What a week in worldwide activity for the WBC

By Mauricio Sulaimán
Son of José Sulaimán & President of the WBC

I sit down to write this column with an indescribable feeling, it is Father’s Day, and I received the best possible gift, as my dad visited me, appearing in my dream and I perfectly remember everything that happened, which is unusual for me.

I do not believe in coincidence, Don José was present for various reasons, to celebrate the historic event in Mexico City as a Guinness Record was established, and above all, to be with his children on this Father’s Day, confirming that he will never leave us. Precisely one Sunday my brother Fernando underwent a medical procedure as he was found with heart failure and three stents were placed with great success. Yet another warning on how health is the most important thing in the world.

I hope with all my heart that last Sunday, was special for everyone in the company of their loved ones.

Saturday was a historic day for Mexico City, boxing, sports and humanity. After months of preparation, with the demanding job to train thousands of people in the different municipalities, a huge number of classes by Zoom and social networks, with videos of many champions, the Guinness Record of the largest boxing class was achieved.

What began as a dream of federal deputy Miguel Torruco Garza, today is a reality and a triumph.. The head of Mexico City`s Government Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, unfortunately could not be there, due to having contracted COVID-19 only two days before the class, but she was definitely present receiving the affection of all those who participated when seeing her via Zoom on the giant screens.

Mexico City accomplished this event with an exemplary organization. Javier Hidalgo, Director of Mexico City Sports Program, led the thousands who dedicated themselves body and soul, with passion and dedication. Instructors, teachers and the boxing community of the city and other states, champions, managers and trainers.

The World Boxing Council, together with the Mexico City Boxing Commission, and its President Ciro Nucci, brought together more than 100 boxers, at least 50 world champions: Andy Ruiz, Érik Morales, Ana María Torres, Jackie Nava, Barbie Juárez, Chiquita González, Carlos Zárate, Lupe Pintor, Pipino Cuevas, Miguel Ángel Berchelt, Óscar Valdez, and many others filled the platforms to witness what the people of Mexico achieved.

The morning surprised with a light rain threatening a shower that would have changed everything; but thinking about it, it was not the rain, but the tears of happiness that fell from the sky of all those friends of Mexico and boxing who saw from the sky the green, white and red flag, which was formed in the Zócalo, with the thousands of enthusiasts who were present since five in the morning.

Boxing is a national heritage. It is the sport that has given our country 13 Olympic medals and more than 200 world champions.

The people have enjoyed the triumphs of Aztec fighters for decades, with their glorious performances inside the ring, in all corners of the world. On Saturday it was the people, who now dressed in the colors of our National flag and gave great satisfaction to the boxers, showing the unity of community, which characterizes Boxing. So it was now the time for the boxers to be so proud of the Community, the people, who managed to set a world record for eternity.

Just as we savored with great emotion in the city, the WBC was also present in other places, and we celebrated the successes achieved, thanks to the dedication of thousands of people who are part of this great WBC family all around the world.

The amateur tournament called the Green Belt Challenge was held in Los Angeles. My brother Pepe decided to start this activity eight years ago, which has grown impressively year after year.

Nancy Rodríguez, from the WBC office in that city, Pepe Sulaimán and his wife Ceci have created a great team for this tournament. There were three days of competition under the official sanctioning of USA Boxing, thus being an official tournament. A family atmosphere, but highly competitive. The best of the best sought to obtain the coveted Green and Gold amateur belts and medals Dr Paul Wallace and his team provided the medical services to ensure everything was at the best level or greatness.

We had the presence of various world champions, who attended to enjoy the greatness of our sport, since this is where it all begins. Leo Santa Cruz, Israel Vázquez, Michael Nunn, Mark Magsayo, Sean Gibbons, Tom Loeffler and many more celebrities.

The winners of this 2022 tournament were: Joey Abudy and Maya Hernández, in the men’s and women’s branch. In the Courage Belt: Joaquín López. And the champions of the Green Belt Challenge are: Ciana Chávez, Giselle Luján, Marqués Tovar, Abel Alba, Criztec Bazaldúa, Sam Larios and Moisés Saldaña.

On the same way, the Sugar Bert amateur tournament was held, organized by Bert Wells, with the support of the WBC Amateur in Florida, Carolina and Las Vegas… Total representation in amateur boxing to give opportunities to those who dream of one day going very far and all the way in boxing.

