Wilder planning ring return

A bronze statue of former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder was unveiled Wednesday at the Tuscaloosa Riverwalk in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. At the ceremony, Wilder announced that he will be resuming his career “for sure.”

“I’ve been highly requested,” Wilder said, as reported by the Tuscaloosa News. “So many people have told me, ‘come back, come back.’ I’d say I’m back by popular demand. And the business of boxing needs me. When there’s a thriving American champion, there’s nothing like it. When there’s not, you see it’s dead. There’s a drought. People know the difference now.”

No date or opponent, but Wilder is rated WBC #1, so if champion Tyson Fury is really retired, Wilder will be right back in the mix.

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  • Hahaha this dude is a JOKE!!! Back by popular demand my ass. Someone needs to tell him that his friends and family don’t count as being “highly requested”. What a tool.

  • We will see how effective he can be after taking a couple brutal beatings at the hands of fury. Everyone likes a puncher, but he might be damaged goods.

    • JT: 1st fight against Fury with Wilder not bulking up in weight Wilder was much sharper and had more stamina. Wonder what weight he would come back at.
      Wilder was also taking punishment most fights before Fury as well before finding his single KO punch, so not sure if he is still ok at all.

  • I’m a fan of both Wilder and Fury. They are the two best of this era. Anyone that says otherwise are just haters. They cleaned out just about everyone. And I for one think Wilder can and will destroy Joshua if they ever meet. i also think Wilder will be favored against every other contender except Usyk. Don’t get wrong, Wilder can knock out Usyk with that reach and power. But Usyk has the skills to make it a tough fight and even win against Wilder.

    I am excited about him returning. He has incredible one punch power, and his fights are always entertaining. Welcome back champ! Just stay away from Fury and the division is yours.

  • I’m a Wilder fan but I don’t respect him as a man for some of the things he said about his former trainer. Having him in the mix always makes things interesting. Fury says he’s “retired”…we’ll see. If he truly is Wilder might be able to climb back atop of the division but it won’t be easy with Usyk hanging around. He has major skills.

  • I’m wondering who does he fight. If Joshua loses to Usyk again, I’d still love to see Joshua – Wilder, but if not that fight then probably against one of the usual PBC guys. Maybe Helenius would be the top choice?

      • I read something said Ruiz was fighting Luis Ortiz on August 13th Johnny. That’s why I didn’t bring him up and I know he even got pulled out of a fight because he had committed to Ortiz.

  • Still rated #1 by the WBC after 2 losses in title fights. Only in boxing

  • Wilder knows since Fury is gone, he has a chance to stir up the commotion in the heavyweight division. I would love to see Wilder fight Joshua. However, Joshua’s chin is rather questionable against Wilder. Usyk would have to fight on the inside against Wilder and use his counter punching skills. Yes, Wilder should come back only to make the heavyweight division lively again.

    • Wilder-Joshua would end in a KO, not sure who’s (I’d pick Wilder to win). He’s good for the HW division.

  • Wilder is flawed but this makes for very exciting fights. His ability to turn around a fight with one punch makes him dangerous against anyone.

  • Now tha is known how beatable Wilder is, some that avoided him before Fury, will attempt to fight him. The winner of Joyce vs Parker or Dubois vs Bryan coud be nice after Wilder tries a tuneup fight.

  • I hope Wilder is working on his defense (especially his hands), feet positioning and setting up his punches. Otherwise, a sharp, hard combination puncher will give Wilder fits (e.g. Ruiz).

    If Wilder later fights a conditioned Ruiz, I will probably pick Ruiz to win.

  • He shouldve already been back, definitely needs a confidence builder, or two, hopefully asap.

  • Wilder is a great heavyweight and should come back. He can beat anyone not named Tyson Fury. I would favor him against anyone else.

  • Wilder is a protected bum who lines the pockets of corrupt white US television executives who make more money than him. These corrupt executives are in bed with BC BA BF & BO and Wilder will be given the weakest fighter’s to feast on to get his hands on the title again. This ince great sport is a joke just like it’s millennial fans. Weak fans weak sport. Simple.

    • Wow nice racist comments!
      Baseball is corrupt so is basketball 3 1/2 steps is not a travel players have all the power can walk off the court no accountability

  • Apparently there’s a plan for Wilder to Join an 8 man trnmnt if Fury retires. I know at least one guy.. likely 2 of the 8 that will beat Wilder. One is Joe Joyce… The other is Arslanbek Makhmudov.

  • I’m anxious to see Wilder again. Lots of haters on here, so I’ll pose this question for them. Do you think that Wilder, who is obviously a “quick-study,” given the age he started boxing and the height he’s risen to in the sport, learned anything from being in 3 wars with Fury and knocking him down 4 times. That’s a pretty high-level sparring partner, isn’t it. I can see Wilder coming back better, with a few new wrinkles in his game, as far as proper training, better endurance and being able to set up and land his bombs better. Usyk had best be careful. He doesn’t have the reach/height advantage Fury does.

  • wilder hope he doesnt come back those beat downs by fury were enough call it quits while your ahead retire gracefully

  • Wilder is without DOUBT the hardest 1 punch K.O artist in the history of the game.You don’t believe it, name ANYONE else that has stopped all of the fighters they faced and K.O’d them all with 1 punch.Now for all the haters that reject Wilder coming back, name ANYONE in the history of the heavyweight division that has massacred EVERY opponent not named TYSON FURY. Those that are sleeping on Wilder better get some boxing knowledge, NOBODY including,Liston,Foreman,Lewis,Klitsckos,Louis,Dempsey,Shavers,M.Tyson,ever stopped all their foes with 1 shot.

    • Agree that Wilder is one of the best punchers in boxing history..that includes Joe Louis, Marciano.Walcott.etc…considered Joe Louis to be the greatest punchers ever…that is until Wilder…that 1 2 short combination …that he knocked down Fury with in the last fight,…was absolutely amazing…Speaks to Fury’s guts to get up and comeback from that…I will consider Wilder as one …if not the greatest “puncher” in boxing history.,.Have to give him credit…. certainly Wilder’s name has to mentioned among the greatest KO artist…quite remarkable considering his boxing background.., Glad Wilder is back…as he is certainly entertaining…..

    • Don’t know if Wilder would have that KO record if he faced the heavyweight competition of the 60s and 70s…. remember there were some bonafide fighters in that division during those times …even the contenders could fight.,..still Wilder is a great puncher…

    • All hype! Wilder is a BUM. he beat bums… He got dismantled every time he fought Fury and it wasn’t close. They hype his punch to give interest to the sport. That’s it. The hardest punchers in the history of the sport are Mike Tyson and George Foreman. Mike Tyson at 5’9 was sending guys 6’5 like projectiles across the ring and thought the ropes.. Wilder doesn’t do that.. not even close. Come on dude.. be serious!

      • Yes…Foreman and Tyson are great punchers…both can and will knock you out with one punch……they have “numbing”punching power…. fighters will get up and after being knocked down,.the power does not always keep an opponent down….on the other hand…some fighters are special…very few…they can knock down their opponent and keep them down….opponent cannot get up….Julian Jackson, Thomas Hearns(look at Hearns KO over the great Roberto Duran), Naseem Hamed..,these fighters have “special” power…fighters are knocked senseless and cannot get up….Wilder is certainly in this group….like in basketball…you have great shooters like Larry Bird, etc., then you have special jump shooters like Dirk Nowitzki and Stephen Curry…like the younger guys say ” there are levels to this” In my humble opinion Wilder is on the level of a special “puncher”

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