WBO Pres Paco suggests superfights

By Joe Koizumi

During the 32nd WBO Convention here in Tokyo, Japan, the WBO president Francisco “Paco” Valcarcel accepted an interview by Japanese press people at the Tokyo Dome Hotel on Tuesday, and mentioned good possibilities of WBO-related superfights, which have been reported big in our papers today.

Paco Valcarcel
Photo: Boxing Beat

Paco said, “The WBO will endeavor to realize an anticipated unification title bout between WBA/IBF bantamweight champion Naoya “Monster” Inoue and the newly crowned WBO ruler John Riel Casimero in the nearest future.  Also, the WBO flyweight champ Kosei Tanaka, the three-division all-WBO titlist, may have an ambitious shot at the WBO junior bantam belt against compatriot and four-class kingpin Kazuto Ioka.”  If materialized, both Inoue-Casimero and Ioka-Tanaka confrontations must be truly sensational superfights here.

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  • No fight is a “truly sensational super fight”. It should be the norm that the best possible fights should be made naturally, and the fans shouldn’t have to “beg” for them.

    We would do better with an impartial computer software determining match ups instead of corrupt commissions selling us whatever they want to sell at the moment.

    Commissions are destroying the integrity of boxing by having ulterior money motives with most big fights. The formula is simple: let the best fight the best and have one true champ in every division. There can’t be multiple “world champions”; there can only be ONE per division. Even a 5 year old can understand that, but none of the boxing commissions can. Its a fundamental mistake to support these self-proclaimed boxing organizations in any way.

    We don’t need commissions who own fighters, judges, refs. We need an impartial system that has no monetary or political considerations, and just gives the world the best match ups/fights possible…all the time.

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