Crawford: Who’s #1 in the welterweight division now?

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A golden opportunity was missed to see WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford and WBC/IBF welterweight champion Errol Spence go face-to-face on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

Spence attended Crawford’s fight against former champ Shawn Porter, but as soon as Crawford stopped Porter, Spence rose from his seat, shook his head disparagingly, and left the arena.

Crawford was surprised to hear Spence was even there.

“He was at my fight?” Crawford told Bernardo Osuna in the ring. “That boy said he was never going to be at my fight but now he’s at my fight. You saw what I did compared to what he did. Who’s #1 in the welterweight division now? Y’all know who I want. I’ve been calling him out!”

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    • Scooby I agree I before Porter Spence said he think the fight should be 70/40 him now with Crawford show last night I think the money should be 50 50 but Crawford might be the A side either way this is the fight fight fans want to see

      • So you think he should get 50/50 just because he defended his belt against a guy Spence already beat? Lmao Nothing has changed. Spence has 2 belts and Crawford has 1. Worst case 60/40 for Spence. Note Spence is trying to get Ugas belt which means Spence will have. 3 belts and Crawford 1. You don’t get 50/50 when a guy has 3 belts.

        • This is assuming that these belts are really important-they are not when there are four “world” champions in every division. Let the best fight the best without worrying about who has what trinket.

        • It’s not about the belts, it’s about the importance of the fighter not the belts he possesses.

      • That diva/soyboy A side B side shit needs to go. This started about 11 years ago and has not let up. You’re right though in that the fight NEEDS to happen. They can talk all they want and we can speculate as well, but Crawford can’t unify until Spence gets in there. LOL!!! What I meant to say was that we won’t have an undisputed champ until they fight.

      • Ugas has 4 losses and lost to Porter so no wouldn’t be a better fight than Spence. Lets not duck here.

  • Said it before and I’ll say it again; Spence is not the same fighter since the accident, hell, he might even be a clone. Crawford is very good, definitely in the conversation for pound for pound best, but at 34, time is elapsing, and Boots Ennis is waiting in the wings to take that top welterweight spot when given a chance.

  • I am a Crawford fan, but there is no #1 in the welterweight division for as long as Spence and Crawford don’t fight each other. PERIOD.

  • didnt see anything special i had Porter up 6-3 going into that last round when papa Porter jumped in hmmmm and this win really doesnt say much Crawfish fights fighters Spence beat years previous and then Porter just retires as if he was n his last leg ???

  • Wondering out loud: “as soon as Crawford stopped Porter, Spence rose from his seat, shook his head disparagingly, and left the arena.”
    – Because he couldn’t believe that Kenny Porter threw in the towel??

  • As I have said many times before, Crawford has a very high ring IQ. Crawford uses the first 4/6 rounds to download all the information and then starts implementing his strategy. This was very evident rounds 7 to the end were all Crawford.

    Pappa Porter may have thrown the towel in a little early; however, the end was near…

    Crawford is the best 147 pounds fight today…

  • I have been saying for years, even before the Porter win, that Crawford would beat Spence. If the Texan is man enough to step up, he will be defeated.

  • Reading the comms below , I totally agree with SD. Also agree that the number 1 status is totally undecided.
    Just 2 other thoughts

    1 – Re Spence saying it should be a 70/40 split – it seems his maths aint as good as his boxing.

    2 – Re TC weighing opposition up – that could be a dangerous thing to do vs Spence and he may need to start faster.

  • Crawford vs. Victor Ortiz or Boots Ennis is honestly more appealing to me than a bout with Spence at this point. Spence didn’t look that great against Danny Garcia and that torn retina conflated with his car crash and inactivity has taken the luster off a Crawford-Spence matchup, IMO. Of course I’d still tune in for it but that bout just isn’t as mouth-watering to me as it was two years ago as I think Crawford wins it with relative ease.

    • Agreed Walter. While I’d still be interested in Spence-Crawford, I seriously doubt Spence is the same guy now as he was before the accident. Crawford-Ennis is THE match-up now IMO. With Crawford at 34, hopefully that fight gets put together before too long. Ennis would have his chin tested in that fight. Curious to see what that would look like….

