Wilder: I want payback in blood

Former longtime heavyweight world champion Deontay “The Bronze Bomber” Wilder vowed revenge during a virtual press conference Wednesday, as he previewed his highly anticipated heavyweight trilogy grudge match against WBC and lineal heavyweight world champion Tyson “The Gypsy King” Fury taking place October 9 on PPV from T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

“I want payback in blood,” said Wilder. “On October 9, I will get my revenge. It’s an eye for an eye.”

Here is more of what Wilder had to say Wednesday:

Deontay Wilder

“I feel amazing. It’s past good or great. This time that has passed has been great for me. With the more time that’s passed, the more that we’ve been able to work on different little things and perfect them. You can’t always be perfect, but that doesn’t mean you can’t train to be perfect.

“Malik Scott is a wonderful person and trainer. We met years ago sparring with Tomasz Adamek. We clicked right away and we’ve formed a real bond and brotherhood. I have so much love around me in this camp, that I’m not dwelling on anything negative.

“We’re having fun while learning and creating things together during training camp. That’s just the passion that we have to become two-time heavyweight champion of the world.

“I’m super focused. I’m more focused now than I’ve even been in my entire career. This is the second phase of my career. I had fun winning and defending the title for five years. At this point, we’re just serious about everything. I’m in a happy place and I’m glad that I’m here.

“They say that things happen for a reason and that we don’t understand that reason until we get to a certain place in life, then we understand it. My whole team understands everything that has happened and we’re looking forward.

“The delay was actually a blessing for me. The more they delayed it, the more time we had to work on my craft and art, along with strategically going over the game plan we’re going to have on October 9. It was obviously frustrating, because I was ready to go, and this is the longest I’ve been out of the ring. There’s something about the ring that calls you and draws you back. But I’ve used the time and benefited tremendously.

“I appreciate the love from my true fans. I’ve received so many messages from people of all walks of life. Now we’re back again for redemption and retaliation on October 9. The BombZquad is back.

“This has hands down been the best training camp I’ve had in my entire career. Sometimes you need events to happen in life to bring about changes that you need. We’ve had no distractions and I’m just in a happy state mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“You’re looking at a rejuvenated and reinvented Deontay Wilder. The old Deontay is no longer there. I can’t explain it to you, I have to show you on October 9. I’m looking forward to it and I can’t wait.”

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  • Wilder will put up a better fight this time than February 2022. I believe he will knock Fury down at some point within the first 5 rounds and will have a commanding lead on the cards after 6 rounds. However he will begin to wear down mentally and tire physically as Fury starts coming on. Fury will rally to drop Wilder twice in the ninth round to score the TKO victory.

    • Good assessment. Wilder is dangerous no matter who he faces. That right hand has some power when he executes that right cross using his legs and mid-section.

    • Jody,
      Not sure what you were smoking but Fury and Wilder never fought in 2022 I don’t think anyone ever did anything in that year unless it was in the twilight zone. Also your corny imagination has Wiider dropping Fury then in dramatic fashion Fury comes back?

      Kids please say nope to dope and ugh to drugs or this will happen to you, you will end up another Jody Partin.

    • I can agree with the first part, but if Wilder is up that big, he doesn’t tire, his adrenaline/desire for revenge will be enough. If it’s a tougher, closer fight in the later rounds, I can see a late stoppage by Fury.

    • That might be the fight right there. Lay 100 on the round and how it finishes. You might just cash in

  • Nice new hairdo, same story. Hope its a bit more competitive but I doubt it, most boxers don’t come back after suffering devastating ko’s

      • What do Rahman and Leon Spinks have in common? They both used hypnosis therapy before their title fights.
        And second time round they both lost …. Spinks to Ali and Rahman to Lewis.
        I hope Tyson Fury schools to the point where Wilder gets exhausted and frustrated and clobbers him into submission.

      • And Olliver McCall.

        W. Klitchsko came back after Ross Purity, Corrie Sanders and Lamon Brewster.

        But Lewis and W. Klitschko cant really be compared to Deontay Wilder. Wilder has only his right hand.

  • Said it before, say it again…barring a crazy single punch knockout— which I think Fury defends well— the only shot for Wilder is if Fury just completely mails it in. Fury is just too much better, and too crafty to get caught cold. I don’t see a way Wilder could completely retool his game, improve his footwork, and figure out how to press forward on Fury at this stage in his career.

