Upset: Kambosos takes down The Takeover

Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

In a huge upset, George ‘Ferocious’ Kambosos Jr. (20-0, 10 KOs) won a twelve round split decision over undisputed lightweight champion Teofimo ‘The Takeover’ Lopez (16-1 12 KOs) and seized his WBA, IBF, WBO, and WBC franchise on Saturday night at the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City.
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Kambosos dropped Lopez with a big right hand at the end of round one and largely outboxed Lopez until round nine, which Lopez clearly won.
Photo: Ed Mulholland/Matchroom

Lopez knocked down Kambosos in round ten, but Kambosos survived. Kambosos rebounded in round eleven. In the end, scores were 115-111, 115-112 Kambosos, 114-113 Lopez.
Photo: Melina Pizano/Matchroom

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      • It ok Scooby for your delusional winning choice. hahaha but everyone gets it wrong from time to time. Im a Aussie i new what was coming.,

    • Lol. It’s all good if you use logic. Because the only real logical reason is because it’s obvious Teo was having trouble making weight. They fight this fight 6 months ago Teo most likely destroys him.

      • The real reaon he lost was because he was just focusing on the money and not on boxing. When was the fight with Lomachenko ? Some people fight for glory, others just for the millions.

  • We’ll deserved i had him winning 8 rounds to 4 rounds, Lopez won’t beat the other top guys and I’m even including Ryan Garcia even with his chin?

    • Quit it. He beat Lomachenko. Crazy how quickly people can forget these things. Not an easy task.

      López might be letting his personal life get to him. It’s been the downfall of some of the best fighters in history. If he gets his shit together he will be on top again. If he doesn’t we might be reading about him slapping his wife around or something like that and imploding.

      The future is up to him. Congrats to the new champ.

  • Only an upset to those who said TEO wins this. Fight of the year for sure! Kambosos wins every time against Teo! Congrats to both!

    • I’m one of those who thought Teo would win. Good thing I’m not a gambler. Congrats to Kambosos on the huge win.

        • Depends on what you like, of course. More skilled fighting, yes (although Teo did not impress with skills as much as usual; more of a grit-it-out kind of fight for him). In regards to psychological drama and situational suspense the Fury-Wilder was far superior for me. The latter is more important to me, overall.

      • Different class of elites that heavily favors the lightweights. It was much more competitive and why it may not have been as exciting to many.

    • Wrong! That’s a bs comment. Unless your a Teo hater or Kambosos fan boy that does make sense. Lopez showed he’s a champ by getting a late knockdown. He literally said 2 days ago he was done at 135. That typically tells you he’s having trouble making weight. He could’ve said that anytime. Hats off to Kambosos but let’s face it. Teo was too big for 135 and time met with a layoff. Davis takes this guy out.

  • Teo just talked smack and took the mike and said he won. He is the full circle chump that he started being at the Canelo victory.

  • From 11/23, posted by me:
    “– After the fight Saturday night, we won’t have to hear who predicts what, or what people say about Kambosos’ chances.
    – Just looking to see a good scrap here.”
    And I saw a good scrap. Credit to Kambosos for finding his range and boxing very well. Congrads to the new champ.

  • Hey Teo…… keep smiling at the cameras between rounds and acting like you are some movie star!!! You clearly got out boxed and lost that fight. Your dad needs fired. ….and if you would have fought a prime Floyd Mayweather…. you would not win a single round, and likely would have been stopped late. This is BOXING….. learn how to box! These fighter that keep their hands down at their sides and think they are going to KO everyone never learn.

    • I think Teo could have boxed much better, skill-wise. I think his anger and over-confidence got the best of him; he seemed infused with a kinetic energy from the opening bell that he himself couldn’t quite get under control. Part of what is interesting about boxing: a fighter’s psychology coming into the fight is a huge factor in the outcome.

  • Looks good on Lopez! Total pussy after the Lomo fight, wouldn’t give a rematch as he knew in the second half of the fight Lomo figured him out. Lets see if he begs for a rematch or tries to earn one!

    • Interestingly, Lopez had criticized Wilder for not accepting his with his loss to Fury in the second fight. Let’s see how Lopez handles this one and whether he can accept this loss or not. For my part, Lopez lost this fight clearly.

      • You are correct bro, “the takeover, WHAT”!! This fool must be dreaming, all the boxers who don’t rematch the ex champion they are nothing but a p…y wonder how much Loma is smiling Lopez who?

