WBC confirms Crawford-Spence

Spence Crawford The WBC has confirmed that welterweight champions Errol Spence Jr.(28-0, 22 KOs) and Terence Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) have reached an agreement to fight July 29 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

The bout came together because both Spence and Crawford were determined to fight so their teams reached an agreement. The winner of this “best of the best” bout will become the undisputed welterweight champion and be de facto the #1 fighter in the division.

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  • It’s about time! Both still in their prime. Spence is 33 and Crawford 35, should be a good entertaining fight. Both undefeated with a lot of power. Will this go the distance? I think it will, and Crawford would need to dominate to win the titles.

    • Not sure Crawford is in his prime anymore but he is still good enough to win. That’s just good I think Crawford is. Great fight eitherone can win.

      • What about Crawford’s in ring performances say he’s not in his prime anymore? And if he’s not in his prime how is Spence? Errol only 2 years younger and his style is more brutal to his body and he’s been in more fights where he’s taken a good amount of punishment. He also crashed a Ferrari going over 100mph and was ejected out of the car breaking multiple bones in his face.

        They are both at the peak of their careers and as boxing fans we should be unbelievable pumped to see this fight

        • Crawford is still in his Prime at 35 the man is undefeated and hasn’t shown that he has declined in any way. Mayweather was still on top of his game at 40. Spence Jr. is 33 they are more evenly matched by age. It should be a great fight.

  • If I had to put money on this, I’m going with Crawford on this one. Spence is bigger, Crawford has a better toolbox, everything else is pretty even.

    • Excellent point. Crawford has the ability to be dangerous in both orthodox and southpaw stances. Crawford’s counter punching is very accurate especially when opponents move in on him to take the lead. Good fight to watch. Spence needs to establish the jab early and rack up points
      before Crawford settles into the fight by rounds 6. Once Crawford figures his opponent out and begins his assault, it’s tough to get him out of his rhythm. Crawford UD.

      • This is a great fight and it’s hard to call. Both guys get better in the later portion of the fight. Crawford figures his man out and dissects him and Spence imposes his will on his opponents and seems to get stronger as the fight goes on.

        I’m a huge fan of both guys I’ve been watching Spence since the Olympics when he didn’t even medal but I said it back then that he would be way better as a pro. His style wasn’t made for the amateurs.

        These are literally my 1a and 1b favorite fighters.

  • Finally. It was beginning to look as though this would never happen. However it’s a bit past it’s expiration date. It should have happened back in 2020. However Spence had the accident and then covid hit. So here we are three years later with a watered down version of what might have been. Both are well into their thirties now and both have been largely inactive over the last three years. That will play a role. Timing is bound to be off. Strength and speed will not be as honed. Still, they both want to win so bad and that will lead to them being in the best shape they can possibly get in. I’m going with Spence by controversial (yes, I’m calling it now) split decision. I look for him to score an early knockdown. Each round will feature a high pace from Spence with Crawford looking to place his shots. Spence will outpunch and outland him (not by too much, maybe something like 219 to 198) while Crawford will connect with the showier punches. In the end, it will be 114-113 for Crawford, 115-112 for Spence, and 114-113 for Spence. Crawford’s side will cry robbery and there will be a rematch in January 2024.

    • Can Spence handle Crawford power?
      Even though Spence 79% has a slightly higher KO % than Crawford (77%)
      Last 10 fights = 10 KOs Crawford
      Last 10 fights = 7 KOs & 3 Decisions (UD/SD) Spence

      • I think both fighters can handle eithers power. This fight will be a chess match and not a fire fight.

      • huge difference in quality of opposition ..Spence fights top 3 ranked fighters and takes belts from Current champions and Crawford fights leftovers and “picked” opponents now also remember everybody talking about Crawfords toolbox forgets only 1 of these two was an Olympian and you dont make that team without skills and a deep toolbox, also Spence is a bigger fighter who has been draining to get to 147 for years and Crawford is a much smaller guy that could also play a factor the drain may take its toll on Spence i think its a 50/50 fight as of now

  • I’ve heard this before, not holding my breath or purchasing airline tickets just yet. Correct me if I’m wrong want this fight set once before? It’s lost much of the appeal for me .

    • Then don’t watch it. You can watch more PBC tune up fights. You probably love those.

  • Still, I will wait until the bell ring for the 1st round to begin to believe… If the fight ever materialized, I am choosing Crawford

  • Love the matchup , but I wander about doing this July 29th , same night as UFC 291 which will be the biggest UFC event this summer ! Isn’t better to try and maximize the revenue maybe in August instead of going head to head against UFC biggest night ?

    • The UFC is trash. No one cares about naked men burying their faces in each other’s crotch.

  • Going with Spence and his body punching, plus he’s the bigger fighter. He looked a little shaky in spots against Garcia, but looked the part against Ugas and I think he’s fought the better opposition than Crawford. Great fight!

  • Just to confirm, the winner of this fight is still not the number one pound for pound fighter. That honor still belongs to either Usyk or Inoue. This will be the first elite level fighter either of these combatants has faced in their whole careers, so one great win does not make you the greatest in the sport.

    • I agree with Monster Inoue being in consideration for #1 pound for pound, but Usyk may have a hard time making the top 5 maybe even the top 10…..

  • Both fighters want this fight and that is the main reason is about to happen. Spence is very fast on his attack, but I don’t see enough power on him to intimadate Crawford, who in return can hurt him and win a late TKO.

  • I think the it will be a draw
    Black vs black could be kind of boring fight
    They wont hurt each other and since both are their prime and undefeated I think it will be a draw

    • Why does race or skin color matter or make this fight boring? Come on man! Or are you the type that picks a winner based of skin color or nationality? You do know what this is called right? Narrow…

    • Wtf did you just say? I’m trying to figure how how them being black has anything to do with whether the fight will be good or not.

      Racist POS. Go jump off a bridge.

    • You always play the race card. When folks deny racist fans exist, you’re the perfect example that proves otherwise. Just don’t watch the fight no one will miss you.

  • Both of them have that dog in them. It’s just who will be the bigger dog that night. True 50/50 fight. Spense has pop, the better resume, and is a bigger fighter. Crawford has that ability to adapt and create shots and sneaky power. I like Spence by majority decision.

  • Crawford will get Spence out of there. Bud has the killer instinct. Spence is happy to win on points.

  • Finally, I thought it’s gonna be another may-pac or gamboa-lopez..gonna be an awesome fight..

  • Holy Shit.. this is the mother of all fights in the current times..

      • Don’t watch it. Why are you still hanging around? You already said you don’t like black fighters

  • Spence is going to roll over Crawford like a drunk guy driving a Ferrari.

  • For me Crawford is the craftier, more uncomfortable fighter for Spence, I believe it will be a chess match that sees Crawford win by a razor sharp decision…

  • Ladies and Gentleman….ITS ON!! If we get Canelo-Benavidez is September, well then the Boxing Gods are finally smiling on us!!

  • If ever Spence can go.inside possible he will outbox Crawford.if not Crawford will be use his Jab Jab style.
    We will see who got to win this macth both of them.

  • crawford has no chance his too slow for spence, I expect a UD for spence!!

  • Honestly I think only about half of real boxing fans care enough to be fired up. So much fools gold, half truths and false promises with these two. A bit late but we’ll tune in. Thanks.

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