Usyk-Joshua Final Press Conference

Photo: Mark Robinson/Matchroom

WBA/IBF/WBO heavyweight champion Oleksander Usyk and Anthony Joshua faced off at their final press conference ahead of Saturday’s clash in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Joshua: It’s a ‘must-win’ fight. Preparations have been tough, but I like the pressure. Robert Garcia, Angel Fernandez, members of my previous team as well; they’ve been pushing me, challenging me, ensuring I stay focused, and positioning me to get the job done and emerge victorious come Saturday night.

Oleksandr Usyk: “We learned from each other in the first fight, but this is a continuation and the first round on Saturday will be round 13. We had enough time to study each other. We were born to compete for life, for belts, for everything. The one who does not compete, does not win. All our lives are competitions for something or somebody. That’s why we are competing. We’ve had enough time to study each other and this Saturday will be a great, great fight.”

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  • You know I’ve seen commentary on threads involving this fight and some individuals have mentioned Ukraine and Nazi’s in the same sentence as Putin himself has, and I’m not calling Usyk a Nazi, but I’ll be darned if that new hairdo and mustache he dons in this pic is not remnant of the infamous Adolf Hitler. I hate to be that guy. Usyk be decision!

    • Agreed, Usyk by UD. Joshua will be a target to be hit as the fight progresses since he cant time Usyk’s movement.

    • Ridiculous comment. Usyk is wearing traditional Cossack clothing and hair style, the hair style he originally had.

      • Correct,thats a typical Cossack man!No Nazi here,foolish comment from DMV!

    • The ONLY way AJ can make himself look good in a bit PPV fight against Tyson Fury is if he knocks Usyk out cold, but I don’t see it happening. I will say AJ by decision.

      • Not so long ago Joshua looked to be the best of the heavyweights-maybe still is. Usyk getting up there in age and can see Joshua winning the rematch.

    • Being white and having a moustaphe does not makes you a nazi. Stop being stupid.

  • Lets get this over with.
    Hopefully Fury comes out of retirement, and fights the winner, In the largest venue ever…

  • I should like Usyk more. That pose and stance in the picture is pure pro wrestling

  • I hope iam wrong!

    Too big of a stage for Joshua not talking about number of fans
    Too important of a fight for him and I see him getting careless and getting Tkoed between rd 6-8

  • Hard to say but they both look the same weight? Usyk maybe up from 221 to about 228.

  • >