Warren waiting for green light to resume boxing

Hall-of-Fame Promoter Frank Warren has today gone public with his worry that boxing could “lose a lot of young fighters” if the sport doesn’t resume in the coming months. “We need to get on,” said Warren. “As far as boxing is concerned, if we don’t, I think we’re going to lose a lot of young fighters…It’s not like they can even train properly. They can’t get into gyms, they can’t spar.”

Accepting the need for a ‘new normal’, Warren acknowledged that financial gain for promoters will be impossible over the coming months but insisted it is imperative for the fighters and the sport itself that action is resumed.

“We’re working very closely with the boxing board of control to enable us to get something going. There’s going to be no money in it but we’ve got to get it moving.”

Chief amongst people’s concerns when discussing a return to live boxing is the issue of safety and the Queensberry head-honcho has made clear that it will be his number one priority before he promotes any future events.

“To begin with we’ll be putting shows on behind closed doors… We’ve got to work very hard on safety aspects to make sure people are tested regularly”, he said.

“This is a contact sport, a full contact sport… from the trainers to the seconds to the referees, we need to make sure it’s a safe environment for everyone involved. That is paramount.”

Warren batted away any concerns about the logistical hurdles that may involve and confirmed: “We’re ready to go!”

“We’ve got everything in place to do this as soon as we get the green light. When the government says we can commence doing things behind closed doors, we are in a good position.”

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  • I think nearly all sectors of entertainment are feeling the pinch right now. Boxing is no exception.

  • How is this different to any other business? Plenty of people can’t work this is the same argument for everyone. Fed up with Leagues and Promoters trying to get their respected sports started when the average man would still sit at home.

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