  • Clear victory for Kambosos. Lopez was looking for one punch instead putting his shots together. This is what happens when you take your opponent lightly and talk to much smack! I don’t think Lopez can make the weight anymore so he should just chalk it up as a learning experience and move up. Lopez’s face really showed who won that fight

    • I rather loose my title on the scale, hey I m I n Mexico talking to another loser JCC JR, what a great waste and he was talking smack wishing to fight another cherry pickerMR can-Elo ha ha ha what a fucking joke

  • I don’t see this fight as an upset! I picked Kambosos by split decision and that he would come off the canvas to do it. Right on the money. Go look at the comments under the 11/26 heading “zappavigna-kambosos-has-a-strong-chance-of-winning.”

    • Total hypocrisy. You can’t be using the F-word and other vulgarities, then claim God is on your side. Blessing yourself between rounds? ….what a total fake Christian. Even after the fight….. he says he won 10 of 12 rounds…. and the entire crowd boos! TEO…….. you just got exposed by a smaller fighter, and embarrassed yourself afterwards. Zero class at all.

      • Agree.. I hear a lot of boxers who do this and call on God or thank God for there win but then carry on like class idiots and then verbally abuse there opponents .. seems like they are very fake Christians to me as well.
        I liked watching Kostya Tszyu fights, he was an excellent boxer/puncher and he always respected his opponents, no trash talking from him ever!

    • SteveG, Lopez became Cain after the decision was announced to Kambosos’ Abel. But this time Abel took the stone from Cain as well as his pride. God truly will humble those who try to exalt themselves.

  • I don’t know why Teofimo thinks he won, he clearly lost this fight. He kind of deserved the loss, could not defend his talk, then complains about his weight.

    He said he is not a sore loser, but showed he is A BIG SORE LOSER!

        • Speaking of his dad, what a shambles of a corner he ran, and even worse, what terrible advice he gave his son between rounds. Absolutely hopeless. His ego is as huge as his sons.

          • Yeah, I agree. It is a dangerous dynamic between the two with Sr. making such bold and specific predictions for his sons fight. Creates pressure on his son and him and confirmation bias for them both. None of that lends itself to making adjustments during a fight which isn’t going the way it was predicted to go.

  • George was right twice today! He said he would win before the fight and said that Lopez was delusional after it. That was classic!

  • Great fight. Very competitive. I had KAM up by 3 rounds. Glad the judges didn’t screw him, he deserved that victory. But this why the top fighters don’t fight the top fighters, millennial boxers have huge EGO problems. Man Teo was that dude when trying to get to the top, once he got that top stop his ego set in.

  • Wow i got that one wrong, talk about a dogshit performance by the takesome punishment. Really did fight like an amateur in the first round, guess the plan to get under his skin worked. I will put it down to too much partying, underestimating and ring rust. That wasnt the the Teo who beat Loma. Congrats kid ink

    • Yes this is the same Teo only difference is Kambosos didn’t wait til round 8 to start throwing punches!!!

      • Styles make fights. This cat let his hands go whereas Loma tried to sit back and counter a counterpuncher.

  • What a great fight and a great win for Kambosos. Teo needs to work on his attitude as much as his craft. That ego was gonna bring him down eventually. That he believes he won says enough, no class grabbing the mic like that to try and downgrade Kambosos win. Just look at Teo’s face, he got beat down, it was close but he still didn’t deserve even the one judges card. There’s a party in Sydney tonight! Well done champ!

  • Great action fight. Full marks to Kambosos for an excellent game plan. I’d like to see him get a big payday against the winner of Diaz v Haney. López can move up to 140 lbs.

  • Your Son got Whupped!!!! All the crap you and your Dad spewed and you came close to getting stopped! If Kambosos had more pop it would’ve been a stoppage!

  • Excellent fight …DAZN delivers again….Teo outboxed ….Looked heavy though in shape…sluggish…not that same sharp puncher with good foot work…Kambosos was focused… excellent footwork..Teo was always a few steps behind…Kambosos threw well timed shots.,just great focus came to win…showed a solid chin…Congrats…Teo corner was horrible…instruction was horrible…If Teo can’t listen to his corner needs make a change…

    • He was in semi good shape i my opinion, he was in good enough shape to make weight but he didn’t train to go 12 rounds. He punches himself out when he had Kambosos in trouble and his defense isn’t great. Any of the other top welterweights would’ve stopped him tonight, he better be grateful Kambosos doesn’t have much power.

  • Mad respect for Kambosos, he earned a hard fought decision. I’m so glad the judges got it right.

  • Great fight! WAY better than I expected. DAZN is making competitive matches and it’s bringing the excitement back. Now let’s see Kambosos vs Valdez and see Lopez move up to fight Tank Davis

    • DAZN backed into this fight because Top Rank let it go to purse bid and Triller defaulted. DAZN and Matchroom put on a great production, but the IBF was the matchmaker here.

      Edie Hearn does put together good cards, though.

      • I actually signed up for DAZN tonight for this fight….. glad I did! They have had a lot of really good fights….. many PPV quality, so my $99 for a year subscription will easily be worth it, unless I get screwed by unnecessary Covid lockdowns again. I’ll take that gamble though…..

