Crawford-Porter Post-Fight Press Conference

By Miguel Maravilla

WBO welterweight world champion Terence “Bud” Crawford (38-0, 29 KOs) talked about his big win over two-time champion “Showtime” Shawn Porter (31-4-1, 17 KO’s). With the win Crawford now sets his sights on a potential welterweight showdown against Errol Spence Jr.


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Video: Shawn Porter Announces His Retirement
Crawford-Porter comments, Porter retires

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  • The day of the Pugilist, having one trainer is closing. Football, basketball, hockey and baseball all have offensive and defensive teams and coaches, strategy coordinators, various specialists, numerous coach’s assistants and everyone has no choice but to work together. They know it’s not a ONE person involvement and or mastery.
    I see fighters today, still with one trainer and that is completely unreliable [ even those with two periodically, is not enough ]. Think about it.
    We have only seen 25% of all fighters. The remaining 75% potential were and are missed because of the histrionics of one trainer, per pugilist. When you stand in front of a vehicle you can’t see the rear, the passenger and driver doors or the bottom and top. Thus, the Pugilist needs angular growth within boxing science to attain their maximum potential. This can only be attained through Boxing Residency™️
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    • The major difference though is that all the various coaches you mentioned (from the NFL, NBA, etc..) are paid by the franchise they work for. For a boxer to have all the various trainers/coaches, it would come directly out of his or her purse.

      • They’re also coaching TEAMS of athletes each playing various positions and roles within their teams. Historically, when some boxers have engaged teams of people to help with various aspects of the sport when necessary.

        • @Coach Hilario If that was directed at me, then yes, I have no idea what Boxing Residency is. I looked it up, and found a site called that has you as a contact. I just glanced through it, but it seems to be aimed at beginners?

          • Thank you for asking.
            I Favor O N L Y The Christ YAHshua. And for this particular Worship; today, my unprecedented Biblical software; Boxing Ring Chess™️ is the financial infrastructure to erect the first-ever Boxing Residency™️. Two ‘firsts’ for Fistiana. The Christ is faithful to the Faithful. Not the ‘talkers’ or pretenders. No boxer – in history – hath assembled order and legislative measures to preserve the Pugilist healthfulness during and post-career. I was raised boxing in The Petronelli AC. Brockton MA, USA.

    • This is the biggest nonsense I have ever heard …… I think your disliked tell the story. I didn’t even finish reading your post.

    • Disagree… understand your statement but disagree…the key is finding that special trainer…in the old days you didn’t see fighters jumping from trainer to trainer cause the trainers really knew the craft in all phases…from mental and physical development to nutrition, etc…a great coach really knows the science of the sport.from Cus, Futch,..Steward. to Phil Jackson, Woody Hayes, Belichick….all have the special element of knowing the science behind the sport..great trainers are a combination of a boxing engineer and tenichian rather than just a tenichian that can show you how but cannot explain the “why”.., look at the great fighters only had one maybe to trainers…from amateurs to pro…very difficult to find …

  • Spence has been inactive too long, plus the issue with the eye. He needs to take 1 or 2 fights before he gets in Crawford.

  • I was already a huge fan of Bud. it turns out he’s even better than i thought. This guy is a great fighter and a throwback to when boxing was an art. The seeet science.
    Im not taking anything away from Canelo. Canelo is good too, probably even great. But Bud is a once in a generation fighter. He could fight and do well in any era. Better appreciate it now.

    • Oh and congratulations to Shawn Porter. Always in the fight, no excuses, always fought the best, a good sport and a true gentleman. He shouldn’t be disappointed. He’s a great fighter and will probably be back. I hope he’s content with retirement and managed his money well. He has nothing to prove. You could argue that his fights with Thurman, Brook and Spence could’ve gone either way and he beat swift Garcia and AB just to name a few.

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