  • “so much love in my camp” ???? funny. mark breland had alot love for you,so much so that he didnt want to see you killed in the ring, and you canned his ass. give me a break wilder

  • Thing is, Fury is not the epitome of stability either but if both come in mental ready then Fury should take care of business. This is Fury’s fight to lose. My guess is Wilder does an Oliver McCall and falls apart.

  • furys biggest asset to me,is his head movement.Hes not a great puncher or a pretty boxer.hes just simply enormous.Despite what Wilder thinks ,he is not a boxer either.Hopefully Malik Scott has taught him to jab effectivly.Can you imagine if Wilder had a jab like Larry Holmes.Hed be unbeatable with the power he carries.In fact if Wilder just concentrates on landing somewhere,anywhere he could poundFury to pieces.I mean George foreman reportedly broke a sparring partners arm .Fury is yet to be hit by wilder the way most of his victims were.I have a feeling if wilder has developed any semblance of a body attack he could hurt Tyson very badly indeed. I hope he has.Unfortunately I fear hes just to enamored of his power.

  • I am deeply curious about how much Fury will outweigh Wilder on fight night. With a significant weight advantage on fight night, Fury may absorb Wilder’s right hand and apply confident, strong pressure on Wilder.

    We will see if Wilder “beefs” up 10-15 more pounds by fight night.

  • New hairdo. New teeth. Same bullshit.
    Unless Fury phones it in or decides to be the next generation’s version of Lennox Lewis against Oliver McCall or Hasim Rahman? He beats the Heavyweight Champion of Alabama, convincingly, for what will be in fact the third time.

  • Bla bla bla. I’m almost convinced that after Fury defeats Wilder again that he will dump Scott. I can just hear it, “Scott was talking to Fury’s team right before the fight and helped Fury wrap plaster of paris in his fists and Scott gave team Fury “the black bottle the one I mixed”…..

    Wilder knows no loyalty, when things are going great all is perfect when things go wrong he has no balls to take any blame there’s no accountability it’s always because of someone else. Just wait and see.

  • Yeah Fury has figured out Wilder’s style already and taken his headrest shot and got up to rally. He has humiliated him and knocked him out. Mad respect to Deontay for getting back in ring but… it’s another win for the Gypsy king Fury

  • BTW Mark Breland saved Wilders life. How does he get rewarded? Ingrate low life canned Breland kicked him to the curb! He should thank Breland and be extremely grateful for what he did but this is how unappreciated and thankless he is. Typical lowlife.

  • Lets not get too carried away. We all know Fury pulled out of the fight because he wasn’t ready but called it “COVID”. I noticed Fury is more out of the spotlight now. Fury realized he wasn’t ready but he’s getting ready. I just hope this fight is more competitive and I hope they bring back that AWESOME undercard they had for the 3rd fight.

    • This is one of the more realistic comments. If anybody falls apart mentally its Fury. Fury, and the fans, didnt want to see Fury fight Wilder. If it was such an easy fight Fury would have no problem with the fight. Fury went back on his word and spent millions trying to avoid Wilder. These comments are the same people swearing Canelo kos Charlo in 2 rounds but dont want the fight to happen. Wilder and the Charlos have a lot of enemies. All the bs predictions dont mean anything but wishful thinking.

  • Wilder might be competitive for the few rounds, but Fury will figure him out and wear him down using his ring IQ.
    The bottom line Fury has Wilders number and KO him. Look out for all the Wildettes to get their notebooks out now for the new excuses.

  • Fury is the better fighter. He was winning the first until he got dropped by two huge punches. Probably still should have been given the decision. The second fight was a completely one-sided match with Fury doing whatever he wanted to. Fury was the boss in that ring. He’ll be the boss again. Wilder can’t box at all. I’m not hating on the guy, just telling the truth. He can’t box. He can slug for sure, but he can’t box.

  • Fury boxes DW silly for 4rds and taunts him unmercifully to the point Wilder gets even sloppier than he normally is which is the plan from Team Fury from the opening bell…Fury by devastating KO in rd 5 after 2 knockdowns.

  • These boxers today are fragile. They fight once a year. It’s a joke. Wilders going to crack fury upside the head early it’s all over. None of them could beat the Cinderella man that’s for sure

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