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      • Bingo! Much like Mayweather, Crawford’s fights lack spark. The difference is that unlike Crawford, Mayweather was able to draw the public in with his outside-the-ring persona.

  • I’m thinking he ends up staying at Top Rank. It’ll be interesting if he leaves though. He’s probably just past his physical prime at 34, if he ever wanted to REALLY go chase Spence – Ugas and then go up after Charlo, now would definitely be the time. But I’m thinking he stays and ends up fighting Josh Taylor and the Castano – Tszyu winner.

    • He’s already said he’s not resigning. He’s going to try the Canelo route.

  • Boxing is at it’s lowest point. Spence and Crawford are laughing at young fight fans. It’s pathetic. These two clowns have been avoiding each other for five years. It took one year for Leonard and Hearns to make their fight @147 unification fight. Boxing has learnt nothing from the Pac Floyd disaster and never will.

      • A different world ?? Lol. No it’s not. Clown. Watered down boxing fans like yourself are boxing’s weakness. Meanwhile UFC fighters have to fight each other while boxers postpone fights only to make more money. Clowns like you would rather see fighters wear more gold chains and buy more fast cars than watch competitive fights. Tryhard.

        • It must break your heart to see black fighters making money. By the way, Where are you red necks represented in this game? Your last outpost was Plant, and look what Canelo did with him. You will soon be crying over the UFC as well, it is being dominated by Nigerians, and just in case ya don`t know they are black.

          • You are the biggest racist on this forum and I don’t understand why the moderators aren’t ghosting your comments. Tell me though, how many champions in the UFC are from Nigeria, to say they are dominating. I’m waiting…….

          • See, crap like you ,think you have the monopoly on things, but you are talking to someone who don`t give a damn about if you are offended or not. I have been reading you on this page always talking crap bout black fighters, you always have something negative to say about black fighters and the PBC. There are 2 Nigerian and one Cameroonian champs in the UFC, in a couple of years there will be more, leaving germs like you to cry in your beer. If they want to ban me here let them do that, you should have been banned a long time ago. The likes of you can give it , but can`t take it. If the fact that i hate the likes of you a racist, then i raise my hand, as a matter of fact i raise both hands.

          • I’m Aboriginal. Redneck ?? Man your obsessed with race. Who said anything about race ??

  • Lol, three months ago, that serpent Arum said he was “losing money “ messing with Bud, now he loves the guy and he has ‘unlimited options “ .

  • Bob Arum is a promoter, which means he’s completely full of sh*t. I always thought Arum was just as immoral as Don King in many ways. King was just an easier target because he was so ostentatious with his gaudy bling, wacky hair, and verbosity. King also came from the streets whereas Arum came from a prominent law school. I just hope they both go away soon because their collective stank has permeated boxing for too long. Crawford can do a ton of great business with PBC or DAZN and should just focus on making the fights that matter and people want to see at this point. The money will still be there for Bud with or without Top Rank (preferably without). Spence, Ugas, Ennis, Ortiz…all are outside of Top Rank and are the opponents I want to see for Bud.

    • Like Bob said — Go ahead and look at your options. And see if you can make the big money with the others. Good Luck.

  • Al Haymon will make him go through Ugas and aThurman before allowing him to fight Spence. That is how PBC Protects his main cash cows.

    • Johnny B. Good
      spence vs ugas?
      forget thurman lol
      and nobody really wants to see ugas
      its spence or nothing over there.

      • I admit I want Spence/Crawford but I’d take Ugas against either of them. Ugas is more than a live dog. Would prefer Crawford Ugas cuz if Crawford has the WBA and WBO it would be easier to make Bud/Spence a 50/50 split.

  • I’ll wxnd the speculation here. Crawford is finished with Top Rank. Take that to the bank.

    • You just heard what Bob said. He is playing chess — Bud leaves TR, his options are severely limited to make $$$. That is how boxing politics. Like he said — go ahead and see what you want to do Bud.

  • Arum, and his antiquated political corporatist b*******, needs to die already. He and his ilk are what is wrong with boxing. Crawford is far better off as a free agent calling his own fights and his own shots no matter where he fights, and we as fans are as well.

    • He is? My guess is you don’t know too much about the boxing business. Look at what Bob said. Listen closely. Why do you think some fighters make mega $$$, and others do not?

  • For me Spence or Ennis…plus the winner of the superfight (for me) Vergil Ortiz vs David Avanesyan…. what a fight !!!

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