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WBA: How to score a round

As part of the Continuous Education program of the WBA Academy, the WBA International Judge, Gustavo Padilla, explains in the following video the 5 aspects that must be taken into account when scoring a round.

In professional or amateur boxing the goal is to try to connect effective punches to the opponent and avoid being hit, but these punches must be placed only on the vulnerable part of the body (above the belt).

That being said, the five major factors to score a round, in order of priority, are: Effectiveness, Attack, Defense, Technique and Sportsmanship.

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  • While I agree with all this as educational purposes, I believe some of the judges need a refresher course or need to quit being paid under table. Key word is “some”, not all judges.

    • On a side note, Billie Jo Saunders is under a suspension due to leaked video of giving advice on how to hit a female on the chin. Saunders admits guilt and is awaiting a hearing. This could jeopardize the fight with Canelo. I read this on MSNBC. More to come…

  • The sixth aspect is to whenever possible insure that the promoters fighter wins. Not following this insures that the seventh aspect, the payoff, will not happen.

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