Weights from Commerce, California

William Zepeda 134.2 vs. Mercito Gesta 134.2
(WBA Continental Americas lightweight title)

Ce 14969
Photo: Cris Esqueda / Golden Boy

Yokasta Valle 105 vs. Maria Santizo 104.2
(IBF & WBO female minimumweight titles)

Ce 14813
Photo: Cris Esqueda / Golden Boy

Victor Morales 126 vs. Edwin Palomares 125.4
Darius Fulghum 170.8 vs. Ricardo Luna 170.8
Eric Priest 159.8 vs. Simon Madsen 158.6
Daniel Garcia 132 vs. Erick Benitez 131.6
Alejandro Reyes 139.6 vs. Roberto Gomez 140
Gael Cabrera 126.2 vs. Juan Centeno 127.6
Jordan Cervantes 136.4 vs. Giovanny Meza 137.2

Venue: Commerce Casino, Commerce, California
Promoter: Golden Boy

New Stevenson opponent named
DiBella inks Kenzie Morrison

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  • A lot of pressure on zepeda to look good tomorrow. Could be fighting for one of those vacant titles soon.

  • It’s funny how womens boxing is now being sexualized at the weigh-ins. I guess Mia St John was doing in the late 90’s, but she was one of the very few. Womens boxing has been around a long time, far before Christy Martin exploded on the scene in the mid 90’s, but these broads were not trying to promote or get by on their looks. These women looked like they worked on the docks or were auto mechanics or Iron workers. They were flat out brawlers. Now it’s two fold; the quality of womens boxing has gotten much better along with an emphasis on physical appearance. For me personally, yes-it certainly spices up the weigh-ins, but I still have very little interest in watching womens boxing.

      • Yeah, maybe she does, but not like the female boxers in the late 70’s and 80’s. These broads were missing teeth, had shaved heads, mullets or some kind of punkrock coif. They prideded themselves on looking as unattractive as they possibly could. I boxed as a kid in the early at 80’s at a PAL gym. A female boxer took over the program. She was some kind of womens world champion and I was pretty amazed and curious about her. I remember thinking “everything about her says man, except I do believe she is in fact a woman”

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