        • I signed up for Canelo v. Saunders for the year subscription. Great service. The daily boxing shows are good and there have been a number of highly entertaining Matchroom and Golden Boy fights this year,
          Including now two significant upsets (Usyk and Kambosos, Jr.).

          The Matchroom undercard fights are generally entertaining as well.

  • I thought Lopez had too much power for George but he proved me wrong,a great win with skill and guts.A proud Aussie right here.

    • Completely agree. I had 8-4 + the knockdowns. It was wipeout until about round nine.

  • Bwaaahaaaahaaa!! BS scores too as the Aussie fighter largely dominated the fight. There are too many casual fans in boxing now and they don’t know what they’re watching anymore. This is not a surprise at all. Lomachenko never would have lost to Lopez had his shoulder not been re-injured in training. Lopez is lucky he never got the fight with Josh Taylor, or he would have brutally been knocked out.

    • Some of the rounds were close. I could see a draw as a not absurd result, but I don’t think there is any way to score that fight for Teofimo.

  • I nearly started a riot in my own home when the announcer said “and still”….. Right then I lost my shit without realising he said undefeated after. Great win George. We knew you were gonna do it and even better… You did it like a man! Caught a couple of good shots and came back to fight through the adversity. I knew you had the the heart and hunger beforehand to be victorious. My only question was could you match the talent. Question answered bloody emphatically!

  • Woowww…congrats to Kambosos, and Lopez encountered an extremely humbling experience. I would like to see a rematch, but it will probably not happen. Meanwhile, Kambosos should move forward.

  • This is excellent news! Loudmouth Lopez never had the pedigree to be a champion, and squeaked out a decision win against an injured Loma. So glad to see Kambosos beat him. Kudos to Kambosos!

    • Thank you for being one of the smart ones on this board and admitting that Lopez only won a 7 to 5 round decision over a Lomachenko that came into the fight with a re-injured shoulder, and not a wide decision win like everyone claimed.

  • I caught a few rounds here and there.. it was a good competitive fight. I was comparing the Tiofemo from two years ago for this fight.. I know that people don’t like to make excuses for fighters because then you seem like a sore loser. I’m just telling it how I see it. But if an upset was going to happen this was the perfect opportunity for Kambosos. Imo, Teo was rusty af. He was winded after the first two rounds.. his timing was off and he looked easy to hit. Could have been the long 2 year layoff.. struggling to make weight.. looking pass Kambosos only focused on a first round stoppage. Covid.. making movies. Probably a combination of everything I mentioned. I’ll watch the fight after work because i seen both fighters after the fight and I feel like I need to watch it. I can’t take everything away from Kambosos though.. he trained he stayed confident and took advantage of the opportunity to get all the belts and did what he had to do. He did better than I expected even against this version of Lopez. Even though he did great.. it didn’t look like he fought a unified champion. Seem like Teo should’ve had a tuneup for this guy. He was definitely not a pushover.. he was there to win. But under the circumstances.. I’d still have to pick Haney to win if he ever fought Kambosos. If he beats Haney.. then I gotta give him full props

    • Haney’s taking up track and field so there will be zero chance of him getting in there with Kambosos or anyone else who resembles even a slight chance, or even a pulse for that matrter

    • López’s layoff was 13 months, not two years. Kambosos’s layoff was 12 1/2 months.

  • Very, VERY POOR performance by Teo!!! “At the end of the day..,” you have to respect BOXING!!!!! Remember what got you here, NOT making it about yourself by trying to knock the other guy out just to make a point!!!! SMH!!!! WTH Teo?!?!

  • Lopez channeling Kanye West when he grabbed the mic off Taylor Swift, and Zab Zudah when he was beaten by Kostya Tszyu and the disrespect shown by Deontay Wilder to Tyson Fury in their last fight. As my 10 year old son’s football coach said to the team after they won a game, when you lose say little, when you win, say less. For someone who thinks he’s the people’s champ, I think the people are in trouble!

  • He won the fight in the last two rounds. Teofimo spouting he overwhelmingly won the fight was really delusional. One of the worst cases of unsportmanship I’ve seen in a while. Especially standing there with his face all tore up.

    • To add to that Kambosos went all out to win and not just survive so unlike so many recent bouts. His heart and gameness won that fight. Plus he kept training. No way can you do nothing for 6 months or a year and get into world class shape in 8 or 12 weeks in camp.

  • Terrible performance by Teo. Too many problems outside of the ring and he was too hyped up get his head in the fight. Oh yeah, Kambosos was in prime mental and physical condition with all the confidence in the world. Teo needs REAL trainers and handlers who will keep their fighter away from all the prefight horse crap. Train away from the madness, get good work in, eat right and rest right. He’s young enough to still have a great career, but does he realize the changes that must be made? I wish them both well and health.

