Paul, but was held back by security.

Fury was originally slated to face New Yorker Paul Bamba in an official fight, but he failed to make weight and no compensation deal could be reached with Bamba.

Unbeaten super lightweight J’Hon Ingram (3-0, 3 KOs) and kickboxer Koji Kouzi fought a spirited three round exhibition.

Unbeaten WBC International super featherweight titleholder Jaider Herrera (9-0, 7 KOs) punished Franklin Manzanilla (21-9, 20 KOs) for five rounds. Herrera dropped Manzanilla in the first 30 seconds of the bout. Manzanilla down again in round two. After two more knockdowns in round five, Manzanilla didn’t come out for round six.

Light heavyweight Anthony Taylor (2-3, 1 KO) beat up actor Jack Fincham for four rounds, however, no decision was rendered. The bout was changed to an exhibition due to the weight difference between the smaller Taylor and Finchem. Taylor previously went the distance with Tommy Fury.

The bout between former WBC female lightweight champion Delfine Persoon (47-3, 19 KOs) and Ikram Kerwat (11-3, 5 KOs) was declared a no contest. Persoon dropped Kerwat in round one, then hit her on the canvas.

46-year-old cruiserweight and former wrestler Bobby Fish won his pro debut against Boateng Prempeh (2-4, 2 KOs) with a second round TKO.

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  • Persoon was lucky as hell not to be disqualified. Not in terms of the ferocity of the shot (and Kerwat did flop and act), but as far as the position of the opponent – that may just be one of the worst punches to a downed opponent situations that I have ever seen. There is no way you thought she was still up and she had all day to not throw that shot because she missed the first one.

    • Agreed. Persoon was standing behind Kerwat when she was on all fours, then reached around and hit her. Probably as blatant a foul as it gets, but I’m assuming she got away with it because it looked like little more than a tap, but that VERY easily could have been a DQ.

      • And Roy Jones was in Kerwat’s corner USF. You know if anyone was calling for a DQ, it was him!

  • That whole scene described in the second paragraph is on YouTube. Just a really embarrassing attempt at hyping a potential fight between the two. Looked a whole lot like the WWE. The fact I even bothered to look that up just goes to show that I have a lot of time on my hands today.

    • Yeah I saw that(I also have too much time on my hands). Even though Tommy Fury is kind of falling flat on his face with the boxing, the person who comes across worse every time is John Fury. It is so embarrassing. I am yet to see him ‘threaten’ someone his own size. It’s like he thinks because he is in a boxing domain he is commanding respect standing his ground, but he was actually a professional heavyweight (albeit an unsuccessful one). Can you imagine someone like Lennox Lewis or Vitali Klitschko picking a fight with Jake Paul or Carl Frampton?

  • Money may may just deposited a nice millions check! Without breaking a sweat. As long as he gettn’ pay, he should keep doin’ this easy money exhibition bullishhhhh! Don’t hate the man for making extremely easy money(millions)!


  • Best thing about these exhibitions is that you can watch them free in youtube within minutes. This was actually funny. However Tommy Fury has NO business mentioning Jake Paul’s name, he has zero ability and would get destroyed by Jake Paul easily!

  • If you paid for this or have any interest in it you hate boxing and are the reason fights like Bud v Spence can’t get made.

    • Please explain how someone watching this has any bearing on the Spence-Crawford fight falling through. Please. I can’t wait. Be specific, please.

    • “If you paid for this or have any interest in it you hate boxing and are the reason fights like Bud v Spence can’t get made.”
      – Yo no think so.

  • I did not see the exhibition match, did they raise both fighters hands at the end? In exhibition fights there are no winners.

    • no disrespect to floyd…these so called fighters he picks should be allowed to introduce floyd to there style of fighting, their rules etc and then remember that there are no winners because it is a exhibition. you know what would happen, floyd would get the ..hit knocked out of him, but there are no winners.

  • Easy work for Mayweather, fighting exhibitions. He is one of the all-time greats, and it always great to see him in the ring.

    Also, any story, image, or video that includes Jake Paul, really suffers a downgrade. He’s a cheesy gimmick at best, not a real fighter, not a real boxer, and not really a part of the sport of Boxing. He shouldn’t even be mentioned on this website.

    • Hey LexusNexus,
      In your comments I copied below, I replaced the name JAKE PAUL with the name ( FLOYD) and your statement is even more true! Haha! Truth hurts .

      “Also, any story, image, or video that includes FLOYD , really suffers a downgrade. He’s a cheesy gimmick at best, not a real fighter, not a real boxer, and not really a part of the sport of Boxing. He shouldn’t even be mentioned on this website.”

      So true in 2022.

  • What’s Kenny Bayless making for this exhibition. I wonder if it’s more than what Floyd was paying him during his pro fights???

  • at this point, tommy fury is verrry un-reliable.
    how could any promoter schedule him for a bout on any show ????

  • Does it get any more childish than watching Paul and Fury do at it after the fight? What palookas. The IQ of the target audience for this lot must be single figures.

  • Oh well, as long as the youtubers keep paying floyd millions, he should keep doing it until he’s 100 years old! No hating on this brother! May is a bless man cause he does it his way like frank sinatra! Banging people and getting paid for it! Definately not a bad deal for money man.

    • Tigeraso,
      Funny how these guys gloss over other peoples money?
      Hyping up another man’s money and revenue aside from your own is kinda suspect huh?
      Living vicariously through others? Hmmm?

  • Uh…why does Floyd keep banging these no hopers out? I thought exhibitions meant no decisions and pulling back punches. I fought a couple in the amateurs.

    • Excellent point, DMV. These aren’t true exhibitions but are unsanctioned boxing matches. At one time, retired fighters pondering a comeback (like Sugar Ray Leonard) would hold “secret” boxing matches for small, private audiences–with judges and everything–to see if they still had what it took to compete. The results weren’t entered in the record books, however. That’s basically what Floyd is doing, only he’s charging PPV money for it.

  • It seems to me that these exhibition fights are more of a tax exemptions for floyd. I mean, who is paying for this ? He surely reports these events as business losses at the end of the year. They surely know many of the loop holes of the I.R.S.

  • >