Wilder planning to trim back team

Following his loss to Tyson Fury, former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder is planning to remove all the “non-good” people from his team. “I am getting rid of all the snakes in the grass,” vowed Wilder on a recent Premier Boxing Champions podcast. “This time it has allowed me to dig into the brush and see what was going on…we are going to form an excellent team with great people once everything is back to normal. The Green and Gold belt will be back in the ‘Bomb Squad.'”

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  • Meaning in his head, he was desperately looking for any reasons he lost that weren’t him

    • Never seen a champion come up with so many excuses as Wilder. It’s embarrassing. He basically lost for every other reason other than Fury was the better fighter in the day. In itself he shows a lack of class and disrespect by doing what he’s doing. Worst champion for years

      • Agreed and I even like Wilder as a fighter. I’ve been to see him three times. But his conduct since his loss has been a disgrace. He has the rematch clause so he doesn’t even need to prove he deserves another chance. He should have just taken the loss like a man and people would have respected him for it.

  • Wilder is washed up now, no matter what he does The great white hope Fury will KTFO him again.
    Fury in 2!

  • Those huge entourages at title fights include a trainer, an assistant trainer, a cutman, and about 30 leeches! This is why these guys all go broke after making millions.

  • Wilder is still capable and very dangerous in boxing. Just because Fury had his number does not mean someone else does. Wilder’s right hand has brought him wealth, boxing belts, and many have tried to dethrone him only to be put to sleep in the process. I still think Wilder is a wild card with that right hand. Anything is possible…

    • I don’t know. His confidence has been shaken pretty badly as he’s still digging for excuses months after his loss and blaming everyone but himself for what transpired. I reckon if this is what Wilder is focusing on
      he’ll lose in more of a devastating fashion in the unnecessary trilogy and claim it was conspiracy against the”King.”

    • He classless and disrespectful to the belt. To say he wants a body on his record and to come up with all those excuses, his boxing has been tarnished by his arrogance and sportsmanship

    • Once the puzzle’s been solved, the unstoppable force will no longer be unstoppable. If Wilder losses badly again, which I think he will lose even worse this time, his confidence will be shattered and will affect his fights even against lesser fighters.

    • Nah… Fury done passed the number down to everyone in the heavyweight division. They all about to dial.

  • People are writing Wilder off after a single loss. I wish that I could be as big a failure as him.

      • Wilder has already dismissed the guy who worked to get him a $100m payday (which he declined). Wouldn’t surprise me if the other guy who showed he cared (Breland) was the next to go.
        Fury will rightly be the favourite to repeat the stoppage win but Fury can be too lax when over confident so I wouldn’t write Wilder off for that reason.
        Folk are right about his lack of class in defeat

    • Going to be three losses in a row. Two in a row by KO. He will never be the top dog again with that attitude. He has to listen to Breland and learn his actual skills. Perhaps hiring a mentor like Holyfield to give him some mental edge would be beneficial. He has the physical gift, but without having the proper skills, a smooth fighter like Fury will always give him massive problems. Fury by KO in seven rounds this time.

  • Wilder has always been a bit of a nutter and with his supreme self-confidence shattered by Fury will he ever be the same.

  • Still trying to think of as many ways as he can of telling us “It wasn’t my fault”.

    Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  • Unless the people you are getting rid of where attached to your costume, how is their absence going to help you in the ring? Oh I forgot, anyone that knows Deontay knew that wasn’t him in the ring. Shit talk Joshua all day long, he accepted his loss, went to the drawing board and formulated a “winning game plan”. Tyson was on point and even if he slacks off, he has shown that he can both outbox and take your right hand. Keep up the excuses and barring Breeland’s abscence, be prepared to be looking up at the lights or an up close view of the ring floor.

  • Wilder can defeat Fury…! What Wilder should focus on is entering the ring purely to kick ass and take names! He should not box Fury but rather street rumble his name to fame. If Wilder throws everything he has at Fury in the first round he will shock and awe the world with a first round knock out.

    • And ditch the stupid ring walk mask and Costume – Save that for Halloween. And for the record, I thought Wilder would have won the last fight. I know not many others want to own up that they picked the wrong man in that fight…

  • Look in the mirror. That’s the person you should blame for your loss. Breland, who was the best amateur fighter ever and a world champ, saved your life. If you want a chance to win, which I doubt you will, just absorb everything Mark Breland teaches you and copy his techniques. Use the jab like Breland and actually hide your right hand. Just relying on your power will not get you any where against agile Fury. If you telegraph your punches, Fury will get you sooner this time. Stop blaming others for your lack of skills.

  • This bum keeps blaming other people for his own failures. What a sorry excuse for a man.. Overrated and overhyped C class boxer…

  • I wonder if he’s including Marc Breland amongst the “bad people”. He was displeased with him for throwing in the towel, but Breland is probably the only one on his team that really knows what he’s doing. Like they say-no good deed goes unpunished!

  • I like Wilder but he can cut back all he wants. His lack of boxing fundamentals is why he lost. He’s 35 & set in his ways. He should have taken Lennox Lewis’ advice and developed a jab. LL was in a parking lot at night teaching him as showing on Youtube. It went in one ear and out the other. Too late, now.

  • Deontay Wilder May well be killed in 3rd fight against Fury. Wilder has zero boxing skills and thereby relies on a lucky knockout… Tyson Fury has now weighed and measured Fury in two fights — Wilder is doomed to lose 3rd fight and no amount of training by Wilder can change how Fury will destroy him (once again).

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