Who can throw in a towel?

Saturday’s fight between Kevin Lerena and Firat Arslan was stopped when a towel came flying into the ring from the direction of Arslan’s corner. However, it wasn’t the corner, it was promoter Erol Ceylan who threw in the towel and Arslan didn’t appreciate it.

“He’s not part of my team,” said Arslan. “It’s sad that the fight ended this way. I value Erol as a person. I know that he thought about my health, but that’s not how it works. Ceylan had no right to throw in the towel!”

Ceylan said the towel was just sitting on the steps, he doesn’t regret it, and he’d do it again.

The question remains, do promoters have the authority to stop fights?

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  • I personally feel the cornermen should be the only folks who can make this call. A promotor can consult with the corner to render a decision. A promotor is a exactly a promotor. Their active role during a fight is not engaging a fighter like the cornermen. My 2 cents.

  • Referee Stanley Christodoulou years ago in a fight threw the towel back at the corner and ordered the fight to continue.

      • Graham Earl vs Michael Katsidis 1! Not sure if it’s that ref but it definitely happened in that fight. Earl’s corner threw in the towel, the ref (aahhh it’s Mickey Van I think) throws it straight back out and a few seconds later Earl tags Katsidis with an absolute peach. Please watch that on youtube… short fight but Brutal. The best fights aren’t always the biggest names. Enjoy 🙂

    • That’s because in that particular fight the rules were set so that the ref can only stop the fight. The corner can call it quits in between rounds. But to actually stop the timekeeper in the middle of the round only the ref can do that when the rule “only the referee can stop contest” rule is in play.

  • I would have to argue that they do not have the right, unless the promoter write that rule into each of the cards on that fight night, and each combatant agree as well beforehand.

  • In several jurisdiction only the referee can stop the fight. I have seen refs throw the towel out of the ring.

  • The promoter should have never been allowed in the field of play. The only people allowed in the corner are the trainer, head trainer and cut man.

  • Arslan was being punished. But the towel should come from the corner. Promoter saved his life, should thank him and move on. South African was toying with him

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