38th Annual IBF Convention Officially Closes

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Report/Photos: Boxing Bob Newman

After a very late night of fun and celebration, the closing meeting of the 38th annual IBF convention began and ended in seemingly record time.

With a slated 9:30 a.m. start time, all was said and done by 10:03! President Daryl Peoples began by thanking all who made the journeys from their homes near and far. “We appreciate the commitment required to come the convention every year. But we are a family and that makes it worthwhile.” Peoples also reiterated the appreciation for the tireless work ethic.and dedication behind the scenes of the three women who run the offices of the IBF: Tracey Lundy, Ruth Jimenez and Jeanette Salazar. Salazar took a well deserved seat at the board table, along side Peoples.

Peoples deferred to Salazar regarding the most anticipated segment of these final convention meetings: next year’s destination. “It’s not 100% final, but we are 90% sure it will be Puerto Rico,” said Salazar, to which the small, but intrepid gathering oohed and aahed in approval.
One change from the norm will see the timing be either late April or early May, as opposed to the last week in May during the American Memorial Day holiday.

Salazar said there are already offers for 2025 coming in from Japan, Thailand, Italy and the Virgin Islands.

President Peoples asked for input on what could make the convention better.

Referee Sparkle Lee suggested breaking the awards segment up, perhaps presenting some during the “Meet the Champs” cocktail reception earlier in the week. This would allow for more time, “on the dance floor,” beamed Lee!

And with those words taken under advisement, President Peoples declared the 38th annual IBF convention officially over. Hasta la proxima…until next time!

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