Wach defeats Kingpin in Poland

By Przemek Garczarczyk

In a clash between former heavyweight world title challengers, Mariusz Wach (36-6, 19 KOs) hammered out a ten round unanimous but rather uninspired decision over Kevin “Kingpin” Johnson (34-17, 18 KOs) on Friday night in Konary, Poland. Scores were 97-93, 98-92, 99-91.

Wach said afterward, “I injured my right hand, most likely in round seven.”

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  • Why does Kevin Johnson still get quality opportunities. He stopped years ago trying to actually win fights against decent opposition. He’s been ripping off fans for years with his risk averse survive the distance strategy.

    • Only reason I can think of is he goes the full distance and gives his opponent the rounds they need.

    • Because, quite simply, he’s a journeyman and that’s what they do. Opponents during this time are very limited so I can understand why Wach’s team chose Johnson. I’ll agree he is very frustrating to watch though

  • It is sad to see Kingpin still fighting, especially when you can tell he is no longer trying to win. He was once a truly talented boxer. He had a wonderful left jab and a nice overhand right/right cross. I think he could have been a champion with better management of his career. He had the talent to win, the defense, the jab and the right hand all those things that we have seen fighters use to climb the ladder in the past…think a poor mans Larry Holmes.
    I hope Kevin doesn’t get injured or suffer permanent damage, the good thing is that he still knows how to roll with punches and can avoid damage, thus the rather dull matches. Anyway, I just wanted to post a few words about KJ. I truly thought he would grab a title when he was first coming up through the ranks and obviously I was wrong, but always enjoyed watching Kevin, not so much now. Take care KJ and be safe brother.

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