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  • Throughout his boxing career, Shawn Porter put on his hard hat, rolled up his sleeves and put in that boxing grunt work.

  • Fun to watch, a true prize fighter, throwback.ultimate professional..all descriptive terms that you want a fighter to be…and He has a future in commentating, no knock on Bradley but would rather watch Porter instead….if his statement holds true and this is his last fight…Thanks for the memories and yes, I was entertained!!!!!!

  • People don’t realize the levels to this…. In some cases it’s razor thin, but levels nonetheless. There are good fighters. Really good fighters. Great fighters and then legendary fighters!!

    • I was also thinking where does he go from here??! He’s not a point where he could dictate a rematch with Spence or Thurman (whom hasn’t fought in like forever). Fight young bucks like Boots Ennis or Ortiz…Yikes!!!

    • – The fact that Porter was going to retire after this fight, (win, lose, or draw) explains why Kenny Porter threw in the towel when he did.
      – Not saying that I agree with throwing in the towel, but at least I understand it now.
      – Take care.

  • What a joke! This is why you don’t have a father as your trainer. This is the way Shawn honors Hagler, are you kidding me? Hagler cut bad in the 3rd round with blood streaming down his face told the ref don’t stop this damn fight and was cleared to continue to go on fighting and knocked out Hearns later in the round, now that’s a warrior not this pussy footing crap today in boxing where ref’s and corner stop the fight because there’s some blood or a knock down, it’s boxing for crying out loud, I miss the fighters of the 1960’s 70’s and even 80s and 90s.

  • Nice and respectful but not great. He beat no one of notoriety. His biggest wins are Danny Garcia and Adrian Broner. His losses Kell Brook, Keith Thurman, Errol Spence Jr. and Terrance Crawford. He fought good fighters hats off to him but didn’t beat anyone great. He should retire. Nothing left for him to build back up against.

  • Probably not the greatest fighter but allways fought the best out there win, lose or draw.. He got my respect and wish him the best for the future. I’m sure he would’ve done better without his father in the corner though..

  • Guys, my apologies.. I didn’t get to see but only heard from here that Crawford had won by stoppage from Porter’s dad stopping the fight. But now I see Porter is retiring!?!? What in the hell is going on? In the short bits I did get to see these guys were going tit for tat and porter was winning rounds…what gives????

    • Porter’s dad saw things in his son we as armchair warriors only can hypothesize about in that given scenario. There is more to life than just boxing. Shawn’s dad knew his son was in a situation where he was struggling. Stopping the fight gave him peace of mind Shawn can protect his future health, spend quality family time together, and ride off in the sunset as a confident team. The stoppage to me meant so much more than just a boxing match.

      • Scoob:
        – I do not disagree w/you often, but I respectfully disagree this time.
        – If you wear the “WAR” hat / robe into the ring ala Marvelous Marvin, then you are expected to act like the Marvelous One in the ring.
        – The fact that Porter was going to retire after this fight, (win, lose, or draw) explains why Kenny Porter threw in the towel when he did.
        – Take care.

  • Porter is a great fighter and class act. I hope he reconsiders his stance and continues to box.

  • It sounds like this was a complete over-reach by his dad to stop the fight. It doesn’t sound like he was hurt or out of it. Maybe they are so close that he can’t see that having his dad in his corner might be a set back for what happened in this fight.

  • If there is a more decent man in boxing than Shawn Porter, I haven’t seen him. I hope that he follows the examples of men like Gene Tunney and Andre Ward and doesn’t continue boxing. Tunney and Ward used boxing for their personal and financial improvement rather than let boxing use them.

  • When Holyfield lost to James Toney more convincingly [ than Crawford v. Porter ] and at an advanced age. Evander said he would wait and not make an emotional decision, about his next move.
    Shawn was visibly ‘not hurt’ as he pounded the canvas, during the last knockdown. His father reacted as a father and no one can contend that. Yet, it is still — very emotional — for their years of professional experience – together. Again, Shawn was pounding the canvas. Repeatedly ! That is not the customary reaction to being hurt [ for the chief second to stop a fight ]. Fighters, that claim to be gladiators argue their towel waiver or decision maker to stop their battle because they are attached to their gladiatorial fibers. Shawn completely agreed with his father. No urgency whatsoever to have continued. That is surrendering. It’s not about disrespecting his father. It’s about defending his gladiatorial reputation thereof and futuristically. Even Shawn was emotional pounding the canvas. That behavior is amateurish, uncommon and hardly ever seen at his reputation’s level. In this post—fight conference, it is beyond clear.
    L I S T E N to their words. Their verbiage regarding their decision [ to stop the fight and retire ] is due largely to Shawn being outclassed.
    That is their major concern and NOT having answers pre-fight or during.
    That is their fault. The ‘retirement’ is not about his health or a lack of motivation pre-fight or post—fight to [ continue fighting ].
    ©️ Coach Hilario 2021. One trainer is not enough, career—long. It’s not just for one fight or several.
    I have approached many trainers to help them, they declined, due to ego. Thereafter, I watched their men lose without the muscle memory [ and brain trust ] I suggested to merely improve; the Pugilist’s winning percentile [ while one walks down the aisle for battle ]. Many of these fights were on HBO and Showtime. Others were on amateur levels.

    • Did you actually copyright your own statement in this post? Can you please remind us again of who you actually are? Who have you trained that we have ever heard of for you to talk like this?

  • His dad is a joke. Never liked him. Shawn seems like a good guy but he always thought he was better than he is. He’s an average fighter that loses all the “big” ones. He has no choice but to retire and get behind the mic. His era of big fights would usually just be good fights in eras prior. I really can’t stand his dad. Such a terrible trainer and a fool in general.

    Good riddance to his retirement. Nobody ever said they wanted to see whatever top fighter face him. He’s a stepping stone/gatekeeper.

    • I beg to differ. Shawn Porter is actually an overachiever and anything but “average.” Sure, he wasn’t orthodox or refined like other competitors in his division. He looks as if he should have been a running back and not a boxer. Despite everything, this man managed to earn the IBF and coveted WBC title, making him a 2 time- champion.

      This is the first time he was stopped after facing all top competitors in his division. Porter is anything but “average” because he gave everyone he ever faced pure hell. He was on the end of come razor sharp split decisions which isn’t always due to the fighter but politics. He’s a former 2 time- champion in the hardest weight class in boxing, hall of famer and lived his dream, while your bum ass is sitting on the couch eating cookies in your grandma’s basement dropping crumbs on your stomach watching life go by.

      • – Agreed with almost everything you stated, Hawn.
        – Not sure about “while your bum ass is sitting on the couch eating cookies in your grandma’s basement dropping crumbs on your stomach watching life go by.” But funny, none-the-less.
        – Take care.

  • Good for you Porter. You have fought everyone and always gave 100%, plus you are an good commentator. You’ve accomplished everything inside of the ring to the best of your abilities, and now it’s time to accomplish everything you want outside of the ring.

  • On of the VERY FEW who has truly fought the creme da la creme of the division. I respect this man and he will be missed as a competitor. First ballot hall of famer.

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