Wilder-Fury a pick’em fight

Current odds on the next week’s mega Wilder-Fury PPV rematch in Las Vegas are dead even at -110 for both fighters according to the MGM Sportsbook. The over/under is eleven rounds. Over is -115, under is -105.

Wilder by decision is 7:1
Wilder by KO is 8:5
Fury by decision is 7:5
Fury by KO is 5:1
A draw is 18:1

Who can throw in a towel?
Kingry: This guy cannot beat me

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  • Fury is a slight favorite.
    Fury is much better
    But, who knows???
    Wilder never improves. But he was more patient in his last fight. (Meaning he did very very little until getting a ko halfway)

  • I will pick Wilder to win on TKO since that crazy right hand can change anything at a drop of a hat. Fury could easily cruise to win on points just by boxing. However, all jokes and key board warrior smack talk placed aside, that’s who I am picking is Wilder. Don’t sit on the fence and say “what if”! Who do you pick?

    • Wilder, by TKO round 7.
      Round 1, i.e. 13, will continue from the last fight and all that means is Wilder will have had 24 rounds in which to stop Fury and the right hand will land again this fight. Respect to Fury for stepping up again.

    • Im going with Fury. I think if he’s at full strength it could be like a Herbie Hide/Riddick Bowe or Bowe/ Holyfield 1 like result. In both cases Bowe leaned all over the smaller man to wear him down. A good big one beats a good little one in boxing.

  • Anyone stupid enough to bet on either Tyson Fury, Bernie Sanders, or Pete Buttigieg deserves to go broke, and see his or her Fico Score drop by 500 points.

  • Wilder is a slow starter and Tyson is super sharp from the get go. If Tyson can bait him in Wilder just might get caught trying to land early and then the ref will have to jump in and stop it Via tko on wobbly legs. We’ll see. Both are warriors

  • I would say this fight is belong to the one that wanted more, in this case Wilder. Fury didn’t want this rematch, and is easy to see.
    Wilder by a trashing early stoppage.

    • i am picking Wilder for this fight, but I think saying Fury ‘didn’t want’ the fight is harsh. He got a mega money deal with ESPN which allowed him to earn some easy money and build the rematch a bit more. He then kept his word and agreed to the fight early 2020. The way it has worked out both Fury and Wilder will probably get more money from PPVs than they would have done with an immediate rematch

  • EASY win for Fury. He’s going to avoid Wilders HIGHLY predictable 1-2 for 12 rounds while boxing circles around him. He’s bigger, stronger and it much much better shape than the first fight. Wilder ONLY has a punchers chance, but he has to land it first. Fury is going to make Wilder look like amateur just like he did for much of the first fight. Did everyone already forget that Wilder lost every single round in his last fight until the KO? Fury won’t get hit like that, he’s better than Ortiz. Fury by decision or possibly TKO.

  • If you watch the fight, Fury barely outlanded Wilder but Wilder looked so bad missing all these punches which made the fight look better for Fury

    I had it 7-5 or 8-4 Fury. Add the 2 knockdowns and I have Fury win by narrow decision

  • Fury didnt look that good against limited competition his last couple of fights. Wilder had 2 spectacular KO’s his last couple. Tyson appears on the downhill where he has to dig deep to beat ‘B’ class fighters. Tyson camp had no choice but to make the fight now and cash out. Tyson wanna be a celebrity now

  • I love how everyone keeps saying Fury “outboxed” Wilder last time. Have any of you guys actually seen a Wilder fight? Not sure he’s ever even tried to outbox anyone. Like it or not, there is an art to timing guys and knocking them flat out, whether you consider it aesthetically pleasing is beside the point. I got Wilder by KO all day in this one.

    • Right Wilder Said it himself he only need to be perfect for 2 sec . Fury have to be perfect for 12 round if he want to win

  • One thing i didn’t see that anyone mentioned here is Fury’s expected weight gain for this fight. If that does end up being the case, it can have a significant impact on how the fight goes. It could be a benefit for him (put his weight down on Wilder) or it could go the opposite (slower body movement)

    Also the fact that he has changed trainers for this fight can be a big factor. Like someone else had mentioned, if Fury felt he won the first fight, why change all these variables.

    How bout the Cut? It was a big one and is it possible that it hasn’t had enough time to fully seal up.

    As for Wilder…well, Wilder is Wilder. We all know what to expect (and so does Fury), this is not necessarily a bad thing but there are really variables to take into account for his style/ring presence.

    My opinion…As much as i like Fury, I’s a got’s to go with the home team. USA all the way ! Knock his Britches off Wilder !
    you Show um who’s the ‘bull’dozer

  • Wilder by brutal ko. Fury will have his moments before time runs out. Cant wait for this!! Two brave champions who both deserve respect….

  • Not sure why Tyson put the extra 20lbs on for a fight which he’s already got the blueprint and skills to win. I think Wilder will catch him with his signature sloppy windmill, 1-1,000,000, lucky punch.

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