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  • What a relief to hear! But I agree with what has been commented here already: time to retire!

  • It is good news. I am almost certain he knows better than to spar or box anymore. Eubank’s son fought some guy who had a bad head injury, and went and sparred a year or 2 later, and ended up worse off. This kind of thing, you have to go the rest of your life and not get hit in the head ever again. I think Zab will wake up and smell the coffee about that.
    To me, Zab figured he didn’t want to go out with the Malignaggi fight. If the Zab of 2000 had fought the Malignaggi of about 2007, a no contest win for Zab.

  • Everyone hopes the best for Judah. He has a way to move on and make a living for himself. He could become a boxing referee perhaps. And his past, e could have been fighting Tszyu again in 2003 or 2005. Tszyu was getting old beyond the year 2000, but if Judah and Tszyu were going to rematch, it should have been before Tszyu’s shoulder injury, or after the Sharmba Mitchell rematch, which was in late 2004. Judah was 7-1 (4 KOs) (5 of those fights at welterweight) from mid 2002- mid 2005. He would have been tough for most jr. welterweights to deal with in those years.

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