Someone’s O must NOT go in this case

Unbeaten heavyweight contender Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller (26-0-1, 22 KOs) will take on fellow unbeaten 6’6, 270lb Antonio Zepeda (6-0, 6 KOs) on the PPV undercard of Floyd “Money” Mayweather vs. John Gotti III (the grandson of famous mob boss John Gotti) on Sunday, June 11 at FLA Live Arena in Sunrise, Florida. Miller-Zepeda will be a four round exhibition and therefore both 0s will be preserved.

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  • Jarrell threatened to sit in the ring and cry if he doesn’t get the nod or KO, and A.Z. doesnt’ care much except he wants all his stats to remain with “6’s”, 6’6″, 6-0w6KO. He’s superstitious like that so they both welcomed a old school “exhibition”. Thankful the big baby won’t show the world too much, and A.Z. won’t get exposure either since most of those who tend to watch Money May fights, including in June, don’t show until the main event.

  • Boxing is now Vince McMahon’s wrestling “sports entertainment”

    • Did I not call it?.. I don’t expect many people to remember but I’ve spoke of this years ago probably around the time Floyd fought Arturo. I probably have them the idea .. who knows

    • Hi!! Buddy, I’m in shock when I read something about “money”. Why?? Just thinking: that’s the best way to loose all credibility with the few millions who still believe in Boxing. How many fans that we lost for the last 6 years cause,like you said, :It’s look more wwe than a serious fight!!.If there nothing to do with those ” vampires”, we going to loose a lot of good, honests, brights boxing fans all around the world.It’s sad en tabarnac As a boxing fan since 1970,I realise that : boxing will never be the “same”. Sorry for the text…..I haven’t write or speak English since 1983…….From Montréal, have a good evening

  • Miller should be the main event. Does anyone want to see Mayweather in exhibitions any more? I would rather see Jake Paul fight MMA/WWE’ers.

  • I wish they wouldn’t have any of these type fights. Money grabs that casual fans and dumb you tubers pay for.

  • I am an unemployed loser with zero friends, hobbies, or interests outside of combat sports. I think I will further indulge in my pathetic lifestyle and order this fight!

  • This nonsensical “boxing card” is why the sport is falling behind MMA and Jake Paul’s escapades. Mayweather, Miller and so many others are just playing boxing fans for chumps.

  • Lol, fat baby is doing exhibitions? Probably a good fit, since he’s not a real fighter and never will be.

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