    • Let’s have Spence Vs Crawford. Is Spence ready. He was a coward before the accident too to avoid Crawford. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan or not. If you like the fight or not. Fighters need to decide if they can raise to the occasion and take the fight. That decides who us better fighter after the fight takes place. Remember Mayweather would loose to Manny when Manny is at his peak time. Mayweather refused to fight Manny giving all vague reasons. Mayweather cannot punch but can avoid punches and fights too.

  • think yall, porter gave bud issues and porter cannot actually throw a punch correctly. he jump jabs, he hooks at the wrong distance. he has nothing but aggression. right cross? please. spence is a fundamentals guy. bud was sloppy and all over the place. he missed a ton of punches. spence will come in at 165 lbs. bud is a skinny guy. nuff said kids.

  • Crawford is right. lets see it already
    maybe pbc will promote this fight. they seem always willing to lose money

  • The politics and reasoning in boxing are beyond stupidity. Here you have 2 undefeated champions in their physical prime (or not far from it) and they (EVERYONE involved) can’t come to some sort of understanding….? I just don’t get it. Both fighters stand to make career paydays and again no one can come to their senses. As usual we the fans are cheated and it’ll be another fight, of many, that didn’t get made!!

  • Kenny said “look son if he drops you fall again and Ill stop it so we can go collect our winnings bets that you will lose by tko. Thats a double paycheck for us. Then we retire with a bigger bag” lolol….

  • I am not a Crawford fan but I will say this about him. I like that he can brawl and I do like how he stayed outside with Porter to utilize his speed. Crawford is faster then Spence and I agree Spence is not the same since the accident. Would be a good fight. Then the winner should fight Ennis.

    • Accident or not. He needs to face Crawford. Even before accident he was refusing to fight. Spence a coward like Mayweather a Coward

  • me holding sign in press conference “we dont know who the best welter is terrence because the top 2 fighters havent fought each other yet. we dont care how much better someone did against shawn porter”

    • Spence the culprit and coward. He will lose to Crawford. Otherwise why is he running away?

  • whats interesting is this Crawfish fights either has been or fighters contemplating retirement and ESPN/Top Ranks team of shit polishers do a marvelous job of making Crawfish look like hes the top dog not only in the division but P4P yet he has yet to fight a fighter with a real 50/50 chance of winning Porter is his best win on not only his resume but at 147lbs and Porter was winning the fight until pops all of the sudden says oh my son is down hes had enough? great job Top Rank/ESPN now since they are so high on him make the fight with Spence happen already tired of seeing todays fighters let their promoters wait 10 years too late to fight each other NOT one of todays champions would be top 5 ranked in the 80s to 90s all this BS talk about its “business” is BS go sell cars or houses the real game of boxing is about being the best or trying to be.

    • Crawford is an intelligent fighter. He knows when he needs a knock out. W matters. Bring on Spence.

    • Thank you boxing.historian I said the same thing about Crawford these fighters take and talk too much they win one big fight now you boxing fan waits forever how long Ryan Garcia devin Haney who is kambosos.Crawford vs Spence it’s going to be like mayweather and.Pac man just like sugar ray and Hager 3-5.years wait time god I miss the fighters.from the 70’s and 80-s great and better fights then god bless and happy thanksgiving

  • Are there any other fighters around that weights? Regis Prograis? Who else ? Mayweather and pac would’ve destroyed Crawford in their prime , winky , Oscar, mosely, any of em and more would ever handled Crawford

  • Because he beat Porter,
    Crawford: Who’s #1 in this division now!?
    Spence: Been there. Done that.
    Thurman: me too!
    Crawford and Spence: Shut up Keith!

  • Spence has to be Crawford’s next opponent, we fans are tired of waiting ! Bob let’s make it happen !!

    • Bob couldn’t make the fight for years. Crawford is a free agent now. Bob is likely not going to have anything to do with it.

      I doubt it happens. Spence didn’t want to fight him before, with all that talk about A side and the other side of the street. He certainly won’t want to fight him now. Only way that happens is if one of the organizations makes one the mandatory for the other.

  • Loved it when Crawford said; “I thought that boy was never gonna come to any if my fights”. Spence stormed out of the venue after seeing his previous foe getting knockout in the 10th round.

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