WBA champ Kyoguchi stops Bermudez in bloodfest

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Photos: Sumio Yamada

In a war, unbeaten WBA light flyweight super champion Hiroto Kyoguchi (16-0, 11 KOs) successfully defended his title against WBA regular champion Esteban Bermudez (14-4-2, 10 KOs) with an eighth round TKO on Saturday night at Dome Alcalde in Guadalajara, Mexico. Kyoguchi busted up Bermudez, but Bermudez showed tremendous heart and kept coming. Kyoguchi was deducted a point by referee Roberto Ramirez Jr. after a head clash in round six. By round seven, Bermudez’ face was a bloody mask. Kyoguchi was deducted another point for hitting behind the head. On the verge of a possible disqualification, Kyoguchi came out with a savage attack in round eight and forced a referee’s stoppage. Time was :24.

“I have always wanted to fight in Mexico with the great fans here and I am so glad that I did,” said Kyoguchi. “It’s a great win and I am ready for the next step. There are many other champions in the division, and I want to fight them.

“The Mexican fans love boxing – it was a tough atmosphere, but I loved it and I want to thank them for coming tonight and for their support, and for the fans in Japan too.

“I thanked him for the great fight that we put on and was sorry for the points deductions. I thought that they were a bit strict, but they gave him damage, so I was sorry for that.”

With the win, Kyoguchi becomes the WBA’s only 108-pound world champion, in line with the WBA’s world title reduction plan which has been progressing since it began in August 2021.


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    • That would be a great fight. Although I can’t seem to ever recall a unification between two Japanese champions.

      • I can’t either off the top of my head. Can’t think of one between Thai boxers either.

        I brought it up though because I think they were headed to a fight a little while ago, but Kenshiro got in trouble with a dui and then got suspended, then he came back and lost his mandatory. So they’re at least on each other’s radars.

  • Deducting points from the japanese fighter sounds like a very bias referee, typical in this Mexican city, Guadalajara and Merida used to be the worst places to fight, you had to win by KO, otherwise you didn’t win, it has not changed.

    • Are you surprised that some of the worlds most corrupt people are corrupt?

    • Id have to see the fight. But 2 deductions within 7 rounds seems excessive especially considering Hiroto is not known as a dirty fighter.

      It’s a relief that he got the stoppage in such a biased atmosphere.

    • They don’t “eat” “Mexican beef”, it’s 100% pure talent.

    • It’s the country of the samurai and the martial arts, they don’t need performance drugs, they are ferocious fighters for honor

  • Mexican fans just being Mexican by violently throwing things at Kyoguchi!

    Nice people, great country.

    • I thought it was funny how Kyoguchi “thanked” the fans and talked about how passionate they are.

      True sportsmanship. Classy champion. The fans were just trash.

      • Even the damned doctor was corrupted counting the stupid referee
        I said oh my goodness here we go… don’t ever fight in that section of Mexico for a minute I thought it was in Australia the fight even the damned Spanish announcers we’re 100% with the Mexican kept praising only when he connected and I’m Spanish

  • >