On Friday, ring officials seminars were held in various parts of the world. In Dubai, Daniel Van de Wiele, Ali Oubaali, along with Kevin Noone and Oksana Semeneshina continued with the process of training and certification of judges and referees.

While Héctor Afú, together with Alberto Guerra and Jimmy Salas, held a meeting in Panama for the initiation of young people into boxing. Judges, referees, commissioners, inspectors. The very best who will be the future of boxing in that country.

In China, You Yin was crowned national champion with a great celebration, seeing boxing return in that country, being the first major boxing match since the pandemic. Also in Torreón, Coahuila, the fight between the champion Yulihan Luna against the interim champion Jéssica González took place and in a great fight, Luna managed to successfully her WBC undisputed bantamweight championship. And also in New York , Artur Beterbiev made a statement winning his 18th fight, all of those have been by knockout while blowing out Joe smith in just 2 rounds. He is now The WBC-WBO-IBF light heavyweight champion.

Did you know…?

There are real problems for those who like to make the famous list of the best pound per pound are always keen to show their skills and mettle … This year there have been great fights with important results. Tyson Fury, brilliant heavyweight domination, Jermell Charlo, undisputed in super welterweight; Devin Haney, at lightweight; Naoya Inoue, a monster in bantamweight, Artur Beterbiev, dominating light heavyweight; Errol Spence and Terence Crawford, at welterweight, and of course our super middleweight champion, Saúl Canelo Álvarez.

I’d love to hear from you. Send me your top 10.

Today`s anecdote…

My dad always found a way to make each of the six children believe that we were his favorite. He made us feel the most important, the most loved and the only one in his eyes. Sometimes I doubted if I was the favorite. I always thought Fernando was. Don José took him everywhere to take pictures and that was their greatest union.

My dad enjoyed telling an anecdote with Fernando: “I took Fery to Chapultepec to try out my new Hasselblad camera, I asked him to take several poses in different places and I visualized a great photo; I told him to get into a big concrete tube that was in the middle of the park… I got ready for the photo and when he was about to take it, I told him to turn to the camera, he had fallen asleep!!! ! Fery can fall sleep anywhere even standing up!!!”.

Thanks to my dad for being the best father in the world, although we had to share him with thousands, because he always lived to be like a father to all boxers.

I appreciate feedback at [email protected]

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    • I agree completely

      Sulaiman : you just like your late father are mafia dons – your cartel is the wbc- as a fellow mexican i am disgusted by the decades old criminal and immoral dimensions of the wbc that you continue to perpetuate – your spectacles in which you exploit and degrade the culture of Mexico when the country is a literal mess- however, as long as you can wrap yourself in a distorted sense of nationalism/ with the flag in which you dupe people by exploiting holidays or other non-sensical pranks- you will do it- you add absolutely no value to our culture- in fact you detract from it with your buffonery- who cares about a Guinness world record – when 1/2 of mexicos children do not eat enough, when the average mexican reads 1/2 a book a year, when our country is ranked by the WEF as one of the most corrupt ( well you and your father’s legacy contribute to this ) and where 140,000 people have been murdered indiscriminately (the most in any sexgenio) – that what any true Mexican should care about – i see as through your show as do many other Mexicans- you are a Materialist – Dollar Hungry virus- that is why i am heading up a boycott of anything you are engaged in – so that we can address the truly key issues in Mexico – you degrade our culture ! i cannot wait for your next article – allow me to suggest a theme – sainthood for your late father…

      • He’s not the only Mexican that exploits and degrades….98% of Mexicans contributes to the degradation of the culture of Mexico!

        “as long as you can wrap yourself in a distorted sense of nationalism/ with the flag in which you dupe people by exploiting holidays or other non-sensical pranks”

        That’s how they control you peons! And you suck it up!

        I’m sickened and angered every time a Mexican living in the U.S. hells “viva Mexico” or talk positively about his/her country.

        • Exactly, people are forced to leave their s$%thole countries, then spend time criticizing their new countries and praising the country they were forced to leave. Makes no sense.

  • The sillymans are being struck down for their destruction, corruption & perversion of the sport. Its a curse that will follow their future generations. The majority of boxers who give their lives to the sport end up broken & broke thanks to these parasites.

  • It’s pretty simple Suliaman is on here to get paid some money all while writing his articles focused on his agenda in how it relates to the boxing world. Yet, the words “equal and diversity” are rather anemic in his points. I have still yet to see him defend his points with us readers on this forum.

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