Villa camp fine with Ellis rematch

Interestingly, despite coming out on top in an IBF welterweight eliminator on Saturday night, the camp of Roiman Villa is talking more about an immediate rematch with “Speedy” Rashidi Ellis rather than a title shot against IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence or IBF interim welterweight champion Boots Ennis.

“In one of my tweets before the fight, I said that a star would be born in this fight and I was right,” said promoter Sampson Lewkowicz. “The plan worked perfectly. You can only get away for so long against an animal like Villa. And if Ellis wants to complain, he can have a rematch any time. Just ask. Villa will do it again, but this time it will be even quicker. If not, we are ready for Boots Ennis if he wants to fight.”

Villa-Ellis was a close fight, so a rematch wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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  • Idk if Ellis really wants any more of that. Now that Villa has him figured out, I predict a much easier victory. I think he stops Ellis this time.

    • Agreed Willis, but he needs to work on his jab. He was missing upstairs a lot, more bodywork earlier

  • Villa wll just start earlier this time but he needs to work on his jab. He swung and missed a lot of punches to the head, I think he will adjust and work the body more.

  • Respect for Villa taking the immediate rematch instead of waiting around for a title shot. A star was indeed born and that star exposed Ellis easily. It’ll be the same turnout or maybe even by stoppage the next time.

  • Very smart move because Villa might win easily this time and that will enhance his purse whether against Ennis or Spence

  • Given the fact that they were hinting Ennis vs Ellis, I think it be really interesting to see Ennis vs Villa! While there’s no doubt in my mind that I thought Ellis won on points vs Villa, unfortunately for Ellis the rematch may prove to be worse for him!

  • Ellis won every round except the 12th round. Ellis was robbed and team Villa know they’re not ready for Spence.
    Boxing judges have no respect and have an obvious agenda against Boxer’s that can hit and not get hit.

    • HAHAHA Every round expect the 12th??? He was getting backed up into the corner the whole second half of the fight and was knocked down twice. His little pitty pat punches weren’t scoring the way Villas bombs were. He was landing the far more significant punches. Ellis lost this fight. The majority of the people on this site think so and obviously so did the judges. You’re in the minority in thinking he won.

  • Ellis all hype, he actually fought someone with a heat beat and lost, not to mention he was looking ahead to a Boots fight. Pffffffffffffffffffff he got what was coming and a rematch he gets KTFO.

  • I had the fight 114-112 for Ellis in the end. I think this is one of those cases where Ellis should have won the boxing match on the scorecards…yet Villa won the fight if that makes any sense. In other words had this been a fight in a parking lot most would say definitively that Villa got the better of it and won. However imo in a round by round boxing match on a 10 point must system…I feel Ellis deserved the nod. When I was watching I was thinking this is looking a bit like a Chavez – Taylor 1 situation. It pretty much ended the same way…thank goodness the ref did not stop it. That said…if that round has any more time in it Villa was stopping him! I can understand Ellis disagreeing with the score…but he was a beaten man who was saved by the final bell. Had the decision gone his way if I were him I would still feel that I may have won technically but I was still beaten.

    • Is a great analogy Pete, but the rematch, if they do it, would be like Monzon vs Benvenuti

      • Monzon vs Benvenuti just a few years ahead of my time Burucho. I started during the Hagler era. This fight could also be compared a bit to Margarito – Cotto 1. Margarito with or without loaded gloves got to Cotto a round earlier though.

  • Good for Villa to offer a rematch. Let’s see what Ellis does.

    I pick Villa in the rematch because I expect Villa to apply early pressure with constant body shots. This time, we will see if Villa also uses a long jab to close the distance on Ellis. In the rematch, Villa will physically and mentally wear down Ellis sooner.

    Based on his boxing style, Ellis better get in better condition for the rematch and develop a better right hand punch, so Villa can have some respect for the right hand.

  • Ellis only fighting 1 round in 27 months may have had something to do with the end of that fight…just saying

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