Vergil Ortiz Jr. Statement

First and foremost l am very sorry and disappointed to not be fighting this Saturday. Camp was going great. I was doing very good in sparring and training in general. But for the last 2 weeks, I didn’t feel like myself. I just felt like my body was deteriorating and I didn’t know why and it was frustrating. Being the fighter that l am, I tried toughing it out, But when it’s your own body fighting against you, there’s little you can do. Luckily my dad was also able to tell I wasn’t right and took me to the doctor. We ran some tests and the doctor concluded that I had Rhabdomyolysis. l was hospitalized yesterday and had to stay overnight. It could’ve been a lot worse and I’m thankful that we caught it on time. I am very sorry if I let you guys down. Believe me, if there was o hair of a chance of me fighting, I would be.

Vergil Ortiz Jr.

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  • Rhabdomyolysis is nothing to sneeze at in terms of one’s health. In general terms, Rhabdomyolysis is a breakdown in skeletal muscle structure which if untreated, can lead to kidney damage. Risk factors include viral exposure, sepsis, trauma, extreme physical strain, certain medications (statins), and even ingestion of ethanol or other substances. Yes,
    I see this condition on occasion in the hospital. Ortiz needs to be treated in a clinical setting and monitored for a few days.

    • thanks for the insight Scoobs. I was about to google it and I saw u had commented. I remember this is your expertise so i figured I would read ur comment and got the info I needed. thanks again man.

      • Exactly, because you can’t think for yourself or do your own research. No wonder America got taken over.

        • – Why do you respond in such a matter?
          – What makes you believe that he can’t think for himself or do his own research?
          – “No wonder America got taken over.”
          WTF does this mean???

    • I knew before I even opened the comments your medical analysis was forthcoming. LMAO.

    • is that something that can recover from 100% or is there lasting problems is it also that he should be fighting at a higher weight

      • Peterf, the cases I have seen recover based on the reversal of the catalyst directly causing the condition. The key to victory is recognition of early symptoms and treating the cause. For example, if a boxer developed Rhabdomyolysis right after a brutal 12-rounder, then treatment would require rest, IV fluids, lab work, and even oxygen depending on arterial blood gas samplings. However, the condition would get worse if the above steps would not be taken sooner than later. I can see how some cases could lead to permanent kidney damage, but I think in more extreme cases. Hope this helps.

        • In other words, if he continues to delude himself in believing that he’s a welterweight then this condition could get worse. Once his stent in the hospital is done and he doesn’t attempt to make 147 anymore, I guarantee you he will never suffer from this condition again. Scooby I understand for optics and the fact that you are a healthcare professional you need to share your knowledge, but you’re being totally dishonest if you think that this condition is going to linger on outside of Ortiz continuing to deteriorate his body deliberately. Remember, we live in an information age so I don’t have to go to medical school to know these things.

          • I am not trying to be dishonest about anything and every medical case is unique in its own right. Conditions and syndromes affect everyone differently. Every fighter is affected differently by stressors they face through training.

          • I’m not calling you dishonest but I just wanted to make sure that you weren’t articulating that Ortiz just acquired some complicated condition out of the blue. And this recent post just confirmed what I said, and that was that this condition was brought about by the extreme stress that Ortiz was putting his body through trying to make 147. Scooby you know that these guys who are completely draining their body all the way down to their cells of life giving water, are putting their lives on the line every time they do so. There are a whole lot more conditions than what Ortiz had that can develop from dangerously dehydrating oneself. Not to mention that they go and get hit only 30 some hours after they were near death.

          • I actually have a strong dislike for you, but for once i agree 100% with what you wrote here. The guy is not a welter. he is huge, look at the pic with him and a old retired DeLa Hoja , the guy is much bigger than Oscar in both height and girth with a Mike Tyson neck. it is amazing that he gets down to 147.

          • I’m not here to be liked and if I were you I wouldn’t like me either. Losers are always going to hate Winners in life. Envy is a very powerful emotion. However, you seem to be level-headed in your posting about boxing and so I can see why you would agree with what I wrote. Because it’s true and very obvious.

    • Rhabdomyolysis can also be caused by severe dehydration and any honest healthcare professional would agree with me. If Ortiz Jr. moves up to 154, his oddly named condition will be a thing of the past.

      • Yes, massive dehydration is stress on the body. If a fighter exercises on top of being hydrated, then yes, Rhado could develop.

      • There are multiple factors that can contribute to the development of Rhabdo. I suppose if I would have listed all of them from a textbook it would be quite a list. 🙂

  • Best wishes to him. He’s 23 years old, he’ll be 24 next week and a world class athlete. I’m assuming and hoping that he’ll recover just fine.

  • Ugh! Sounds like a move to 54 now! Unfortunately he wasn’t able to become champ @40 or 47….?!

  • Get well champ! And Good for him people aren’t demanding he post the paperwork like they did Errol Spence. He gets a pass.

  • Get well champ.. Boxing and us fans will be right here waiting for you once your back to 100%

  • …as I’m here hitting the bag and thinking how old I am I am amazed how Jake Paul is fighting a bunch of pussies and making almost all the money. Tyron Woodley promised to throw hands in the second fight and didn’t do it. He’s not a boxer. Im old and I’m a better boxer than anyone Jake Paul has fought. Show me the money. show me the MOOOOOOONEY!!!!!!! Jake Paul’s a Bitch.

  • Yeah, this diagnosis of this oddly named condition was brought on by one simple fact. YOU CAN’T MAKE 147 ANYMORE. You don’t have some rare condition that you were just unlucky enough to develope. I guarantee you if Ortiz Jr moves up to 154, his Rhabdomyolysis will mysteriously go away. Not really a mystery though if you have intelligence

    • I see your point on the weight loss issues in the development of Rhabdo. What is scary is the fact that Ortiz could be predisposed to Rhabdo throughout his whole boxing career. How? Stressors affect everyone differently and genetics, age, flaws in organ systems, etc. make us all prone to different diseases or processes at varied rates.

  • Typically Rahbdo comes from severe overtraining. A lot of competetive crossfitters get it because they’re essentially doing whole body workouts all the time. The body needs a break.

    Fatass Dan Rafael ,of all people, said Ortiz was having a problem with his weight and thats why the fight was canceled- indicating that maybe he wasn’t training seriously. On the other hand if he was working extra intensively to loose weight this could creat the kind of critically overtrained condition that leads to rhabdo.

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