Wilder-Fury LA Press Conference

Photos: Mikey Williams/Top Rank

On Saturday at FOX Studios in Los Angeles, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and former champ Tyson Fury faced the press for the final time before they hit Las Vegas for their highly anticipated rematch on February 22.

Wilder Fury Pose5

Deontay Wilder: ”I think Tyson has pillows as fists. He has skill but you can’t have it all…he has to be perfect for 12 rounds. I don’t have to be perfect for two seconds.”

Tyson Fury: “I’m 6’9 and I weigh 269 pounds this morning and I’ve had I’ve had 20 knockouts out of 29 victories so you know I’m very capable of knocking people out!”

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  • Respect for both warriors for giving us a rematch.
    Rest In Peace Kobe Bryant and those who died in that helicopter crash. May God comfort the family and loved ones…

    • Will be interesting what the investigation tells us in the cause(s) of the crash. I certainly hope this will not be a case similar to JFK Jr.’s crash in Martha’s Vineyard in 1999. After you read-up on that incident, it may have been avoidable with careful planning and judgment. Who knows. We need to let the experts do their thing and we will soon find out.

      • Early developments are indicating Bryant’s chopper only had one pilot when two pilots are generally expected. In addition, the chopper was flying too low based off flight tower audio clips. Lastly, dense fog was noted in the area. Don’t shoot the messenger as I am only revealing what the media has exposed. Don’t know if accurate or not. In the end, lessons can be learned from tragic deaths. Sorry, I realize this post as nothing to do with boxing.

    • The whole world saw that Wilder lost the last fight and was very lucky to get a draw except for his casual fans dont see this.
      Fury was coming off almost a 3 year lay off with all the health problems and still beat Wilder, this time he wont depend on those judges over there and will finish
      and retire Wilder.
      Mark my words.

  • I have stopped to listen to any pre-fight talk. Talk is just talk. What counts is only the fight itself.

    Pretty much everything has been said already about the strengths and weaknesses of these two fighters. All we want to see is a good fight. I would love to say “may the better man win” but at best we can all say “may the better man on this particular night win”. Neither of them have been convincing as of lately but at the same time, both are among the best the division has to offer at the moment.

    Prediction? Wilder will try to bust up Fury’s cut again. If Fury will fight scared because of this, he will lose. If Fury can capitalize on Wilder’s cut hunting, he may win. I really think that much of the fight will be revolving around this issue.

    • Good assessment. You are right, talk is talk much like BS is BS. Both men have a gift to gab and talk big, but it gets old after a while. Simply a broken record nothing more. I think we will see the same fight tactic as is in the first matchup, but at a faster pace. Fury is making a mistake thinking he can “bang” with Wilder. Fury needs to stick to his boxing style and save the rough neck talk for the locker room.

      • Right about talk, but no way Fury will bang with the boy. He will stick and stay out of range, bust him up with the jab for 7or8 and look for the KO after that .

  • Fury should now have 2 losses on his record. There’s absolutely no other ref who would see a man get ktfo, lay motionless and give a 10 count, then extend it to 12. The wallin fight should have been stopped for a tko. It necessitated a stop due to his eye falling off. It wasn’t a headbut which means it should have been a tko loss. He won’t be that lucky the 3rd time around.

    • The ref stood yelling in his face to wake him up. Let him walk around, waste time and get his head clear. Fury def gets chances not afforded to others.

    • Wilder can have patience in this fight, but I think he better cut off the ring more and land some blows earlier than later. Fury knows if he can keep Wilder on his toes and move, he may have a shot on winning on points. Fury will be lighter and slightly more educated in this rematch so I think Wilder better get busier earlier than later.

  • For the sake of wanting to see a Joshua/Wilder fight, I hope Wilder wins but I don’t think he will. No matter who wins this fight, I really hope there isn’t a 3rd fight.

  • You can tell the Fury fans have realized hes not the greatest thing in boxing. Before his last fight more people were posting how hes perfect in the ring and nobody could beat him. Now they saw him on the lucky side of a 12 round decision.

  • I don’t think Fury wanted this fight, as the same way I see no hate between them, but boxing demand to be smart on its essential part that is business, also , the one that avoid this fight is going to be criticized as a coward, and Fury doesn’t want that label. I believe this fight is not going to be as great as the first one, with Fury trying to avoid the KO, and Wilder unable to achieve it.

    • Mike, I think when Fury tasted that crushing combo that floored him in the last fight he realize Wilder is very dangerous and has power. You could tell in his facial expression when he got up (from the canvas) he finally realized was truly hurt by a powerful puncher. After the fight, both men had respect for each other.

  • Tyson better stick to boxing no way he brawls with Deontay and wins this fight it won’t go four rounds.

    • Very true. When you watch Fury’s body mechanics, he is an arm puncher and does not commit his body to his dominant power punches. Basically, Fury’s awkward movement coupled with his flashy arms punches makes him a decent boxer as a heavyweight. What is sad in my opinion is yes, he has KO’s, but against limited opposition. The general consensus is a big man usually brings heavier KO power in the ring using his increased density. Not the case with Fury. I hope his new trainer, Steward, helps to remedy that, but not sure Fury’s style engrained in his years of repeated fighting can be changed so quick.

  • You may have knocked some of your opponents out, but they were all either lower class, or from lighter divisions…or both. You haven’t knocked out(or even wobbled) a top fighter, once.

  • Recon Wilder will fight Fury like he did against Ortiz in the second fight. Not a wild fight like the first fight. So think it will be a boring fight with Wilder catching Fury in the later rounds.

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