Fulton edges Figueroa in unification war

Figueroa Vs Fulton
Photo: Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

In an action-packed super bantamweight unification clash, undefeated WBO champion Stephen “Cool Boy Steph” Fulton Jr. (20-0, 8 KOs) took a twelve round majority decision over previously unbeaten WBC champion Brandon “Heartbreaker” Figueroa (22-1-1, 17 KOs) on Saturday night inside Dolby Live at Park MGM in Las Vegas.

It was rock’em, sock’em robots as both boxers traded punches non-stop the entire fight. It was Figueroa’s activity (1,060 punches thrown) against Fulton’s accuracy (37% connect rate) and judges scored it 114-114, 116-112, 116-112 for Fulton. Rematch please.

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  • Close fight I thought Figueroa edged it out but it could have been a draw. No way Fulton won by that wide of Margin

    • I agree that it could’ve gone either way. I had it 7 to 5 either way. Some of those rounds were difficult to score. A brutal great fight. I would prefer to see them heal and a softer touch before a rematch. They left a part of themselves in the ring on last night. Two greats fights but the sweeter one was Teofimo getting beat by Kambosos. We’ll at least Teofimo can say, he still got J-LO.

  • Can’t wait to hear a bunch of commenters say, “Figueroa was robbed!” In reality it was a very close fight that could have gone either way.

  • BS! At best in a different universe, a draw! The two 116-112 judges should be shot and pissed on! Judging like this makes boxing a joke!

  • Brandon is a machine. Fulton landed some good clean punches but Figueroa imposed his will IMO and wouldn’t be denied. I thought he won 7-5 but a draw would have been ok. 8-4 Fulton? Come on.

    • It was an excellent fight. I wouldn’t have been upset with a draw but it was no robbery. It was 7 to 5 either way. Figueroa pressure normally burst your pipes but Fulton was able to withstand it and return hard counters. I wouldn’t mind seeing that rematch but after the two fighters heal from this one. They left a part of themselves in that ring last night. It was great for us but bad for their health. I would like to see both men take six months off, come back with a lesser opponent, then do it again. Just my opinion

  • I had it a draw but 116-112 is ridiculous. I could see 115-113 either way. Scores like that diminishes what was actually a really good fight

  • the best way to overcome hurt feelings by whomever was going to lose this close decision would be by accepting a rematch ( or trilogy ) . As for me, I’ll want to watch THIS fight again just to see if I trust my own scoring ….. it was that close.

  • If there was ever was a fight to score a draw this was itFulton’s accuracy was very good! Figueora imposed his will and punch output was crazyRematch Please

  • The 116-112 scoring was not cool.

    Anyhow, this was a very close fight. It appears Fulton, Jr.’s (Fulton) cleaner looking shots had more eye appeal than Figueroa’s pressure, physical inside fighting and body punching. Fulton hit a huge Figueroa with the kitchen sink, but Figueroa kept attacking with his granite chin. At 126, Figueroa really needs to work on his jab more and try to tighten his defense/balance.

    Too bad a rematch may not occur because Figueroa realizes he has to move to the next weight class. I guess Fulton may fight Aleem. I am not sure what Rios and Roman are doing for 2022.

  • I thought Figueroa was unlucky and just shaded Fulton to win their fight, but I would not have disputed a Figueroa win or a to-and-fro draw. Rematch!

  • In another life, I want to be a boxing judge. I can be incompetent and unaccountable and never get fired.

  • Draw at best. Figueroa out-hustled and landed way more total shots while bringing the fight to Fulton. No immediate rematch. No fight for any of them for at least 9 months after this one.

  • Close fight that would be difficult to properly score for anyone so I’m not frustrated by the decision as much as I’m disappointed when Brandon interrupted fultons interview to complain. He and Lopez on the other card simply couldn’t handle it when the decision didn’t go their way and had to force themselves into the microphone. Everyone gets the chance to speak after the fight on camera and state their point of view, show a higher level of class and discipline when you win or lose fellows

  • If Figueroa can no longer make 122, how about a Fulton, Jr. vs. Akhmadaliev fight for all the marbles at 122??

  • A healthy Lopez woulda finished the job in round 10 instead he can barely box round 11 and 12

    Kambosis win was kind of like David Tiberi against James Toney. Teo Lopez just can not make the weight and will need to move up. Kambosis is a warrior but he has no power and no reach sufficient to keep stronger fighters away. Guts and speed and a decent chin will not be good enough.

  • a very clear and convincing win by fulton. i had it 8-4 just like the judges. figueroa is a sloppy punching bag. he keeps coming not matter what and throws some good body punches but fulton just kept hitting figueroa with clean head shots and returniing fiire to the body.

  • Two warriors engaged in modern combat. Both should have been rewarded with a draw in this bout.

    Yeah Fulton landed the more effective punches but:

    1. Figueroa was the aggressor landing constant body punches and on numerous occasions he hurt Fulton with a series of punches .

    2. Figueroa also cut the ring off and limited Fulton’s movement thereby being the catalyst in making this fight an instant classic.


    No BRANDON do not take a rematch with Fulton. Your mind set will not be the same. Move on. Plenty of glory ahead for the “modern latino warrior”.

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