  • Kambosos plays the spoiler in the upset. this serves as an example as to why some MEGA-fights don’t happen. Similar to when Andy Ruiz Ko’d Anthony Joshua before a Mega-fight with Tyson Fury could be fought as undefeated fighters (even same network)

  • And to think, all the boxing scribes and the so-called boxing experts were calling Lopez “the New Roberto Duran.” After beating a one armed LOMA he was suddenly in the top 3 pound for pound. He got his cocky ass kicked all the way to the stone age and back tonight! And kudos to the Aussie, he fought a hell of fight. HE IS GOOD!

  • I thought Lopez would stop Kambosos in five and I was way off. Congratulations to Kambosos who fought a fantastic fight and showed a ton of grit and excellent skill. Kambosos just was in better condition and just wanted it more than Lopez, hence how he outworked him in the last two rounds after getting floored. I don’t know what it is with some of these young champions from Brooklyn like Zab Judah after he got clocked by Kostya Tszyu in 2001 and now Teofimo Lopez in 2021 who show a lack of sportsmanship but Lopez needs to check himself because his postfight comments were pathetic as was his attempt to steal some of Kambosis’ shine. Even the NY crowd booed Lopez after he spewed that nonsense through a swollen jaw with his face all busted up.

    • He looked beaten up right after the 1st round!
      He wanted a short fight and he got the longest and the most difficult fight in his career and he was really hurt all over his body!
      The arrogance didn’t last very long!
      Kambosos mantioned Loma as the best one out there P4P but Lopez turned around and didn’t want a rematch with Loma! It is because he was beaten up by Loma in few rounds same as was beaten up by George Kambosos in 12 rounds!

  • Didn’t see the fight, but am shocked at reading the result. Thought Teo would be too much for Kambosos. Could the long layover and Covid 19 diagnosis of Teo played a role in is performance or did the better man win? Hats off to Kambosos.

    • Kambosos has a similarly long layover. I think López has trouble culturing weight, but he won the 9th and 10th (scored his knockdown in the 10th), so I don’t think Covid or the weight cut was an issue. He was hitting his asthma inhaler after the fight.

      From my eyes, this was Kambosos’s win through a superior game plan and disciplined execution.

  • Lopez’s cracked and bruised face told the story. He talked tough after the fight, but he got beat last night. His facial expression said he knew he lost. He looked lost and dumbfounded.

  • Good fight. I almost had my prediction come through, but that’s like almost being pregnant.

    Kambosos fought a hell of a fight. Lopez proved once again that earning the belt and keeping it are 2 different animals. It’s hard to keep that fire going once you reach the top. If he decides to stay diciplined and fight again at 135, he will win the second time around. But it won’t happen, because Lopez ain’t going down under unless it’s a vacation.

  • Lopez was my guy,cool and confident. He should have boxed like he did with Loma! The immaturity got the best of him…! Start fresh and loose his Trainer/ father. And maybe he will grow up and regain his nobility…?

  • A Lopez loss is a win for boxing. He was about to relinquish the titles after he shook hands with Haney and said he’d fight him next. Good riddance to him at 135. I know Kamboso is willing to fight Haney. What a showdown that will be should he get by Diaz.

  • I love it when a big mouth who is full of himself gets his ass beat. Good for Kambosbos, he did a good job ! If I were him, I would never give this guy a rematch, like he never gave a rematch to Loma.

  • A lot of knowledgeable fans gave kambosos a good chance to win because of his boxing ability and inside fighting. so, it was not really that much of a shock that kambosos won. exciting fight, and full of drama and great action. teo now has nothing to say about devin haney getting stunned by linares…teo got his ass handed to him by a guy who was not even considered a legit threat.

  • This was NOT, the same guy who beat Lomachenko, and Comey. Never look past an opponent.

  • Bad strategy and poor execution by Lopez combined with a superb performance by Kambosos resulted in the decision loss. Lopez needed to take his time and quit loading up on the right hand without using the jab to set it up. He did just about everything wrong early in the fight.

    Kambosos seemed to have the quicker hands because he wasn’t loading up on his shots. Anyone who sparred with Pacquiao in preparation for three of his fights cannot be underestimated. Kambosos moved well and kept Lopez off-balance most of the fight. It was a close fight leading up to the championship rounds but Kambosos clearly won the last two rounds to clinch the win. Lopez was delusional to think he had won the fight 10 rounds to 2.

    Great win for Kambosos. He’s got a lot of challengers to consider after this win.

  • Teo needs to get a handle on his anger. He mentions God in one breath and then a desire to seriously injure the other fighter in the next. His father didn’t sound any better. His ego is his enemy at this point.

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