Billy Joe Saunders suspended for disturbing video

Canelo Alvarez’ unannounced next opponent WBO super middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders has been suspended by the British Boxing Board of Control for posting a demonstration video on social media on the topic of how to hit a woman on the chin if she’s “giving you mouth” during the coronavirus quarantine.


The British Boxing Board of Control having considered comments made by Billy Joe Saunders on social media have suspended his boxer’s licence pending a hearing under the Board’s misconduct regulation, at a time and venue to be confirmed as soon as possible.

General Secretary

Saunders has since apologized saying the video was a joke.

This isn’t the first time Saunders has gotten in trouble for his social media videos. He previously posted a video of himself offering a female drug addict on the street “£150 of crack” in exchange for performing a sex act on his friend and assaulting a stranger for being a “pedophile.” After the woman punched a passer-by, Saunders drove away in his Rolls Royce laughing.

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  • I hope this lowlife does eventually get in the ring with Canelo and I hope Saul inflicts a prolonged beating on him capped by a knockout that makes the Kahn KO tame by comparison.

    • Not going to happen. BJS has a way better chin and better movement than Khan. Canelo wins a decision here.

    • I believe Canelo shouldn’t even fight the Wanker, Why even give hime the biggest Payday of his career after watching this, cause he’ll never get a payday of this scale and besides if he still get the fight , This clown won’t change cause he’s that much richer, I’d gut em Financially on this one.

  • This guy is a piece of shit,,remember when his son hit Saunders opponent ? on TV,,I believe they were in the UK, so they felt entitled in their territory,,,now this confirms what a pos this guy is,,,and maybe this was a way out to getting his ass kicked by Canelo

  • Kinda beginning to think that BJS just doesn’t want this fight. With stuff like this it’s hard to think that Canelo and DLH will reward him by giving him millions of dollars for this fight and they’ll eventually just say forget it and move ahead with the GGG trilogy earlier than expected.

  • Saunders is a straight up punk coward. Watching his dreadful safety first style time and time again actually is my cure for insomnia I now have taped fights of his handy instead of taking sleeping pills and they put me in snore mode In about 2 minutes. He makes Michael Nunn look like Arturo Gatti.

    His son is a little punk coward too you can YouTube him socking his daddy’s opponent right in the nuts during a weigh in, sounds about right the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.

  • The best way for us boxing fans to handle this is simple….do not support any events or promotions with him involved in any way. These types don’t deserve our attention or the money our support brings them in big fights.

    • I understand your comment, but that will not be reality. Many folks have comment boycotting Canelo’s fights due to his controversial surroundings and the ticket sales keep climbing. Talking smack is so much easier than doing it.

  • Do you guys think maybe this act is put on for ticket sales against Canelo?. Think about it… He gotcha revved up now and ya wanna see Alvarez crunch him. Money talks… LOL

  • That’s not how you do it at all. If she’s coming at you, there is no reason to ever lay a hand on her. What you gotta do is, when she’s coming at you, you side step to the right or to the left, put your hands lightly on her waist and point her towards the kitchen. Who knows, she may make you the best sandwich you’ve ever had.

  • He didnt deserve a big Canelo fight anyway. BJS just making it harder for them to justify this fight. BJS and Fury cant help but self destruct and bury themselves. Only a matter of time

  • Strange guy. It could even jeopardise the biggest fight/payday of his career. I also feel that Hearn has put more into BJSs career in the months he’s been working with him than Callum Smith who has stayed loyal to Hearn and is very decent person

  • It’s not a funny joke i agree but it was one.. Take a look at the video he’s laughing while someone is filming it.. Not an intelligent move before making millions in 36 minutes..

  • Is he an idiot or what? I know he’s kidding, but he has to realise that’s not going to go ever well..with anyone! He obviously didn’t learn his lesson last time he posted a video. He seems smart and reasonable when interviewed, I don’t get it!

  • This guy screams out for big fights then does stupid shit to ruin them.. he is his own worst enemy..

  • He is obviously joking and not serious. It’s almost like a comedy skit. I doubt he is truly telling men to knockout their wives. We see worse than this in Hollywood films and they make millions of those movies.

  • There is a linguistic-cultural barrier. Americans definitely don’t understand British Dry-Humor, this type of risque offensive humor is common among working-class Brits, sometimes sexist, sometimes racist, but its acceptable in British culture in the same way Guns are acceptable in a large segment of the US population.

  • Very sad that Saunders is resorting to disrespectful things like this. No woman ever should be a victim of a cowards attack like this. I really hope this guy changes his ways this is not even something to joke about. Saunders is an overrated fighter who actually looks very feminine he reminds me of one of those ladyboys that run around wearing leather vests and leather undies with a hole in the rear. Just saying…

  • How can anyone understand when stupidity is punished by BBBC, who once allowed a convicted rapist fight in GB ?

  • yeah the video is in bad taste but I dont like how these leagues and entities have so much control over athletes careers. to suspend his license because of this video is BS.

  • If he’s blown the biggest opportunity of his life then I don’t think he’ll get another one anywhere near this size. I do believe he is one of the best boxers… his skills and movement are right up there but it’s hard to look past the fact that he’s such a c**t, the inactivity and the missed opportunities that have dogged his career. I think it’s entertaining how he can rile up opponents before fights, nothing wrong with controversy. But that incident with the drug addict revealed a dark, cruel side to him that I don’t like. He’s a good fighter, but nobody knows that when all they get to see is this crap.

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